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Beware of false acusers such as Helga Hickman

One of the biggest controversy's in our time is replacement theology, this has been something I have often come across upon my rejection of it, but because I reject covenant theology or hyperdispensationalism and expressing that I am not in agreement with Helga Hickman, I am accused of bad mouthing her as this is false as well as promoting two gospels, this individual published a knee jerk reaction, Helga is pernicious and for some reason has it in her mind that she has used by her imagination and convinced herself by posted her conclusion of me recently on a blog I guess to make her feel better as she had been seeking attention for her self and so I am called a cowardly fool by Helga some one who states such directly she does not have the fruit of the spirit and she is acting contrary to Matthew 5:22 "and whoever says, 'You fool,' shall be guilty enough to go into the fiery hell." of course everything I write here will be rejected by Helga, it is unfortunate that some one who claims to be evangelical can be maniacal and malignant.

This individual states

I find it amazing, how it is, that some will box God into exercising His will as they purpose it! Sadly, some of these call themselves "preachers," and advise against any who promote the two gospels! I keep running into one such wolf-in-sheep's clothing, time and again, a Miguel Hayworth, who badmouths me, to boot! I am truly flattered! I, surely, must be doing things right! I have never had contact with the cowardly fool, who does so behind my back, while it is he has blocked me!! Thus, I don't get to see his spewed "wisdom!" It, surely, does not take a sage to put two and two together, and come to realize THERE IS A REASON WHY PAUL IS CONSTANTLY REFERRING TO HIS GOSPEL, AS "MY GOSPEL," and not anyone else's, to the point he direly admonishes: In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ ACCORDING TO MY GOSPEL. Romans 2:16 (King James Bible)

We know from scripture it is always best to avoid speaking to contentious women Prov 25:24 It is better to dwell in the corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman and in a wide house.

The Bible states in Prov 25:24 for a good reason to, if anything I try to avoid getting into debates when I can with brawling women, Helga does not hold to the same eschatology that I do and her speculation on end time events or her hyperdispensentionalism she believes is essential for salvation.

When speaking to Helga and reading her responses esp to others, she has shown very little grace, love and meekness, but would resort badmouthing and backbiting in name calling other people such mentally retarded etc and then writing accusations even showing herself to be crass, Helga is well worth avoiding.

What is it that I hold to, I believe in the one Gospel, this is the same gospel for both Jews and Gentiles,  that Salvation is open for all men is through Jesus alone, the Bible teaches us that we gentiles in Christ who are the wild branches are included in the commonwealth of Israel through being grafted in, Romans 11:24, Ephesians 2:11 it is in Christ that we are reconciled to the Jews and it is through Christ we are not longer excluded from the
"citizenship in Israel and we are no longer foreigners to the covenants of the promise" it is because of Christ we have been included in the blessings that come through Israel, we have not replaced or superseded Israel, nor do I hold to expansion theology that Israel has been extended, nor am I speaking in favor of Covenant Theology (this is not the same as replacement theology that others accuse dispensationalists who often accuse people who believe in such as rejecting the jews),  Covenant Theology teaches that God has made a new covenant through Christ making Abraham covenant God made with the Jews redundant, making the land of Israel irrelevant, this is not a view I hold to, nor do I hold to the Church being spiritual Israel as the Bible has no such teaching, what I do believe is that psychical Israel will be saved in the future as taught in Romans 11:26, it is my belief that Romans 11:26 has nothing to do with the Church this is specifically speaking about the restoration of Israel after the tribulation period and the salvation of the 144,000 jews, Isaiah 59:20-21, 27:9 and Zech 13:8-9 as does Isaiah 10:20-23 goes into this.

Just as much as it is the same Gospel that God has included Gentiles in to his plan of salvation that through the sacrific of Christ through his blood covenant our sins were cleansed, we are included in the citizenship of Israel and recognized by God because Christ has made a way for us, before Christ gentiles were not accepted into the promise of his blessing he gave to his people through Abraham and Gods plan for all men the Gospel was for the jews because we had no such law, but now Christ has made a way for us as it is the same with the Jews because they received the condemnation because of the law, but Jesus reconciled them through the offering of his atonement in Luke 22:20 the Bible shows it this example because of what he did, this is for both jews and gentiles that we are included into a new covenant of his blood, "Likewise also the cup after supper, saying, This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you." demonstrating this is about covenantal law and not the Abrahamic covenants bringing us into a new law called the law of life found in Romans 8.

Mike Openhiemer states:

"Many transfer the promises and the covenants of Israel to the Church, but there is absolutely no reason to do this. The Church is not spiritual Israel. Look  up this phrase; you’ll never find the term or concept in the Bible. There are only two verses that are used to validate this view, both are unsupported when they are read in their full context.

There was no Church in the Old Testament because there was no incarnation, no revelation of the Son, nor his sacrifice that broke down the middle wall of partition that separated the Jews from the Gentiles (Eph.2:14). For the Church is made up of both believing Jews and Gentiles, not so for Israel.

Gal.3:29 says that those who belong to Christ are Abraham’s seed. The seed of Abraham does not mean one is Israel. It means those who are justified by faith are spiritual descendants of Abraham but this does not make them descendants of Jacob, who is Israel. They partake in the spiritual blessings that come through Israel. While there are two different groups of people who can be descendants of Abraham one of which is the Arabs, they do not share in the promises of Jacob. Only Israel is descended from the physical posterity of Jacob.  God had specially promised to Israel salvation and the believing Jews received it through the gospel.  But Paul explains that not all the natural descendants of Jacob were embraced in this “Israel;” for that “they are not all Israel, which are of Israel” (Rom. 9:6).  As Paul already declared in an earlier chapter: “He is not a Jew,  which is one outwardly; but he is a Jew, which is one inwardly” (Rom. 2:28, 29). The seed which is Israel is from Jacob and the apostle and other writers make a clear distinction between this and Abraham’s seed.

“But they have not all obeyed the gospel” ( Rom. 10:16).  They have not all responded to God’s call to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.  This is foretold by Isaiah, who is quoted by Paul in Rom. 9:27; that only a  remnant of the natural descendants of Jacob would obtain the salvation of God.   “Israel hath not obtained that which he seeketh for; but the remnant hath obtained it, and the rest were blinded” (Rom. 11:7). 

Gal. 3:7 Therefore know that only those who are of faith are sons of Abraham." Being a son of Abraham does not make one a Jew, being a son of Jacob does, so a gentile can be a son of Abraham. But Jew’s are a son of Abraham and of Jacob.

As Paul stated in Rom. 4:11-16, the children of Abraham, are those who have the faith of Abraham, whether by their natural birth they were Jews or Gentiles.  This is detailed in Galatians 3 and 4;
Gal. 3:26 For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus both Jews and Gentiles are spiritual brethren in the body of Christ.” The apostle says, to Gentile believers: “And if ye be Christ’s then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise” (Gal. 3:29). So those who accept the Gospel both Jews and Gentiles are of Abraham's seed, but only those who are physically Israel are from Jacobs seed. 

The other verse is Gal.6:16 where Paul is addressing both believing Jews and Gentiles in the church As many as walk according to this rule (Gentile believers) and upon the Israel of God. This can be made clear by the preceding verses v.12-13 where Paul is tackling the topic of circumcision and the Jews influence to have the gentiles circumcised. He then tells us the mandatory rite of the Abrahamic covenant is not applicable to the believer but it is the cross that is necessary to make a new creation. In its context this term means Jews who are believers, who believe salvation is by faith in Christ contrary to what the Judaizer's were teaching that the law was needed also. Those (Jews) who obey this are the Israel of God (the remnant). Paul also addresses this in Rom.9:6-8 that there are two Israel's, one that consists of Jews and the elect, the true Israel which are the physical posterity and also have the faith of Abraham, they are the Israel of God mentioned in Gal.6. As Paul states, for they are not all Israel who are of Israel (Rom.9:6). There is also Israel after the flesh found in 1 Cor.10:18. The Church is never called spiritual Israel or is a new Israel replacing the old. Nor does it say believers become Jews. Both gentiles and Jews participate together in the New Covenant. as Eph. 2 addresses the middle wall of partition being broken down and God making a new entity. The church is neither Jew or Gentile but consists of both. The two put together make one new man,” a third entity that is not Israel nor gentile. The word Israel is used 73 times in the New Testament, not once is it used for the Church.

Romans 2:28-29, For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, nor is circumcision that which is outward in the flesh; but he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the Spirit, not in the letter; whose praise is not from men but from God. Notice that the whole chapter is addressing the Jews. Within Paul’s theme of the book of Romans he addresses mankind that can be outlined in 3 portions. The whole world is under condemnation of sin1:18-3:30; then he addresses the Gentiles 1:18-2:16; He addresses the Jews 2:17-3:20.

According to Paul’s specific aim in this portion of the letter, not all the descendants from Jacob are Israel; as he states on 9:6 They are not all Israel who are Israel. Not all who are named Jews are truly Jews, the true Israel of God (the Jews) are those who believe in the Messiah. Rom.2:17- 20 starts with the greater responsibility the Jews have. He points to the law that was not given to the Gentiles but the nation of Israel, and they have the responsibility of knowing God.

It never says anything about a gentile being a spiritual Jew but is explaining that one is really Jewish not by the keeping of the law, but having a born again experience and following the Messiah. Paul is directing the teaching of the promised new covenant specifically to the Jews who believe, although the Gentiles are included. Paul is not teaching Gentiles become spiritual Jews but not all Jews are true Jews. There are Jews who believe and the Jews who are in unbelief. Just as it is put in other areas of a remnant among Israel, the true believers and a non-remnant, believing Israel as the Israel of God.

A believing Gentile becomes a spiritual son of Abraham which is an inheritor of the spiritual blessings God promised to the Jews, they are grafted into the covenant he made with Israel.
As for Israel, the Jews, Jer.30:18, 31:8 Behold I will bring them from the north country and gather them from the ends of the earth.
Isa.43:5 I will bring your descendants from the east and gather you from the west...
It is a nation that is being gathered today for the tribulation in their original homeland Israel, they are gathered first in unbelief until that fateful day where in Romans 11 Paul says they will all be saved, after the fullness of the gentiles has come in. The Church (made up of both Jews and Gentiles) and is dealt with differently than the nation of Israel, God obviously has a different plan for both."

End Quote

For Helga to state that I have two gospels is false, I do not hold to covenant theology, supersessionalism or replacement theology I believe in, in Helga's promotion of Cornelius R. Stam who is an ultradispensationist he teaches that the church began with the conversion of Paul in Acts 9 it has been explained that Ultra Dispensationists have differing views, Helga is an ultradispensationist and believes that the great commission in the Gospels is Jewish and not for the church this teaching is contrary to (1 John 2:3-5; Matt. 7:24-27; James 1:22; Rom.2:13; John 14:15). It is clear that Helga contradicts scripture on these accounts this can been called heretical.

I do not agree with Helga's promotion of Cornelius R. Stam's who teaches that the church began at Acts 9

There is no scriptural support for this Cornelius view scripture does not teach the church started with Paul, infact we read the church began in ACTS 2 on the day of Pentecost as well as in Acts 7:28 Stam ignores earlier scriptures this shows it is clearly not the case.
Hyperdispensationalism aka ultra-dispensationalism has already been exposed as dangerous teaching as there are many forms of differing beliefs in the ultra-dispensationalist camp.

I would not raleigh upon Helga's ability to give any correct form of teaching as Helga has written about me publicly on her blog it has led me with no real choice but to send a clear warning advising people to stay clear of this woman either by e-mail or Facebook.

My prayer is that Helga will repent of this sin and that she retracts her false doctrine.

Miguel Hayworth 


Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Arthur Roderick, Christian Education Europe, ACE and Teach caught up in a web of ecumenical deceit.


What led me to write this article was one of my major concerns for the direction TEACH had gone was its partnership to a predominant lead Roman Catholic ecumenical pro-life group SPUC back in 2011 in this I raised my concern to TEACH to address this issue the progressive level of entering into compromise has removed any scriptural integrity that TEACH has and in this I would recommend that no Christian parent subscribe to TEACH, it cannot be trusted in the way it is leading many parents right to the hands of the Imperialistic Roman Church.

This led me to contact its led principle is leading so many astray believing that they are some how promoting a bible based curriculum was no more to me than the demonstration of inconsistency and hypocrisy on the part of TEACH  "My previous e-mail concerning a letter that was sent to all home schooled parents and ACE and Teach members the letter described wide support from varied organizations, but their was no details as what the organizations were, as far as I am concerned had been interpreted to mean by me that the organizations could be such as OASIS Trust (Pro same sex marriage and pro homosexual, Steve Chalke), Pioneer, the Evangelical Alliance, the WEA the World Evangelical Alliance, Lausanne to name a few, I was simply concerned at the direction that ACE and TEACH were taking a stance in being "Broad" or trying to somehow receive more funding and this wide support as refereed by you such as SPUC who are partnered with the RCC, also SPUC is led by Catholics, Muslims, protestants and non-Christians, the reason for its ecumenism is because their are Catholics and non-Catholics who work together, quote "John Smeaton, the head of The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, has written another blinding post on his blog supporting the Catholic Church's stance on contraception. ""

Arthur Roderick stated " "The numbers, we hope, belie the marginalization of Christian opinion within the establishment – and sadly the churches as evinced by their theological college policies.  The hope, I think, that Arthur had was that we may yet be able, by linking with those of like minds, do something about the paradigm of the society in which we are living in which the gospel cannot be heard by those whom we would reach."

I had found Arthur's statement to be ambiguous here, their are plenty of Christian churches by their Theological Policies who TEACH can have no problems with simply because the basic outline of TEACH is you are not just a Christian run organization but you are also a business and are their to sell a product the values on that I found in your mission statement this has left me in no doubts, but the area of broadening your support is a concern and the reason why is simply because I believe 90% of Churches in this country are fallen into Post Modernism, Emergent/Emerging church philosophy, Gnostic Teaching, Montanism, Docetism, Supersesationism, Replacemtism and also that is associated with Rome or Freemasonry such as Norman Vincent Peale, the C of E and the Salvation Army as I have written a story for the English Churchman as I am associated with the chief editor my article is on page 2 slight correction William Bramwell booth spoke out against masonry not his father William booth who received support from U.G.L.E united grand lodge of England.

I believe all this is relevant to you as people need to be encouraged to vet the organizations they are involved with in order to safeguard against deceit and corruption.

I always have stated I do believe in Biblical Separation when schismatic and serious error is occurred where a brother in Christ rejects correction if confronted with the scriptures, 1 Timothy 4:16 said this Take heed unto thyself, and unto the doctrine; continue in them: for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself, and them that hear thee.

It is very much like if we have wrong doctrine we are not building our foundations only on Christ but very much on anything else, it is kind of like going to a vet instead of a doctor in a hospital for surgery, and having a vet perform an operation rather then a doctor who has been trained and disciplined in his area of study.

TEACH state "One of the triumphs of the ACE program, I think, is that anyone who holds to the Bible as the authority for life and practice can use it and not be offended."

In my response to teach I stated I do like the principles in ACE and read its standards is for me one of the reasons for opting for this, I firmly believe if any offense is taken, it should only be a natural reaction people have as opposed to the person causing the offense the scriptures teach The Gospel is described as 1 Peter 2:8 And a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense, [even to them] which stumble at the word, being disobedient: whereunto also they were appointed.

Romans 9:33 As it is written, Behold, I lay in Sion a stumbling stone and rock of offence: and whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

These are natural offenses because they speak to the spirit that leads men to a everlasting relationship with Christ through the regeneration of the soul.

TEACH was on a slippery slope to Apostasy and leading many into Apostasy because of who they are working in partnership with.

This leads me to my next bit CRE, TEACH see's this as only a platform to advertise their event, but the inicial posters does not stipulate this fact, in stead it promotes the event but fails to tell you, that is is a mixture between Roman Catholics, Christian New-ager groups, Liberal Christians, Ecumenists etc.

July 25th 2014 I had received a poster of an event originating from TEACH it stipulates:

TEACH at CRE North 2014

TEACH will be at Christian Resources Exhibition North 2014 (in Manchester) on the 8th and 9th of October. We are pleased to invite you and your friends as our guests, saving you up to £6.00 per ticket. To find out more or to claim your ticket, please Email:

About Christian Resources Exhibition:

So much to see and do
• Over 100 stands with everything needed to equip and empower your church or ministry
• Around 30 inspiring seminars 
• A full Arts Theatre programme
• Interviews and music from the Spotlight Stage
• Special sessions on how best to handle to music and AV in your Church

Get informed
Choose from inspiring seminars and workshops aimed at meeting the needs of the church today and tomorrow.

All seminars are led by gifted communicators who are experts in their field. 

Be enriched and entertained
Make the most of your time at CRE by soaking up music, theatre and entertainment in the Arts Theatre - or browse and choose from hundreds of books, CDs, DVDs, and gift ideas. 

Or just relax and meet with friends for coffee in the Spotlight Cafe.

To find out more, visit:

So what is TEACH not telling you TEACH are failing to inform you that CRE is not actually bible based simply because the background of some of the people at CRE are wrapped up in controversy this includes the RC Bishop of Salford over the sexual Molestation of 50 Children at ST Bedes in Manchester, and other groups participating in CRE promoted by TEACH in their poster is Churches Together (CTE).

It is stated by CRE
Noel Robinson believes unity across the body of Christ is a key component to revival - so what better place to spread the message than at CRE, one of the most significant ecumenical events in the UK.

Noel Robinson believes unity across the body of Christ is a key component to revival - so what better place to spread the message than at CRE, one of the most significant ecumenical events in the UK. - See more at:

I had contacted TEACH and in stating:

Sent: 25 July 2014 23:47
To: Info
Subject: Re: FAO: Colin A. Slater and Arthur Rodrick.


Dear Arthur Rodrick and Colin A. Slater.

Since we last spoke I was concerned with your involvement with SPUC in 2012 as it is now led and Ran by the roman catholic church to whom you stated where evangelical, this agonizes me to say this and I do not want to but now that I received an e-mail from your organisation inviting my family to a Roman Catholic and ecumenical led event CRE, this is a big leap into ecumenical and interfaith christian groups, the RC Diocese of Salford, Bishop Brain and the message trust that has ties to the pro-homosexual, pro-same sex marriage, Steve chalke amongst other groups that are pushing catholic monastic and mystical practices, that you would wont me and my family to receive its influences from your involvement in such ecumenical, liberal and new age practices.

I feel really disillusioned by what exactly does TEACH represent as far as I can see is far from anything but biblical in deed and word.

Arthur you have given me no choice but to pull out from using anything remotely assisted with you or your ministry until you shown your self repentant, I am going to stop any direct debt payments to you and discard of all and any TEACH materials this has really given me no choice as I report all such ecumenical matters to the wider Christian world, as to what you are engaged with in this I do not really want to go ahead and feel that any such action should not be taken to give you a period of grace and I will expect an explanation and response within 5 working days from the date of this e-mail.

We know from scripture that
God's written word commands, Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but expose them (Ephesians 5:11).

I can only assume your position is that the opportunity to minister outweighed the risk and that you fully intends to speak whatever God wants you to say.

and this what solomon did in the Bible when God instructed him not to go after other gods, yet Solomon compromised, was involved in child sacrifices, burned incense to the gods of Egypt.

Yet Solomon did a little compromise here and their, some times we all need to be reminded not to make the same mistake, like what TEACH is doing.

Stephen warns in acts 7:43.
“Yea, you took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which you made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.”
I also note that God TV's ecumenical Jonathan Hulton will be at the CRE exhibition and so is TEACH

God TV is know for promoting transubstantiation that is deep rooted in Babylonian Mystersism, this should be enough to keep away and especially over their association with Todd Bentley, they have already made bad press, I would suggest that you cancel your prior engagement to CRE and any or all ecumenical groups with a statement to everyone you have e-mailed

The Scriptures also say

Matthew 24:24 "For false Christs and (A)false prophets will arise and will show great (B)signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even (C)the elect.

It is more than Just being careful, we should not even go their.

You cannot seperate the spirit of anti-christ in any ecumenical event to take the good from them.

I plead with you to run whilst you still can and turn from your ways and go back to Gods righteousness before you harm anyone in the Body spiritually.

If you do not pull out of this I have no alternative but to report this to numerous home educators we are in touch with and to the masses concerning any and all ecumenical issues.

In Christ

Miguel Hayworth
From: ; To: miguel_hayworth Subject: RE: FAO: Colin A. Slater and Arthur Rodrick. Sent: Mon, Jul 28, 2014 11:26:40 AM
I share all your concerns regarding ecumenism and false fellowship. I regard the opportunity to promote Christ and Godly education at CRE as similar to placing an advert in a newspaper. I have no restriction on speaking the truth as God would have me, and signed nothing to that effect. Most certainly there will be much that I will object to, but do not deem myself as having fellowship with them by using their services. With regard to the TV debate I recently had on Revelation TV the same applies, by the Grace of God I was able to present the gospel with no hindrance to the viewers. I signed nothing and only presented the Bible to whoever was listening. It was a home-schooler who kindly paid for and booked the stand for us at CRE and made this suggestion.
With regard to you severing contact with us, I sincerely hope that for the children’s sake you would not deprive them of a non-compromising curriculum that makes much of the Lord Jesus Christ.
For your prayer we are as you know dealing with much opposition from unbelievers in the press and social media. That’s because we support Biblical creation, and marriage is for one man and woman together with an acceptance that the Bible is the Word of God.
Kind Regards,

Arthur Roderick

My response to this and I have had no replay

Dear Arthur Rodrick.

I wish to thank you for responding to my e-mail with in the specified time, you stated "
I share all your concerns regarding ecumenism and false fellowship. I regard the opportunity to promote Christ and Godly education at CRE as similar to placing an advert in a newspaper." 
The point was by inviting the students to go and visit you are creating a stumbling block and no we cannot take it for granted that they automatically can discern what the new ecumenical strategy involves the new evangelistic program, transformational theology, the emergent church, spiritual dynamics (Christian Spirituality), spiritual formation doctrine, intercarnational mission, spiral dynamics, kingdom building etc
Some of this you may not be familiar with some of the things I have listed but I have had the exact same explanation from people running events back in 2008 during hope together led events, Amos 3:3 says Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

What you expressed showing mire concerns is not by demonstration the act of biblical separation this is simply like stating the ends justify the means the question is, does it?

We must have a high regard for doctrinal purity with regards to what it is we are actually mixing in with, your advert had sent the wrong message in simply by the implication of ambiguity you did not state any warning with regards to the CRE exhibition you simply called it Christian this can mean Roman Catholics etc

You also implied that the events a way of gathering information and for networking, you did not state that Tony Compolo who is one the supported people by CRE Exhibition is pro-homosexual and a left wing liberal in the Christian Camp.

You also did not state that one of CRE's emphasis is on its clear message of ecumenical evangelical-catholic unity that is the major point for CRE's events, 

You stated

I have no restriction on speaking the truth as God would have me, and signed nothing to that effect."
In my email to you I did state you would most likely state along the lines that "I can only assume your position is that the opportunity to minister outweighed the risk and that you fully intends to speak whatever God wants you to say."

Is exactly what I would expected from you what I have personally seen myself is so many are mixing the pot in this you are going to muddy the waters.

With regard to Revelation TV Howard Condor is a ........... self righteous individual who has caused so much division in churches that...............e-mail exchanges and disputes between Jacob Parasch, Bob Mitchel (Shofar Ministries), Justin Peters, Alan Frankin, Pastor Cecil Andrews, the Late Doug Haris (Reachout trust), Mike Openhiemer, Phillip Powell etc and Rev TV itself over Rev TV's Apostasy in this I do not believe Rev TV is a suitable platform for any Christian.

You stated "
a home-schooler who kindly paid for and booked the stand for us at CRE and made this suggestion."

Is that home-schooler an ecumenist? As I have met some people who do use teach are openly ecumenical as there is no objection to what people do individually would show no objection from me the point it is matters what you do, you could have graciously said no to the lady and thanked her for her offer, there would be no objection from me if you were to use a secular setting in this to promote your ministry or business.

CRE is partly organized to increase roman catholic participation

And you would show public and vocal objection to Catholicism and make it known during CRE that you do not support any unity with CRE itself or Roman Catholicism?

"The Christian Resources Exhibition is looking into how it can attract

more Catholic visitors throughout 2008."

"One million Roman Catholics in England and Wales attend church every week. This represents a significant proportion of Britain's churchgoers and we believe there is plenty for them to discover and benefit from at CRE," said Geoff Poulter of Bible Society, the new owners of CRE. "We are keen to develop the event as an ecumenical arena."

----->Bible Society has three Roman Catholic trustees<---- across="" and="" denominations.="" span="" the="" works="">
The Event organisers say that CRE operates an ecumenical area this is my objection to Teach involvement or having anything to do with something so apostate that is leading evangelicals to the RCC, it is that irreverent about your intentions but it is more reverent what CRE's intentions have an underlining clear pro-roman catholic agenda in this you have accepted what CRE has set itself to do, this is not about promoting Christian groups but the agenda serves the purpose to bring us under the pontiff.

And you are taking the bate, as stated unless you pull out you will give me no real choice as by actions do not show any expressive opposition as you show by words.

..........I have a duty to demonstrate by example why I am confident that the Lord is opposed to whatever motives we may have, the waters becoming polluted nor by refusing them teach I am depriving them of any spiritual development as I explicate this in practice. I have never received any official documentation warning parents in any publication concerning the rise and moves of masses of protestants becoming roman Catholics and I had a personal former Palestinian evangelical friend of mine who converted from the Pentecostal church to the Catholic Church, I have witnessed Evangelicals in Stratford London with witnesses supporting the promoting of the Catholic Mass, I have witnessed Stratford Evangelicals taking the catholic mass who are from protestant churches during the duration of the Olympics, I have witnessed evangelical from protestant churches worshiping in the Salford Catholic Cathedral and I had been told the same things in 2008 you had in this e-mail to me.

I had even interviewed someone who described herself as Sister Ruth a missionary Catholic Nun.

I also know you have other groups one that is led by a known Jesuit called David Willson (who was a lecturer at the
Mount Street Jesuit Centre London) who is the CEO for More Than Gold UK to name a few, there are Roman Catholic Operatives working in the evangelical church amongst us that is succeeding in bringing us home and I am sorry to say this but it is creeping in fast and so I avoid any form of contamination and warn others of what is happening, I have kept my word and will continue to but as stated if  you have not removed TEACH from CRE as I have reported on Hope Together for the past 25 hours on Hope 2014 and the Message trust, for a large global Christian Audience on Rapture Ready Radio and I cannot omit this from my live broadcasts, or the website or blogs I am giving you sufficient time to really reconsider this with a period of Grace but I am not going to wait till October after the event to report on such events as CRE in the UK.

I understand that you get “
opposition from unbelievers in the press and social media.
This is why I am very reluctant to do what the Lord is pressing on me, I simply cannot disobey his calling on my life, and so my contenting you warning you is showing grace, in some ways praise God if you move righteously you will be persecuted by the world, we know this is going to be more so in these end times, but you really do not want blood on your hands and so by the principle in Ephesians 5 and other area’s scripturally I have a duty to do so, it is ok if you want to ignore my words but do heed Gods warnings concerning spiritual patterns as we read in 2 Corinthians 6:17King James Version (KJV)

17 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.
 Revelation 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. 5For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. 6Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double. 7How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. 8Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.

Rome in my belief is spiritual Babylon and a Harlot.

The Lord will continue to protect you as long as you do not move in unrighteousness as we are in the Laodicea age I know you stand publically against Same Sex Marriage as I have done, and have partly an opposition group recently in London

But we did stately clearly if your ecumenical or a catholic don’t join us as we did not want to send the wrong message.

...............On the other hand what you are doing is a slippery quick slope into compromise but you are in denial at this point but what you show to tolerate will be carried out in the next generation.

And so this presents a problem for us and the wider evangelical churches that I am in contact with across London, Oxford and Greater Manchester.

This is by no means a threatening letter as my desire is that I want to be able to say that TEACH has biblical principles on doctrinal purity and maintains all and any separation from that which is false in this I cannot unless you are willing to reconsider your position to CRE and any other area you have publicly promoted other groups.

I ask that you would earnestly be a berean in deed and thought and playfully recant and reconsider your position.

Much Love in Christ

Miguel Hayworth

I have had no reponce from Arther Rodrick or Teach, so what is teach exactly promoting in their advertisement of CRE apart from teach.July 25th 2014 I had received a poster of an event originating from TEACH it stipulates:

TEACH at CRE North 2014

TEACH will be at Christian Resources Exhibition North 2014 (in Manchester) on the 8th and 9th of October. We are pleased to invite you and your friends as our guests, saving you up to £6.00 per ticket. To find out more or to claim your ticket, please Email:

About Christian Resources Exhibition:

So much to see and do
• Over 100 stands with everything needed to equip and empower your church or ministry
• Around 30 inspiring seminars 
• A full Arts Theatre programme
• Interviews and music from the Spotlight Stage
• Special sessions on how best to handle to music and AV in your Church

Get informed
Choose from inspiring seminars and workshops aimed at meeting the needs of the church today and tomorrow.
(Does not say which ones and no warning or disclaimer)

All seminars are led by gifted communicators who are experts in their field.

Be enriched and entertained
Make the most of your time at CRE by soaking up music, theatre and entertainment in the Arts Theater - or browse and choose from hundreds of books, CDs, DVDs, and gift ideas. 

Or just relax and meet with friends for coffee in the Spotlight Cafe.

To find out more, visit:

TEACH are not correcting the information after they had been informed that CRE does not represent Biblical Christianity, they are failing to inform you, CRE is not actually bible based and it is simply because the background of some of the people at CRE are wrapped up in controversy this includes the RC Bishop of Salford over the cover up of the sexual Molestation of 50 Children at ST Bedes in Manchester (This is not protecting our children it is irrespocible not to provide any warning), and other groups participating in CRE events promoted by TEACH and omits the fact that CRE is involved and promotes Churches Together (CTE) as one of the main groups.and teach says "All seminars are led by gifted communicators who are experts in their field."So which groups are gifted by the Spirit of Christ? Or is it that they are Gifted for pushing  unity with the RCC, in spite of common knowledge that so much evil surrounds Rome?

Arthur Rodrick and Teach is simply allowing people to come a listen to the following "gifted people".

Bishop Terence to cut the tape

The Roman Catholic Bishop of Salford, Terence Brain, will open CRE North on the 8th October at 10.00am. Born in Coventry in 1938, Bishop Brain was ordained to the priesthood in February 1964 and was ordained bishop in 1991 serving as an auxiliary in Birmingham before being installed as Bishop of Salford in 1997.

In 1995, Bishop Brain was appointed liaison bishop between the Catholic hierarchy and Her Majesty’s Prison Service. Until recently, the Bishop served as chair of CSAN (Caritas Social Action Network, the official agency of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales for domestic social action.

The Caritas network works for the most vulnerable people of society, providing support for families and children, the elderly, homeless, refugees, disabled people and prisoners.

The Terence Brain, report proves that he had prior knowledge in 2009 when letters were sent to the bishop and simply did not respond to the allegations for two years of the 50 Children under his diocese that was sexually molested by catholic clergymen, it is appalling  that teach simply would not pull out of the CRE event as they are hosting the Catholic Bishop of Salford responsible for protecting its priests.

Bishop Terence Brain - 4 Unanswered Letters 1 Oct 2008 to 15 Jan 2009

18 Dean Head,
OL15 9LZ
1 October 2008
Open letter to the Right Reverend Terence Brain, Bishop of Salford
Dear Bishop Brain,
Laicisation of Salford Diocesan priests convicted of criminal offences against children and sentenced to serve a term of imprisonment of 12 months or more.
At the outset, I wish to emphasise that I would have preferred to have been able to raise the questions below in less public correspondence with you. However, I have, already, written several letters to you about related matters, since September 2007. You have replied to none of these, and I have, therefore, decided to make this letter available to others who may share my concerns about these matters.
o Will you be initiating the process of laicisation in the case of Father William Green, sentenced 1 October 2008?
o Have you initiated the process of laicisation in the case of Father Thomas Doherty, sentenced February 1998?
As a parent and a parishioner in the Diocese of Salford, I have been shocked to read reports, since January 2008 regarding sexual offences against children committed by Father William Green, who was until his arrest on 17 December 2007, the parish priest of the Holy Family Roman Catholic Church, Wigan. At the same time, I have been very heartened by the courage of victims and survivors in exposing Father Green’s crimes.
Father Green’s many offences of indecent assault and indecency with children are reported to have been committed between 1968 and 1987, whilst he was working at St Bedes College, Manchester (See ; and ). These dates, appear to span a period starting five years prior to his ordination as a priest in April 1973 and continuing for at least 14 years after this.
In reference to these alarming events, I note the following:
  1. In November 2001, you and all the other Roman Catholic Bishops in England and Wales committed all Dioceses to full implementation of the recommendations made by Lord Nolan’s report A programme for action. Final report of the independent review on child protection in the Catholic Church in England and Wales, (available at;
  2. Lord Nolan’s recommendations included Recommendation 78,
If a bishop, priest or deacon is convicted of a criminal offence against children and is sentenced to serve a term of imprisonment of 12 months or more, then it would normally be right to initiate the process of laicisation. Failure to do so would need to be justified. Initiation of the process of laicisation may also be appropriate in other circumstances. (Nolan, 2001, 3.5.32, p44).
  1. In her report of July 2007, Safeguarding with Confidence, (available at ) reviewing implementation of Lord Nolan’s recommendations, Baroness Cumberlege says that “there can be no going back to a pre Nolan mindset” and recommends that Bishops “… should publicly declare and renew their affirmation of the One Church approach to safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults through the promotion of a sustained and sustainable culture of constant vigilance.(P18);
  1. Pope Benedict XVI told you and others in Australia, on 18 July 2008,
I would like to pause to acknowledge the shame which we have all felt as a result of the sexual abuse of minors by some clergy … I am deeply sorry for the pain and suffering the victims have endured and I assure them that, as their pastor, I too share in their suffering. These misdeeds, which constitute so grave a betrayal of trust, deserve unequivocal condemnation.
having previously said on the plane to Sydney, “It must be clear, it was always clear from the first centuries that priesthood, to be a priest, is incompatible with this behaviour…” (See ).
5. There is a very significant difference between a priest’s laicisation and his being prevented from giving public ministry by a Bishop. (As you know, the latter does not change a priest’s Canonical status or standing within the Roman Catholic Church.)
Father Green was convicted at Manchester Crown Court in August 2008 of 27 criminal offences against children and sentenced this morning
(1 October 2008) to serve a term of imprisonment of 6 years. (See
I might, therefore, have assumed that as Bishop of Salford, you will soon be initiating the process of laicisation in Father Green’s case. However, as far as I know, the people of the Diocese have never been informed whether or not Father Thomas Doherty, former parish priest of St Joseph’s in Todmorden has ever been laicized. You will recall that Father Doherty was, also, sentenced to 6 years imprisonment in 1998 for five offences
of indecency against a boy under 16 (For transcripts of contemporary newspaper reports, please see ).
Consequently, I cannot, in conscience, leave the following questions unasked,
· Will you be initiating the process of laicisation in the case of Father Green?
· What is Father Doherty’s current Canonical status?
I look forward to reading your reply. Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Philip Gilligan

18 Dean Head
OL15 9LZ
1 January 2009
Dear Bishop Brain,
I refer to my letter of 1 October 2008 (copy attached), and note that after three months you have, again, failed to respond to my enquiries in any way.
As a parishioner in the Diocese of Salford who makes financial contributions to it as a registered charity, I would have expected some response by now.
I need to know
1. Whether and how the policies which you have publicly announced that you will follow in relation to the protection and safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults have been and are, in fact, being followed in the Diocese of Salford?
2. Whether you have acted on your commitment, made in November 2001, to fully implement the recommendations of Lord Nolan’s 2001 report, A programme for action. Final report of the independent review on child protection in the Catholic Church in England and Wales?
3. Whether you have acted and/or will act in accordance with Recommendation 78 of A programme for action, in relation to Father Thomas Doherty and Father William Green?

4. Whether any of the financial contributions which I have made to the Diocese of Salford have been and / or are being used directly or indirectly to support Father Thomas Doherty?
I look forward to receiving your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Gilligan
Copy to:
Paul Fry, Caseworker, Charity Commission, Harmsworth House13-15 Bouverie Street
London, EC4Y 8DP

18 Dean Head,
OL15 9LZ
8 January 2009
Dear Bishop Brain,
Thomas Doherty and William Green – Laicisation, etc.
Further to my unanswered letters to you of 1 October 2008 and 1 January 2009 (see copies below), I have been advised by Isabel de Bertodano, Home News Editor of The Tablet that she spoke to Fr O’Sullivan about these matters on 6 January 2009. She reports
I spoke to Barry O'Sullivan at the child protection commission and he says that Doherty has effectively been laicised - he's banned from ministry and from using his clerical title or dress. He's renting a house from the diocese but is apparently using his pension and sick benefit (he has cancer) to do that - he doesn't receive diocesan money. Green has been asked by the vicar general to apply for laicisation and has agreed to do so. Fr O'Sullivan also told me that the Charity Commission had been to visit the diocese and had raised the matter of your complaint and had gone away satisfied that all was in order.
In light of this, I wish to make the following observations and to pose several questions to you.
1. I very much welcome the news that "Green has been asked by the vicar general to apply for laicisation and has agreed to do so." At the same time, I find it remarkable that as a parishioner in the diocese who has asked you for information about this matter, I have obtained it only thanks to the intervention of a journalist. Have you also given this important information to Green’s victims and former parishioners?
2. I note that Doherty has not, in fact, been laicised and, therefore, retains his canonical status as a priest. Have his former parishioners been made aware of this? Since Doherty’s conviction in 1998, has the vicar general or anyone else ever asked him to apply for laicisation?
3. I note that in Doherty’s case, at least, the diocese appears not to have followed recommendation 78 of A programme for action. Final report of the independent review on child protection in the Catholic Church in England and Wales, despite the announcements made in 2001 and since. Are you, in fact, committed to implementing the recommendations of A programme for action?
4. I note that Doherty is reported by Fr O’Sullivan to be “renting a house from the diocese”. In light of this, as a parishioner making financial contributions to the Diocese of Salford, I need to ask, whether Doherty is paying a ‘market’ rent set according to the value of this property or a ‘nominal’ rent with the result that his housing costs are being effectively subsidised by the diocese and by the voluntary contributions made to it by parishioners such as myself?
5. On 7 January 2009, I was advised by Iain Hewitt, Head of Special Investigations at the Charity Commission that he will endeavour to provide me with a response as soon as possible in relation to the matters I have raised with them. From this, I assume that their investigations are, in fact, not yet completed.
Yours sincerely,
Philip Gilligan

18 Dean Head,
OL15 9LZ
15 January 2009

Dear Bishop Brain or representative,

Unanswered questions about Thomas Doherty, former parish priest of St Joseph’s, Todmorden, sentenced in 1998 to 6 years imprisonment for five offences of indecency against a boy under 16 (For transcripts of contemporary newspaper reports, please see ). 
Subsequent to my letters and e-mails of 1 October 2008 and 1 and 8 January 2009, I have, now, received some helpful information from Fr Paul Hayward, Editor of Canon Law Abstracts. 

I wrote to Fr Hayward seeking clarification of the content of what Isabel de Bertodano, Home News Editor of The Tablet reported Fr Barry O’Sullivan as telling her on 6 January 2009, i.e.that Doherty has effectively been laicised - he's banned from ministry and from using his clerical title or dress.
Yesterday (14 January 2009), Fr Hayward advised me, in writing, as follows,

“Perhaps the first point to make is that there is no such thing in canon law as “laicisation”. The laity have their own status, vocation and mission in the Church, with the rights and duties set out in canons 224-231 of the Code of Canon Law, and it is inappropriate (and demeaning to the laity) to think that the lay status could in any way be regarded as a “penalty” for a priest who has failed in his own duties. 

Canon 290 makes it clear that sacred ordination validly received never becomes invalid: once a priest, always a priest. A priest can however be penalised with dismissal from the “clerical state”, which according to canon 292 means that he loses the rights proper to that state and is no longer bound by its obligations (although he is still bound to celibacy); he is also prohibited from exercising the power of order, so that he can’t carry out any priestly functions (save in the exceptional situation of a person in danger of death needing to receive absolution).

So the term “effectively laicised” doesn’t really have any meaning. It would be better to use more accurate terminology, and it is understandable that it has caused you confusion.”

From this and from the fact that Fr O’Sullivan used a term which Fr Hayward views as not really having any meaning, I am left to conclude, 

1. That Doherty has not, in fact, been dismissed from the “clerical state”, according to canon 292 2. That Doherty has never been ‘laicised’ as would have been expected if you had acted on your declared commitment of November 2001 to implement the recommendations of the Nolan Report / A programme for action, in full.

3. That Doherty’s former parishioners and others in the diocese urgently need to be disabused (preferably by you or your representatives in a clear and open manner) of their mistaken belief that Doherty is no longer a priest. 

I hope that Fr O’Sullivan was not intending to obscure the situation regarding Doherty’s clerical state when he spoke to Isabel de Bertodano, last week, and that you or your representative will, now, wish to clarify whether Doherty has or has not been dismissed from the clerical state. (I do not understand what Fr O’Sullivan meant when he said of Doherty, “he's banned from ministry”? Does this mean ‘public’ ministry or all ministry? Is he, for example, allowed to celebrate mass, in private?) 

As always, I look forward to reading your comments on this matter and hope that on this occasion you will answer my queries.

Yours sincerely,
Philip Gilligan

To this date their is still no responses on this ongoing case, the allegations of sexual abuse of Children by Catholic Priests is still problematic to this day.

The following report says Bishop Brain said: “I am shocked and saddened by the complaints from some former pupils of St Bede’s College which have been brought to the attention of our Safeguarding Commission.

Why after two years the Bishop was quiet as if the news came as a surprise after the whole ordeal got exposed, the RCC has failed so many times on matters of faith contradicting the Bible, covered up for its crimes past and present this then leads me to ask the question why would teach make a statement "All seminars are led by gifted communicators who are experts in their field. without looking at the implications, why are they encouraging teach members to simply explore?

It would seem contradictory of their general statement on CEE's website:

"“I am much afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell unless they diligently labour in explaining the Holy Scriptures …I advise no one to place his child where the Scriptures do not reign paramount”."

Is this actually a true statement we read in Matthew 7:16 by there fruits, their is no doubt that the are deceitful dealings in CRE and the root is corrupted how can TEACH expect to get any good fruit from such apostates and emissaries of Satan's greatest masterpiece Roman Catholicism? Even for CEE to retain its statement "I advise no one to place his child where the Scriptures do not reign paramount.

Why ask families to come along including their children to an event like this, when this is not a godly thing to do no matter if some paid for them to have a stall at CRE, principle of truth is more important than pleasing men who we do not wish to offend.

The event organisers are pushing for social transformations pushing many ultimately to full membership into the roman catholic church, the following groups are listed.

The front cover of CRE Magazine is Andy Hawthorne of the message trust,
who is Andy Hawthorne?

Andy Hawthorne has become a prominant leader amongst the Neo-Evangelicals. In general, a neo-evangelical would be defined as one who has taken a "lower view" of Scripture, has developed a more open, inclusivistic spirit toward liberalism, and has become ecumenical in evangelism efforts.

Is Andy Hawthorne ecumenical ? Well, what does the evidence tell us? Andy Hawthorne founded the Eden Project, an ecumenical initiative backed by The Salvation Army. He is currently one of the founders of Hope '08 another ecumenical, inter-faith project (please refer back to my Hope 08 article "What is Hope '08"). This clearly makes Andy Hawthorne an ecumenicalist.

"Unto the pure all things [are] pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving [is] nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled. They profess that they know God; but in works they deny [him], being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate." (Titus 1:15 - 16

According to the Message Trust's own web site, they are much loved by the world having the status of "an award-winning youth charity, well established reputation for being a pioneering organisation with a real passion to improve the lives of young people in Greater Manchester. Driven by Christian values."

mixes the Message of Christ with a worldview that all roads lead to God and the message behind closed doors is that there is a common ground between faiths. How can we be one with the world and one with Christ when it is clear if there is any other way to heaven, Jesus would not have had to die (Gal 2:21 I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain.), yet Andy has rejected the gospel that is not tolerent of other gods, religions and beliefs. Hope 08 states of people from other faiths we "would not Encourage them to make decisions that would put them in conflict with their family."

The Scripture says that the Word of God is likened to a sword which is the truth, this causes a division and people must reject their religion and follow Jesus, which often puts them into conflict with their family. Hope 08 even goes to the point where Christians are not to "Ask children or young people to say, sing or pray things that they do not believe or that compromises their own faith." 

(Matthew 10:35 - 39 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man's foes [shall be] they of his own household. He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.

In truth Andy promotes the idea that for the sake of peace we need to look away from our differences and seek for that which unites us. 

 Anyone who is outside of Christ is in conflict with God, and anyone who is outside of God's wisdom is a fool. If we are obedient to God this puts us at odds with others, because a Christ centered worldview is not acceptable to a man centered worldview.

The Message Trust gives the world a dose of sugar coated arsenic. They believe that with a big agenda behind the scenes they "demonstrate the values we believe in: hope, faith, love, compassion, encouragement, creativity and opportunity. " 

The Bible warns us however, (Matthew 7: 21-23 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.)

Here is a little backgroud into Andy Hawthorne from his own story "Dairy of a Dangerous Vision." Firstly he gives credit to Zarc Porter and Mark Pennells who he credits with establishing "Contemperary Christian Bands" with worldly styles into the public domain. These two people helped Andy Hawthorne in the publication of his autobiography, "A Dairy of a Dangerous Vision." Closely linked in with Apostate Mike Pilavachi as featured in my article "Thebandwithnoname, Innervation Trust, Soul Survivor, GOD TV, Hope '08 and a Ecumenical agenda."

Roman Catholic Bishop of Salford, Terence Brain will open CRE North, The Roman Catholic Bishop of Salford, Terence Brain, will open CRE North on Wednesday 8 October at 10.15am from the Spotlight Stage.

Born in Coventry in 1938, Bishop Brain was ordained to the priesthood in February 1964
and was ordained bishop in 1991. He served as an auxiliary in Birmingham before being
installed as Bishop of Salford in 1997.

In 1995, Bishop Brain was appointed liaison bishop between the Catholic hierarchy
and Her Majesty’s Prison Service. Until recently, the Bishop served as chair of CSAN
(Caritas Social Action Network), the official agency of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference
of England and Wales for domestic social action. CSAN works for the most vulnerable
people in society, providing support for families and children, the elderly, disabled,
homeless, refugees and prisoners. 

In today’s increasingly fast-paced world, Rob Floyd’s Stations of the
Cross cycle will offer visitors to CRE North an opportunity to contemplate
and be still, to think and look. ‘I believe that the chance to be still, in whatever capacity, is of great importance for the health, mental, physical and spiritual well-being of us all,’ explained Rob. ‘I hope these paintings will provide an important service to CRE North visitors.’
The Stations of the Cross were featured recently at Manchester Cathedral and will be on display on the walls of seminar room 3 near the restaurant

The Church and Christian Media: Partnership is vital
Come and hear about the potential of partnering with GOD TV and receiving free resources to help equip your church for evangelism and discipleship in this digital age.

Jonathan Hulton, GOD TV.

Wendy Alec: Prophet of God?
by Bud Press, Director
Christian Research Service
June 23, 2008

Introduction: On June 10, 2008, Christian Research Service tried to contact Wendy Alec at God TV for a discussion and statement, but was told by a God TV representative that due to the volume of e-mails and phone calls God TV receives, Wendy doesn't take personal phone calls or reply to e-mails. 

However, on June 10, CRS was contacted by Mike Zobel, the U.S. Partner Services Manager for God TV. During the phone call, Zobel was kind and considerate, and listened intently to CRS's concerns, which included what Wendy Alec said in her "prophetic word" as opposed to what Jesus Christ said in Matthew chapter 24.

While Zobel said CRS's concerns would be forwarded to Wendy Alec's personal assistant, as of this writing, there has been no reply or public statement from Wendy Alec, Mike Zobel, or anyone at God TV.


The Florida Outpouring/Lakeland revival is hardly a ground-breaking event. The stories streaming in from it grow more bizarre on a daily basis, and resurrect horrendous memories of the counterfeit Toronto Blessing and Brownsville revivals, where human beings--professing Christians--crawled around on their hands and knees like animals, growled and howled like wolves, shook and rolled in the floor hysterically, and laughed uncontrollably.

Now, over a decade later, many still believe the Toronto and Brownsville revivals were a new move of God.

Nevertheless, during the Florida Outpouring/Lakeland revival telecast of June 7, 2008, Todd Bentley, founder of Fresh Fire Ministries, read a "prophetic word" from Wendy Alec to his viewing audience, saying that the "Lord" had spoken to Wendy and that "Jesus Christ" would visit the Lakeland revival "in person" on Sunday, June 8, 2008.

In short, Wendy Alec prophesied Jesus' return. Todd Bentley read her prophecy to his dedicated followers worldwide. But Jesus Christ didn't show up at the revival. End of story? No.

There is more to the story than meets the eye, for it wasn't the first time Wendy Alec has claimed a prophetic word from the "Lord" and a visitation from "Jesus Christ."

Prophet to the populous? 

Wendy Alec is the co-founder of God TV and the co-host of The Rory and Wendy Show ( ). She is the author of Journal of The Unknown Prophet: Legacy To A Renegade Generation and Journal Of The Unknown Prophet: A Visitation Of Jesus Christ, among other books.

According to the official website devoted to Journal of The Unknown Prophet: Legacy To A Renegade Generation, Wendy Alec is a "Seer and Scribe" and a "Prophet To The Media" ). The book has received enthusiastic endorsements from John Paul Jackson, Francis Frangipane, Rick Joyner, John and Lisa Bevere, Dr. R.T. Kendall, Colin Dye, Stephen L. Hill, Rodney Howard-Browne, Paul Cain, and Steve Schultz.

Of the book, Stephen L. Hill encourages the reader to, "Read passionate messages from the One who loves us more than life itself. Hear what Jesus Christ is saying to His Beloved Bride" [Ibid.].

Rick Joyner, founder of Morning Star Ministries, claims that, "The Journal was life to me, and spoke directly to several things that were going in my life in such a way that I know that it is a 'Living Word.'" [Ibid.]

Rodney Howard-Browne was so impressed with the book, he considers it, "Inspired by the Holy Spirit. I believe 'The Journal of the Unknown Prophet' is a challenge to every believer and minister of the Gospel, especially in the times we are living in right now. God has truly anointed Wendy as a prophet in these last days." [Ibid.]

The book's website also carries the following endorsement from Paul Cain: "Prophet Paul Cain concludes that the Journal of the Unknown Prophet 'is a prophetic work for our time - it is one that truly reflects a union of both the Word and the Spirit.'" [Ibid.]

According to an ElijahList bookstore description of the book, Journal Of The Unknown Prophet: A Visitation Of Jesus Christ, Wendy Alec experienced numerous visitations from "Jesus Christ," whose words she recorded in the book:
During a ten day period in November of 1999, Wendy Alec received a visitation from the Lord Jesus Christ. He spoke of mercy, He warned of judgment... on the world's trading systems, on the media...Upon the church.  He wept.

In two later separate visitations, He spoke in anguish of the last days assignments against the elect. He warned of the great blinding, of seduction, lust and Jezebel and the great falling away...

This is the extraordinary record of His discourse.
And, from the God TV online bookstore, a brief description of Wendy Alec's Journal Of The Unknown Prophet: A Visitation Of Jesus Christ states that:
Author: Wendy Alec Wendy's powerful book is a divine revelation on the Lord Jesus Christ and His cry for a deeper intimacy with each and every person on this earth. For the unbeliever, it presents a profound picture of who Jesus really is and how much he cares, how He has always been there for them, and how he wants to enrich their lives. For the believer, it is an extraordinary challenge to walk in the fullness of everything God has in store for His beloved children. [ Click here
Thus, according to Wendy Alec and her peers, she is a seer and scribe, prophet to the media, and a prophet of God for the last days, whose inspired writings dictate the very words of "Jesus Christ."

But despite Wendy Alec's popularity and credentials, her prophetic words, visions, and visitations from "Jesus" must be tested by what God has already revealed in His word (1 Thessalonians 5:21; 1 John 4:1).

For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart (Hebrews 4:12).

If Wendy Alec is a true prophet of God, then Christians need to sit up and pay close attention. If she isn't, God's word will judge her as a false prophet; for all it takes is one false prophecy to be a false prophet:

You may say in your heart, How will we know the word which the LORD has not spoken? When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing does not come about or come true, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him (Deuteronomy 18:21-22).

To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them (Isaiah 8:20).

Wendy Alec's 'prophetic word'

The following is a word-for-word transcript of a YouTube video titled, "Jesus to make personal appearance in Lakeland," featuring Todd Bentley. As of this writing, the 3:02 video may be reviewed at .

Todd Bentley stated:
I'm telling you right now, I believe that people can receive impartation. Now, let me tell you the prophetic word that, that Wendy [Alec] gave me, for those watching. And, this is, this is why I believe tomorrow night's meeting--if you live in, you live, you're watching me on the internet and you're local, and you can be here Sunday night. Listen to this:
At this point, Bentley reads Wendy Alec's "prophetic word":
"The Lord just spoke to me and said, 'This is what will happen tomorrow night. The King and the King's anointing falls tomorrow night. The eighth of June, the anointing of the King of glory falls.'

"Jesus said, 'I am coming in person. The King is coming in person.' I sense so strongly there will be a personal, divine visitation of the Lamb of God--the Lord Jesus Christ to the revival tomorrow night.

"He will come in the clouds in His chariot, surrounded by a great angelic host, because the great honoring of the Lamb of God. The King of glory is coming to visit Lakeland; to visit the revival; to visit the outpouring. The devil trembles with that knowledge.

"For tomorrow, the King of glory sets foot upon the stage in divine, personal, one-to-one visitation."  
Immediately afterwards, Todd Bentley stated:
Now, for all those watching and even that just don't understand the nature of the prophetic, though I'm open to a, the Lord can appear. Now, I've seen the Lord. I'm not suggesting there's going to be a physical, flesh, Jesus Christ on the plat[form]. I hope, I hope you understand, we're talking about in atmosphere; we're talking about in spiritual experience; we're talking about in impartation.

Now, now, Roy, if tonight and last night's worship is any indication that something is changing in the realm of the glory; something about the King of glory.

Oh God, we wanna set a place up in the throne of our hearts, more than anything else, for you to come and visit! Come on! Who wants to have the King come in His glory?! Come on! Lift up... (And the audience cheered) [End of video] 

At this point, it is important to note the following:

1. Wendy Alec is recognized by herself and her peers as a prophet of God and, like Bentley, claims multiple visitations from "Jesus Christ."

2. Wendy Alec delivered a "prophetic word." Todd Bentley read it publicly.

3. Wendy Alec's "prophetic word" did not say that Jesus would visit the revival in spirit, but said twice that Jesus would visit "in person" and that "Jesus" would set His "foot upon the stage in divine, personal, one-to-one visitation."

4. No sooner than Todd Bentley read Wendy Alec's "prophetic word," he did an about-face and inserted his own protective disclaimer, stating in part that, "I'm not suggesting there's going to be a physical, flesh, Jesus Christ on the plat[form]."

5. It is odd that Todd Bentley would contradict Wendy Alec who, like Bentley, has claimed multiple visitations from "Jesus Christ," and is one of Bentley's loyal supporters ( ).

Certainly, Jesus Christ can do anything He desires; He is God Himself in human form, second Person of the Trinity, Lord and Savior. However, Jesus will not change His mind or contradict His word. And when anyone, whether male or female, claims to be a prophet of God, then claims an "in person" visitation from Jesus Christ, Christians would do well to remember what God's word says about the return of Jesus Christ, and trust in it over-and-above what man or woman teaches:

Then if anyone says to you, 'Behold, here is the Christ,' or 'There He is,' do not believe him. For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect (Matthew 24:23-24).

So if they say to you, 'Behold, He is in the wilderness,' do not go out, or, 'Behold, He is in the inner rooms,' do not believe them (Matthew 24:26).  

But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone (Matthew 24:36).

Therefore be on the alert, for you do not know which day your Lord is coming (Matthew 24:42). 

For this reason you also must be ready; for the Son of Man is coming at an hour when you do not think He will (Matthew 24;44).

He said to them, It is not for you to know times or epochs which the Father has fixed by His own authority (Acts 1:7).
Behold, I am coming like a thief. Blessed is the one who stays awake and keeps his clothes, so that he will not walk about naked and men will not see his shame (Revelation 16:15).
Even the very thought of prophesying a visitation from Jesus or His return is false, due to the fact that Jesus said, no one knows and it is not for you to know and that every eye will see Him.

Behold, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him; and all the tribes of the earth will mourn over Him. So it is to be. Amen (Revelation 1:7).

Jesus Christ's words are non-negotiable. It wasn't the Jesus of the Bible that spoke to Wendy Alec. 

Rt Rev David Walker

Mytic and Liberal New Evangelical, ecumenist, Rt Rev David Walker, Bishop, birds and blessing

St Francis of Assisi is properly regarded as the founding father of Christian respect for the whole created order – yet he did much more than preach sermons to birds.

So says Rt Rev David Walker, Bishop of Manchester, who will talk about the relevance to present-day mission and personal devotion of four aspects of Franciscan Spirituality. A Franciscan tertiary since 1989, Bishop David is the lead Anglican bishop for religious communities.
'St Francis' deep awareness of the humanity of Christ transformed Christian understanding and depiction of the incarnation and crucifixion,' he explains. 'His radical acceptance of poverty challenged materialism in an age of rapid economic growth.
His desire to reconcile led him across the battle lines of the crusades to befriend a Muslim leader. For the last quarter of a century I have sought to be one of those who "follow Jesus after the example of St Francis." Through this talk I am hoping to share something of the landmarks of that journey.'

The question is did Francis truly follow the Jesus of the Bible and did he represent the biblical gospel ?

it is often quoted that Francis of Assisi stated "Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words if necessary." This is a claim that cannot be proven and is false and it was never spoken by Francis of Assisi, infact what he actually taught was....

Rule of 1221, Chapter XII on how the Franciscans should practice their preaching:
No brother should preach contrary to the form and regulations of the holy Church nor unless he has been permitted by his minister … All the Friars … should preach by their deeds. 

Francis of Assisi did not believe in preaching the gospel at all but every word and conduct must come under the authority of the Roman Catholic Church, Francis of Assisi did not believe in the Authority of Scripture and like most Catholics the Bible is simply uninspired, infarct he believed in deed proclamation basically make sure your deeds match your words, this is simply not biblical the bible does not teach that your deeds should come before the proclamation of scripture, we rather read Paul's writing to the church in Rome Romans 10:14 14 How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? 

We have a few problems here Francis of Assisi is held to high regard by the Vatican the second problem is you cannot be a practicing roman catholic and accept the scriptures as Gods word, they are just called holy scriptures because it is what it represents rather than something that directly comes from God as an authority, the Roman Catholic Church emphasis is on Oral Tradition and you cannot hold to the view that the Bible is the reviled word of God alone, for Francis to say "No brother should preach contrary to the form and regulations of the holy Church" This means that no one can every reject Cannon Law, the Cannon's of the Council of Trent, Sacraments, Dogmas and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church, by doing so would mean you are in danger of hell fire.
Pope Boniface the VIII said:

Urged by faith, we are obliged to believe and to maintain that the Church is one, holy, catholic, and also apostolic. We believe in her firmly and we confess with simplicity that outside of her there is neither salvation nor the remission of sins,… she represents one sole mystical body whose Head is Christ and the head of Christ is God [1 Cor 11:3]. In her then is one Lord, one faith, one baptism [Eph 4:5].

We venerate this Church [of Rome] as one,… Therefore, of the one and only Church there is one body and one head, not two heads like a monster; that is, Christ and the Vicar of Christ, Peter and the successor of Peter, [the Pope]… For since the Apostle said: “There is no power except from God and the things that are, are ordained of God” [Rom 13:1-2],…

Hence we must recognize the more clearly that spiritual power surpasses in dignity and in nobility any temporal power whatever, as spiritual things surpass the temporal…This authority, however, (though it has been given to man and is exercised by man), is not human but rather divine, granted to Peter by a divine word and reaffirmed to him (Peter) and his successors by the One Whom Peter confessed, the Lord saying to Peter himself, ‘Whatsoever you shall bind on earth, shall be bound also in Heaven’ etc., [Mt 16:19].
Therefore whoever resists this power thus ordained by God, resists the ordinance of God [Rom 13:2],…Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff. (Online source, emphasis added).
This is exactly what St Francis of Assisi believed he never actually believed in preaching the gospel at all, we can also testify that the Roman Jesus is not the Biblical Jesus, Catholic doctrine teaches that when the priest blesses the bread and wine, they are miraculously transformed into the actual body and the actual blood of Jesus Christ.
Catholic Catechism, par. 1374 The mode of Christ's presence under the Eucharistic species is unique. It raises the Eucharist above all the sacraments as 'the perfection of the spiritual life and the end to which all the sacraments tend.' [St. Thomas Aquinas, STh III, 73, 3c.] In the most blessed sacrament of the Eucharist 'the body and blood, together with the soul and divinity, of our Lord Jesus Christ and, therefore, the whole Christ is truly, really, and substantially contained.' [Council of Trent (1551): DS 1651.] 'This presence is called 'real' - by which is not intended to exclude the other types of presence as if they could not be 'real' too, but because it is presence in the fullest sense: that is to say, it is a substantial presence by which Christ, God and man, makes himself wholly and entirely present.' [Paul VI, MF 39.]
Catholic doctrine demands that believers must worship the Eucharist.
Catholic Catechism, par. 1378 Worship of the Eucharist. In the liturgy of the Mass we express our faith in the real presence of Christ under the species of bread and wine by, among other ways, genuflecting or bowing deeply as a sign of adoration of the Lord. 'The Catholic Church has always offered and still offers to the sacrament of the Eucharist the cult of adoration, not only during Mass, but also outside of it, reserving the consecrated hosts with the utmost care, exposing them to the solemn veneration of the faithful, and carrying them in procession.' [Paul VI, MF 56.]
Catholic doctrine teaches that by the actions of the priest the bread and wine become the actual body and the actual blood of Jesus Christ.  At Mass, the priest blesses the bread.  He then holds it up to the congregation and declares "The body of Christ."  The congregation responds "Amen."  He then continues, blesses the wine, holds it up to the congregation and declares "The blood of Christ."  Again, the congregation responds "Amen."  The Catholic Church claims that this is a miracle called transubstantiation.

Catholic doctrine teaches that anyone who does not accept the pronouncements of the Pope hates Christ, is not a believer and will not be saved.
Catholic Catechism, par. 882 The Pope, Bishop of Rome and Peter's successor, 'is the perpetual and visible source and foundation of the unity both of the bishops and of the whole company of the faithful.'[LG 23.] 'For the Roman Pontiff, by reason of his office as Vicar of Christ, and as pastor of the entire Church has full, supreme, and universal power over the whole Church, a power which he can always exercise unhindered.' [LG 22; cf. CD 2,9.]

Catholic Catechism, par. 891 'The Roman Pontiff, head of the college of bishops, enjoys this infallibility in virtue of his office, when, as supreme pastor and teacher of all the faithful - who confirms his brethren in the faith he proclaims by a definitive act a doctrine pertaining to faith or morals.... The infallibility promised to the Church is also present in the body of bishops when, together with Peter's successor, they exercise the supreme Magisterium,' above all in an Ecumenical Council. [LG 25; cf. Vatican Council I: DS 3074.] When the Church through its supreme Magisterium proposes a doctrine 'for belief as being divinely revealed,' [DV 10 # 2.] and as the teaching of Christ, the definitions 'must be adhered to with the obedience of faith.' [LG 25 # 2.] This infallibility extends as far as the deposit of divine Revelation itself. [Cf. LG 25.]
Regarding alleged papal infallibility, it is extremely important to realize three things: 
  1. The Catholic Church did not claim papal infallibility until 1870, at the First Vatican Council.
  2. Infallibility was declared by the Council, not by the Pope or by some other alleged divine revelation.
  3. The Council was not unanimous -- some members did not believe papal teachings are infallible!

Catholic doctrine teaches that whoever does not follow Catholic bishops despises Christ.
Catholic Catechism, par. 862 'Just as the office which the Lord confided to Peter alone, as first of the apostles, destined to be transmitted to his successors, is a permanent one, so also endures the office, which the apostles received, of shepherding the Church, a charge destined to be exercised without interruption by the sacred order of bishops.'[LG 20 # 2.] Hence the Church teaches that 'the bishops have by divine institution taken the place of the apostles as pastors of the Church, in such wise that whoever listens to them is listening to Christ and whoever despises them despises Christ and him who sent Christ.'[LG 20 # 2.]
Again, the Roman Catholic Church considers the term "the Church" to mean only those who follow the Pope.
Romans 10:9 If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.
The Catholic Church claims that God continues to give new Scripture, in the form of Catholic pronouncements.

The New Testament is the final revelation of God regarding things man needs to know to be saved:
Jude 3 Dear friends, although I was very eager to write to you about the salvation we share, I felt I had to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints.

The Anglican Bishop of Manchester would have us believe that "'St Francis' deep awareness of the humanity of Christ transformed Christian understanding and depiction of the incarnation and crucifixion,'"

But what the bishop does not state in this tranformed Christian understanding of the incarnation and crucifixion is the hypo-static Union in the Eucharist Francis of Assisi states: "“Let the entire man be seized with fear; let the whole world tremble; let heaven exult when Christ, the Son of the Living God, is on the altar in the hands of the priest. O admirable height and stupendous condescension! O humble sublimity! O sublime humility! that the Lord of the universe, God and the Son of God, so humbles Himself that for our salvation He hides Himself under a morsel of bread.”"

This is simply against the teachings of scripture the Bible does not teach that Christ hides himself under a morsel of bread rather he reminds us of his sacrifice of what he offered to us through his death and not hidden in the species of bread itself, this is simply leading many away from the message of the death, blood and resurrection that was demonstrated by his offering up him self but in memorial only.

The Message of CRE simply promoted by Churches Together is Ecumenism and Teach inviting people to come to the CRE event would only serve to further there agenda to bring us all back to Rome.

This says:

Is formal ecumenism still the effective road to unity for churches in England or have other 'informal' church groups taken over?
That will be the question posed by Archbishop Doyé Agama, chair of the trustees of Greater Manchester Churches Together, a trustee of Churches Together in England and Moderator of the 2015 CTE Forum.
'I will ask whether there is a future for Churches Together in England, or, alternatively, a new way forward,' said Archbishop Doyé, who will also discuss whether the economic downturn has had an effect on ecumenism (11am, Wed 8 Oct).
Bishop Doyé came to ordained Christian ministry late in life. After serving as a pastoral assistant, he was ordained in 1994 and became a Bishop in the Apostolic Congress (GB) in 2004.

The groups such as Churches Together are partnered to the World Council of Churches, under the churches the are promoting unity among the following groups

plus Associate Members:
 This form of unity is false this is one of the body of Christian groups that is pushing many of the churches into apostasy and away from the gospel amongst these groups are occultists, new agers, Liberals, neo-evangelical, emergent church groups, mystics, gnostic's etc 

Under resources it contains the following groups 

With a great range of exhibitors coming to CRE North, featuring everything from books to banks, printers to pews, stained glass to sound systems, you will find everything you need to equip, inspire and empower your church.
with in CRE's Magazine they promote the Catholic Rosary amongst other groups listed include:

Salvation Army, The

Image from 
Other Ecumenical groups include:
Adventist Discovery Centre
Christian Friends of Israel
Church of England
College of St Barnabas
Compassion UK
Covenant Players
Greater Manchester Churches Together
Lara Martin -
Abundant Life Church
Lee Abbey is a nationwide ecumenical Christian organisation (with a Church of England foundation)
Message Trust, The
Methodist Insurance
Moorlands College
Natural Church Development
Noel Robinson 
CRE, one of the most significant ecumenical events in the UK.
Pais Project, The
RBC Ministries
RCC International
Release International   
Scargill Movement
Wigwam Acoustics Ltd

TEACH is amongst that list

It is sad to see TEACH Downgrade into the compromise it speaks against for the reason of publicizing TEACH to Roman Catholics, Methodists, Anglo-catholic, Salvation Army etc.

And teach does not mind this but would call CRE and those who run it Christian, this includes the Roman Catholic Church, TEACH does not and will not correct its mistake and that is why I have had no choice in writing a bad review of TEACH this is not doing as they claim the Bible is clearly not paramount at the CRE Exhibition Center, I have given TEACH plenty of notice and allot of time to correct its error and they refuse on the bases that they do not believe they are compromising in going to an openly ecumenical exhibition.

The Following Scripture is for Author Rodrick in light of his rejection of my warning based on Ezekiel 33:9.
Titus 1:15 15Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled. 16They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.

In Christ

Miguel hayworth 
Rt Rev David Walker
Rt Rev David Walker
Rt Rev David Walker
Rt Rev David Walker