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Heretic - Perry Stone

Perry Stone

Perry Stone will send you a Ten Commandments Bracelet worth $15, that he got for $3, and you can have it for a love seed of $85! What a blessing, what a blessing! You can't get a deal like that elsewhere...

Whether he's working himself into a frenzy, spitting out his words in rapid-fire staccato, his voice rising in timbre, squeaking, his lisp growing more and more pronounced as he waddles across the stage, or whether he's sitting primly with legs crossed with some other "Anointed One" flabbergasted at how all these numbers just come together so . . . magically, Perry Stone loves to put on a show, and almost just as much he loves to tell you the exact meaning of numbers, what numbers mean, in the Bible, and what numbers mean, when added together, and prophecy, prophecy, prophecy. And when prophecies include numbers, whoa! Step back, uh-huh, watch out, watch de man, dat Perry Stone REALLY gonna lose it now. Plus, he's got some really, really neat gear to sell you, at only a 300% markup, and that's really quite a steal, uh, I mean DEAL, ain't it? Oh the blessings, oh the MANNA, oh yes-indeedy-doodies.

Recently, Perry Stone sputtered and lisped about the "hole in heaven," about how you can open it, how the Jews opened it, how the Temple in Jerusalem was faced in such a direction so that the hole would open and the Saint's prayers would rise through the hole, mixed with the incense. Uh, um, yeah. I mean seriously. And where did he get all this nonsense? Not from the Bible. In fact, at one point of his staccatto tirade, when he hit on the incense, Perry Stone squeaked excitedly: "That's actually in the Bible!" Gush. Yeah, there is a mention of incense in the Bible, and yes, how the prayers of the faithful rise "like incense," ascending to God. So kinda/sorta Perry Stone actually DID reference the Bible once in his 5-minute gush.

But all the other stuff? He certainly didn't get it from the Bible. Does he ADMIT to going to Kabbala for much of what he presents as "the Bible," or is it all a secret? I've never heard him discuss it. But he has certainly, certainly joyfully read some book on numerology, which ain't at all Biblical. As D. James Kennedy adores astrology, so does Perry Stone adore numerology.

But then, Spiritualism has been alive and well, "prospering" inside of "Christianity" for a long, long time. Perhaps it has always been there, the Bible refers to it as "another gospel," and its master as "another jesus." This is dark stuff, and Stoner has labeled this "dark matter" as "manna," and that is a tragedy and an abomination.

You know what? There are the people, delighted and dizzy smiles on their faces, clapping their hands, especially when Perry Stone dazzles himself with some pertinent piece of information, he'll have to break off and chortle: "Oh goodness me!" He is overwhelmed by his own wisdom on numerology. The people smile and clap. Wonderful stuff this nonsense, that Goliath was 14 feet tall (actually he was probably more in the realm of 9 feet, but you make the number larger, and the denominations in your offering plate get bigger in concert), that if you start having communion every day in your house, you can tame your wild children (I don't think he came up with this abomination by himself, as he seems to market it in concert with the famous squeaker Paula White), just send him money and he will send you back an "authentic" communion set, plus an "anointing" beaker, so you can anoint yourself, and your kids, and your spouse, and if your garbage disposal gets clogged? Anoint it too.

The people clap. It is tragic, but some people, you show them garbage, and they have been brainwashed to scream out: "Manna!" Do you realize that manna was food from heaven? Quite possibly God's own food, heavenly food. And the people in Moses' day, were they thankful? No, they swore to God that they would rather have meat, and so God sent quail for the people to feast upon, and they did so, they did so until they began to choke and die. Today, it is worse, as people are calling the carnal garbage "manna," and they think that's what Perry Stone is giving them, food from heaven. The people clap. Oh do they clap.

Perry Stone gives "words," and then he explains what they mean, these incredible pearls of wisdom (claiming they are from God), and then later he'll come along and explain how he got that one wrong. Just after 9/11 Perry Stone was wheezing and gushing about his dream about two black towers in a cornfield, and how Perry had told everybody about it beforehand, how it was an attack against "his ministry," but then after 9/11 the master prognosticator "got it in his spirit" that REALLY the "vision" was about the attack on the World Trade Center (and give him a couple of pounds more, and Perry Stone might qualify as at least one of the fallen towers, girthwise).Whoa, that's the closest he'll come to being flat-out wrong. But that's what he means. He changed his prophecy so it could apply to something else, so that you could be impressed, clapping people, and you are impressed, aren't you?

Kind of like Ted Haggard when called upon his own false prophecies, poor Ted replied: "I don't know. God changed His mind." Then of course came all the revelations about Ted Haggard, and to many it finally clicked, what Jesus said: "A good tree does not produce bad fruit, and so a bad tree does not produce good fruit." But the "New Age Life Church" reinterprets the Words of Jesus into: "Ted Haggard produced good fruit, and bad fruit." It always comes back to the place that these New Age "christian" gurus know more about reality and Scripture than did Jesus. So they think.

When a "prophet" prophesies and gets it wrong, it only means one thing. You are dealing with a false prophet. And Perry Stone more than qualifies. He's right up there with the best of the ranters, Rod Parsley, the scripture twisters, Andrew Wommack, the squeakers, Paula White, the Goobers, Ken Copeland and Benny Hinn -- these people are all in the same boat, and it is headed the wrong way down the wrong fork in the river, and the sound of the waterfall is getting quite loud. Jump out of the boat, NOW, or you will have quite a ride with the likes of this skeleton crew (though they are quite a plump crew, for skeletons, aren't they?).

Magic wise, Perry Stone would probably be a great magician. Perry Stoner the Great, as he twirls his gold spandex cape in the air. But prophet? Only when qualified with the word "False." Teacher? Qualify it with the same word "False." Medium, psychic, spiritualist? Quite a PROFIT.

(Paula White and Perry Stone, "Paula White Show," October 9, 2004)

Paula White: "I believe that as you take communion that there is protection through that blood. Then the bible declares that the blood not only saves us, not only protects us, but it also provides for us. You said there's a couple that we know very dear that had a financial need."
Perry Stone: "Yes!"
Paula White: "And their father, a great pastor, pastor Scott told them God gave him a revelation."
Perry Stone: "Yes."
Paula White: "To take communion once a day."
Perry Stone: "He said, 'Take it everyday and as you're praying thank God for blessing you financially. Thank Him that that's part of the provision. They needed $50,000 and they got an amazing, remarkable $50,000 miracle, this couple did!"
Paula White…"Call that toll free number! We want you to get the 'Meal That Heals!'"
(Paula White and Perry Stone, "Paula White Show," October 9, 2004)


Barry Lutz said...

Thank You for this eye opener. I could see Perry changing over this past, first year or My messianic learning. I did already discern this in myself. I have not watched him in many months now.
Barry Lutz
Camas, Wa. USA

Anonymous said...

Thanks Barry

I wish other people would check these things out for themselves, if the men would step up in this area in discerning what we are being taught, this would not cause women to stumble into rebellion against God and also those who are young in the faith.

I thank you for your comments.

James Bryson said...

The article is spot on. I have a hard time taking Perry Stone seriously because of how crazy and paranoid he is. He's told that black towers in the cornfield story ad nauseum for years and his interpretation does change based on current events. He also believes that his father and other deceased people appear in his dreams and warn him of various doom and gloom scenarios that are on the horizon in America and around the world. He dwells on negativity and preaches a gospel of fear and paranoia. I can't get anything useful out of messages like that. He's flip-flopped so many times in his interpretations of his "dreams and visions" that he's lost all credibility with me and many people. I've heard from people close to him that he also believes the government is monitoring his activities by bugging his phone, computers, and offices. This guy seems to be a first rate whack job!