Saturday, January 27, 2007

Media Alerts: Hezbollah in America

January 26 - Media Alerts: Hezbollah in America
Fox News will again present a special feature on "Hezbollah in

this weekend. It will air Saturday, January 27 at 9 PM EST and again
Sunday, January 28 at 4 PM EST. It's a report that begins before the
attacks of September 11.

But this is not a story about al-Qaida. It's a story about another
sophisticated--and perhaps more dangerous--Islamic terror

Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert would not let the Israeli IDF
finish off Hezbollah last summer. To do so, one almost has to
tackle Syria and Iran, something the world seems too timid to do.
It stretches credulity to realize that some of this pressure
to back off of Hezbollah by Israel came from the U.S. when, in
fact, we have our own Hezbollah problem.

Hezbollah is once again seeking to destroy Lebanon and turn it into an
Islamic state without any Christian influence.

The Fox presentation presents an extraordinary investigation.

RADIO THIS WEEKEND: Is the North American Union a combination of hype
and hoax or a real threat to America's sovereignty?
My guests would say the latter. They are Dr. Thomas Ice,
author, scholar, and conference speaker
>and Dr.Robert Congdon who has investigated it and done a remarkable
job of researching and documenting the push by the E.U. to make Mexico,
Canada, and America one nation. It clearly ties into Bible
prophecy and the rush to the one world system.

I have also rescheduled Pastor Bob DeWaay to talk about the modern-day
prophetic movement. Did the office of prophet cease with the church
age or perhaps just change direction? Have the biblical standards of having
to be 100% accurate100% of the time changed?

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