Sunday, February 11, 2007

Even Christian music can't redeem Maple Palm

RENEW AMERICA – Commentary by Robert Duncan - October 23, 2006 -- Self-published Christian songwriter Rebecca Hansen has no qualms regarding her participation in a film that some people are calling 'Brokeback H--ters.' In fact, Hansen even considered playing the lead l--bian role.

A tacky g-y-rights flick to make Ed Wood proud features the voice and music of a Christian singer — a singer who for years served on worship teams at Rick Warren's Saddleback Church.But even the Christian music angle can't redeem this film's soft-p--n touch: ---

According to the story-line Maple Palm is about a l--bian couple of fifteen years who have been living with the secret that one of them is an undocumented immigrant. "After visiting the Statue of Liberty, the girls return home to Los Angeles, unaware that a routine security check at the icon of freedom was about to strip them of their own."

The producers of Maple Palm — which was filmed in just two weeks — admit that they are playing the religion card, describing the film's soundtrack that features Rebecca Hansen and Katy J as "an edgy, eclectic mix of Christian music and alternative rock." Reads one press statement, "Rebecca, a devout Christian known for religious ballads, is excited to see her music featured in a l--bian love story where her lyrics take on a profound duality in meaning."

"I get angry at discrimination. Maybe part of that was being raised by a father who was a bigot," says Hansen, a divorced mother of two young adults. "All people have the right to get married — white, g-y, Hispanic or black," she says, adding that while she isn't g-y she is "a liberal Christian." ---

Sorry Rebecca, but your either extremely ignorant of the word of God and therefore need to "study to show thyself approved" and then repent, or you are just deceived and unsaved, because this has nothing to do with discrimination and everything to do with sin that leads a person to eternal separation from God in hell. Your beliefs and actions are not full of love but of hate and are an incredible testimony to the sort of fruit Rick Warren's Saddleback produces.BE ALERT!

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