Sunday, February 11, 2007

Saudis Push Bush Team On Peace Plan

Riyadh Assuring Palestinians That Arab States Will Back DealFORWARD – By Nathan Guttman - January 18, 2007 -- Washington -- Saudi Arabia is stepping up efforts to make its peace initiative — based on a quick Israeli return to the 1967 borders and prompt establishment of a Palestinian state — a key plank in American foreign policy.According to American and Arab diplomatic sources in Washington, the Saudis have been pressing for a more active role in attempting to resolve the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. One diplomat said that the Saudi push reflects the prevailing notion among the kingdom’s leaders that existing peace efforts directed by the United States are not bearing fruit and will not bring a swift conclusion to the conflict.At the same time, sources said, some officials of the United States believe that an American embrace of the Saudi plan would increase Riyadh’s support for America’s approach to Iraq and Iran. ---Read Full Article

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