Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tede Haggard

Ted Haggard Betting Pool
THE HUFFINGTON POST Blog - By Susie Bright - February 12, 2007
How much would you bet that Reverend Ted Haggard falls off the wagon in the very near future?I'm serious. I know he just got a big check to shut up and leave town, but you know what he likes to spend his money on! Tick-tock, gentlemen. ---Don't feel sorry for Mr. Haggard's privacy. Ted has now accepted a large "undisclosed amount" from his church elders in exchange for signing a confidentiality agreement and leaving town, after taking a three- week "cure" that wouldn't get rid of a cough, let alone a lifelong sexual preference for men.Yes, it's high time to announce: The Ted Haggard Betting Pool.We don't believe Ted's commitment to the straight and narrow is going to last, and we're willing to put money on it.All pool proceeds will be split 50/50 between the winner(s), and LYRIC, the "young, loud, and proud" San Francisco youth group dedicated building LGBTQQ community and inspiring social change. LYRIC is a role model for anyone who ever knew they were sexually "different" when they were a kid, and didn't want to be alone or afraid anymore. Ted could learn a lot from them!How do you play? It's easy:Pick Your DatePick any date(s) on the calendar between now and February 6, 2008. (That's the anniversary of Pastor Ted's announcement that he was "100% het" and that his "dark and repulsive" life was behind him).You can pick as many dates as you want, a separate bet for each one.Multiple players can pick the same date.Place Your BetsSend an email to with: the date(s) you pick, your email address, your city & state, and, the dollar amount you'd like to place on your picks. There is a five dollar per-date minimum.Send no money now! We'll settle up when Ted cracks, or the contest ends in one year.
Warning:This is a very pro-homosexual, rude and crude blog and I would highly encourange believers not to visit the site. I came across it during a search for further information on this topic and I felt it necessary to share in terms of what is happening to the overall view of the church by unbelievers.This is not persecution for being the Lord's but for being an evildoer (1 Peter 4:12-16).

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