Monday, April 09, 2007

Jewish Worship Leader Craig Taubman Brings Mega-Church Style Prayer Experiences To Atlanta In Bid To Invigorate Synagogue Life

Synagogue 3000’s Atlanta Initiative presents composer/recording artist Taubman and local clergy leading services in aim to pack the pews March 23rd and 24th 2007


ATLANTA – Craig Taubman, the worship leader who created the “Friday Night Live” Shabbat service, comes to Atlanta this weekend for a series of “seeker” services aimed at the two thirds of Atlanta’s Jewish citizens who don’t belong to a synagogue, as well as existing members of congregations. The three Shabbat services are part of “The Atlanta Initiative,” a project of Synagogue 3000 (S3K), an institute dedicated to revitalizing synagogue life. “Craig’s approach to worship is inclusive and participatory,” says S3K President and co-founder Ron Wolfson, “--- and that’s the exact feeling people want to get from their spiritual community.”

“The goal is to create an experience that leaves people wanting more,” according to Taubman, who helps congregations around the country to create services that use upbeat contemporary music to engage spiritual seekers. Similar approaches have become standard fare at many mega-churches and, in fact, Taubman has even helped lead services in places like Saddleback Church in Southern California, the mega-church founded by “The Purpose-driven Life” author Rick Warren. “Pastor Rick Warren is a genius at creating worship experiences that speak to believers and seekers alike,” says Taubman. “S3K hopes to create that same kind of welcoming atmosphere in synagogues.”

Synagogue 3000’s Atlanta Initiative is a project to increase synagogue membership and create a renaissance in Jewish spiritual communities in Atlanta which includes a series of workshops for congregational leaders, the Taubman Shabbat services and “Hallelu Atlanta,” a concert celebrating synagogue life on November 4, 2007.

Synagogue 3000 (S3K) (
http://www.syna empowers congregations to create sacred communities that are compelling moral and spiritual centers of Jewish life. The S3K Atlanta Initiative is a project launched in November of 2006 to help increase synagogue membership and create a renaissance in Jewish spiritual communities in Atlanta, Georgia.

Craig n’ Co. ( m) is Craig Taubman’s production company. Craig is a celebrated composer and singer- songwriter whose dynamic music and moving performance style have been an inspiration to the Jewish community for over 22 years in addition to his successful career in television and film composing.

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