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Jews are “evil souls” in new PA TV video clip

Jews are “evil souls” in new PA TV video clip

"The [Jews are] evil souls,
a thousand evil ones [Jews] are in my home!”

by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook- Feb. 14, 2007

The lyrics in a new video clip broadcast on official Palestinian Authority Television refer to Jews as "evil souls, a thousand evil ones. . . in my home." The lyrics are sung to images of a religious Jew walking in Jerusalem and Jews praying at the Western Wall of the Temple.

This overtly anti-Semitic message not only defines Jews as “evil souls,” but likewise tells Palestinians to see Jews as outsiders in Jerusalem. Even Jews at the Western Wall are portrayed as intruders.

Click here to view the clip

The following is an excerpt from the song:

“I am Palestinian, and my home is my home.
The evil souls [Visual: Jew walking in Jerusalem],
A thousand evil ones are in my home!” [Visual: Jew walking in Jerusalem]
But I am Palestinian and my home is my home,
The evil souls [Visual: Jews praying at Western Wall],
A thousand evil ones are in my home!” [Visual: Jews praying at Western Wall]
[PA TV, February 13, 2007]

The rest of the video, named “Palestinian Unity,” features a teenage boy singing about Palestinian unity, over background images of dead bodies, funerals and military parades of the rival Palestinian terror groups, including Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, the Popular Front and the Democratic Front. The background images also include scenes of violence against Israel, including Israeli tanks and jeeps being hit by stones and Molotov cocktails.

The lyrics include:

“We are all Palestinians in blood and identity, Fatah, Hamas, and the Jihad, the Popular [Front] and the Democratic [Front]…
We want to liberate the land through the national unity..."

The words, "We are a sword which is not drawn, except towards the occupier,” are sung to the images of a gun firing, followed by that of falling Israeli soldier.

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