Friday, April 27, 2007

Muslims in UK tracked with cameras

Under Surveillance High-tech CCTV units keep eye on activity in Islamic neighborhoods

Ed. Note: This is one of those interesting reports that can be interpreted two ways.
We may be tempted to cheer for the government attempt at stopping the Islamic Terrorists before they can strike. But this same technology could eventually be used to identify and control or "stop" fundamental Christians who will not compromise the Word of God.



Britain's national security service MI5 is testing surveillance cameras in enclaves of London and other Muslim-dominated area of Britain where terrorists are known to operate, reports Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

Based on the latest satellite technology, the $10,000 cameras have a ring of eight powerful lenses that can provide a panoramic view.

Software in the system can also indicate up to 50 behavior traits to identify a person "as a potential terrorist."

Within a year the cameras will be able to signify "facial movements indicating tension and other furtive behavior," confirmed an MI5 officer.

Known as "The Bug," the camera can pinpoint "individual groups loitering or acting in a suspicious manner," the officer added.

The moment a target is identified, a ninth lens mounted on the base of the system zooms in and follows every move of suspected individuals.

"It can track him down a street, in and out of a building and follow him as he drives away," said the MI5 officer.

The cameras have undergone exhaustive tests in Muslim areas of London, Bradford, Luton and other Midland cities. - - - -

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