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WARNING Apostate Bible Released: Contains 67th Book Entitled "God's New Law" Author Tim Fleming Offers a Free Download of a New Version of the Bible for the Gay Community The free Bible download contains all the text of the King James Version, as well as a new book entitled God's New Law, which describes a prophecy from the year 2000 that forgives homosexuality and fornication. This new book is meant to inaugurate the rebirth of mankind and the acceptance of gay marriage in God's kingdom. Revelation 22:18-19 I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues which are written in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the tree of life and from the holy city, which are written in this book. PRESS RELEASE NEWSWIRE - February 14, 2007 San Diego, CA -- This is a new version of the Holy Bible that includes the New Testament, along with a new book entitled God's New Law, which was introduced in the year 2000. This book contains testimony of prophecy fulfilled, prophecy to be, and the decommissioning of traditional religion so that God may dwell with all those who believe. God's New Law is meant to be the last book of the Bible and to herald the birth of God's religion without doctrine. Starting with the witnessing of Christ, the author, Tim Fleming, claims that, in the year 2000, God tested one of his begotten and realized the value of forgiving those who are willing to forgive, and He has therefore offered salvation to the homosexual community for the sacrifices they have made through mental anguish. Fleming acknowledges that no man is to add to the book of life but the Father, but that God heard the cry for help from the submissive, and sent another son and prophet to lead the gay community to freedom. Fleming contends this new Bible contains scripture that has been prescribed by God, and that, while the Bible has been validated through the generations, only now does man have the chaperone of the Father in Heaven to add new testimony to its pages. The first book of God's New Law, "The Journal," is a description of the re-creation of man beyond Revelations that attempts to illustrate what the enlightened students of God's kingdoms prescribe. The second book, "The Victory," describes how an act of vengeance by the Father's left hand delivers poetic justice to those who did not heed his warning to forgive thy neighbor. The third book, "Peace through Suffering," is a testament purportedly written by the Father in Heaven and one of his adopted. Leaving the last book entitled the "The Journey" offering to lead mankind away from serving doctrine into living in the spirit with God and his kingdom. This book is free to download, and the paperback is available at cost. More information is available at From the Web Site: Free Bible Download This Free Bible Download contains all of the great text of the King James Version and a new book entitled God's New Law describing the prophecy that was declared in 2000. New Additions: - Homosexuality and Fornication Forgiven - Gay Marriage in God's Kingdom. "Then the Lord spoke to his son and said, "You have not had enough s-x in your lifetime. We will travel your consciousness around the world and choose the most perfect bodies for you to have s-x with. When you are filled, we will continue what we started." Then the Lord spoke again to his son in the future. "Feel better now? Good, let's continue." He blessed him with the feeling of satisfaction." - Quote from the 'Gay Bible' Woman minister re-appointed - as a man: 'Who am I? I AM ---' 'Who am I? I AM ---' minister says after sex change procedure Matthew 24:5 "For many will come in My name, saying, `I am the Christ,' and will mislead many. _____________________________________________________________ WORLDNETDAILY - May 26, 2007 A woman who has served as minister at St. John's United Methodist Church in Baltimore for five years has been re-appointed to the position - as a man, according to church officials. The announcement came at the Baltimore- Washington annual conference of the UMC, where the former Ann Gordon announced the change to Drew Phoenix, and talked of a "spiritual transformation" since the sex change procedure. The move was not without challenge. Some ministers asked for a "ruling of law," a move which automatically takes the issue to the church organization's highest court, the Judicial Council, which will be meeting next in October. The church denomination "officially" disapproves of homosexual behavior, but has no explicit policy regarding sexual identity changes or sex change operations, officials said. Gordon/Phoenix' congregation is among those that support what the members call the "reconciling" movement within the church, and campaigns to reject the church's traditional biblical teachings on marriage and sexual ethics. Mark Tooley, director of the UMAction, a part of the Institution on Religion and Democracy, said gender, however, isn't a choice but a reality. "The church's calling is to facilitate healing, not echo the secular culture's mantras about 'diversity,'" he said. The church's website notes that the group is inclusive and diverse. "We embrace our differences as holy expressions of God's inclusive love for all creation. Our diversity reflects the many facets of God's creation in our age, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, socioeconomic status, work and educational experience, physical and mental abilities, and spiritual needs," the statement said. "Different though we are, we share a faith in a creative Spirit that urges us toward maturity, wisdom, responsibility." Tooley said the decision announced by Bishop John Schol should trigger a full evaluation of the Bible's teachings. "UM Action is calling for legislation at the 2008 General Conference of The United Methodist Church to fully address the issue of sexual identity change," he said. "The decision to reappoint the former Rev. Gordon to St. John's church in Baltimore, with no wider discussion in the church, sets a troubling precedent." St. John's Methodist Church, where the woman pastor has been reappointed to the post - as a man. He said it's happening again that the "liberal church elites, presiding over dwindling churches, are making decisions without regard for historic Christian teaching or a wider consensus among the church's membership." The issue raises all sorts of questions that have to be answered, Tooley noted. Even a report on a Baltimore radio station identified the minister as 'his/her former name was Ann Gordon---" "We hope The United Methodist Church will act, where the leadership of the Baltimore- Washington Conference has failed, by establishing clear ethical and theological guidelines about the role of gender---" Tooley said. He explained that the sex change case is a modern repetition of an ancient heresy, gnosticism, in which one's private feelings and thoughts overrule church teachings. In a statement on the conference website, Gordon/Phoenix explained that the change was to reflect "my true gender identity." "My transition to live fully as the male I know myself to be is very personal and deeply spiritual. As a Christian, I worship God - I AM. People frequently asked Jesus, 'Who are you?' His response was, 'Who do you say I am?' 'Who do YOU say YOU are?' I believe that our spiritual path is, in great part, the answer to: Who am I? I am..." said the statement. "The gender I was assigned at birth has never matched my own true, authentic, God-given gender identity --- how I know myself," the statement said. "Fortunately, today, God's gift of medical science is enabling me to bring my physical body into alignment with my true gender." - - - - Emphasis Added


P- - n flowing into Christian bookstoresWORLDNETDAILY - By Bob Unruh - May 19, 2007An online company providing books to hundreds of Christian bookstores throughout Canada and the United States promotes - - - - rated materials, occult titles, manuals on homosexuality and lesbianism and satanism, according to a center that monitors the industry. As WND has reported, a company called BookManager serves a St. Catherine's, Ont., Christian bookstore whose owner recently discovered books on occultism, p- -nography and the like could be located through its website. Now Bud Press, who runs Christian Research Service, has told WND that the company actually serves hundreds of Christian bookstores, whose owners now are facing the problem of what to do. "One manager planned to contact BookManager and request the removal of the non-Christian and p- -nography materials," Press said. "But with a 'title link' of 'over 4,000,000' books, the chances of that happening are slim to none.""Also lurking among BookManager's titles are page-after-page of books that promote: cultic theology, occultism, homosexuality, lesbianism, pro-gay, transsexualism, prostitution, New Age, satanism, profanity, X - - -rated materials, Word-Faith, - - - -Read Full Article_______________________________________________________________

Murdoch pastor gets heat for mogul's p- -n channelsChristian leaders question Rick Warren for church's cozy ties with Fox ownerWORLDNETDAILY - May 10, 2007Mega-pastor Rick Warren is being challenged by other Christian leaders for not disciplining a prominent member of his California Saddleback Church flock for being one of the world's leading p- -nographers. That would be Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corp., which, in addition to building a media empire on the chests of t- -less models and edgy, pushing-the-envelope Fox TV network shows, recently began building a stable of hard-core p- -n channels for its BSkyB subsidiary. "Rupert Murdoch is a born-again Christian and Rick Warren claims to be his pastor," says Chris Rosebrough, head of the Christian Accountability Network. "As a Christian, Murdoch is committing an egregious sin by owning, expanding and profiting from p- - nographic channels, and Rick Warren, his pastor, has a biblical duty to call Murdoch to repentance and/or put him out of the church."He is supported in that call by Jim Lupacchino of the Christian Research Network, Pastor Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries, and a growing list of others who have the Internet buzzing with stories about the pastor and the p- -n purveyor.Rosebrough said Murdoch's decision to run p- -n channels represents "a clear case of a Christian openly committing a monstrous and unthinkable sin." "Sadly, Murdoch's actions have already damaged his credibility as a Christian," added Rosebrough. "If Pastor Warren does not act swiftly and call on Murdoch to dismantle his p- - n distribution network, then the credibility of the Christian message will be compromised around the globe." The ties between Warren and Murdoch go beyond the spiritual. Murdoch also owns Zondervan, the company that published Warren's explosive bestseller "The Purpose Driven Life." "We hope that Warren's business ties to Murdoch's company haven't clouded his judgment and impacted his resolve to carry out his biblical duty as Murdoch's pastor," added Rosebrough. News of Murdoch's hard-core p- -n venture broke in the London publication The Business late last year. The story alluded to the seeming contradiction of a "born-again Christian" building a hard-core p- -n network. - - -Silva says Warren does not seem to be living up to his own convictions about how pastors are to deal with people in sin. He points to an article by Warren dated May 1 of this year in which he writes: "Sin is to be confessed only as widely as it affects others. Private sin requires only private confession to God. Personal sin that involves others requires interpersonal confession to the people involved. Public sins (those that affect a large group of people in our congregation) regrettably must be dealt with publicly as a warning to others." "One would certainly have to think that 'owning and expanding a network of pornographic channels in Europe' has to qualify as 'public sins,'" concludes Silva. "Since Rupert Murdoch's flagrant and obvious 'public sins' have now been brought before the church, and because Warren is a pastor-teacher who is very well known to the public himself, then Warren simply must deal with Murdoch publicly 'as a warning to others.'" Saddleback Church, with 30,000 members, was begun by Rick and Kay Warren in 1979 and now has more than 200 ministries in the Orange County, Calif., area. "The Purpose Driven Church" has now sold about 23 million copies.Read Full Article


Fear the Jews, not the Islamofascists
Romans 11:17-18But if some of the branches were broken off, and you, being a wild olive, were grafted in among them and became partaker with them of the rich root of the olive tree, do not be arrogant toward the branches; but if you are arrogant, remember that it is not you who supports the root, but the root supports you.

OLIVE TREE MINISTRIES - By Jan Markell - May 22, 2007There is a man gaining credibility and national attention and he troubles me greatly. He claims to be an evangelical Christian and heads what is known as the "National Prayer Network." He is fighting hate-crime legislation which gives him an open mike on dozens of radio talk shows. I cannot judge his heart as to his statement that he is a brother in the Lord, but I can tell you that Ted Pike is a man to watch if you love Israel.Pike was invited on my program, "Understanding the Times," this past April 21. The program is posted to my "radio archives" here: He was eager to come on air and not talk so much about hate crimes but about his views on the Jews. Here are a few items he believes: Zionism is an American idol embraced by today's evangelical Christians and Zionism is the political/ideological reasons Israel became a nation according to Ted. Zionism tends to overlook God's role Pike would say. Christian Zionists are the most deceived he believes, yet I do not know one Christian lover of Israel, also correctly known as "Christian Zionists," who do not give the credit to God for fulfilling scripture.

Pike believes it is a "monumental lie" that Jews have an unconditional covenant from God to be blessed by Him no matter what they do. Ted, that's because the Bible uses the terms "unconditional" and "everlasting" dozens of times as it pertains to His relationship with Israel.He believes "Christian Zionists" (Christian supporters of Israel) hold to an "Israel--right or wrong!" sentiment. Not true. We criticize some issues regularly. All mankind remains in a fallen state including God's "chosen people."Pike asserts that nowhere does the Bible suggest the heretical idea that any person or group of people, rejecting and disparaging Christ can expect blessing from God. Yet an obligation to support unbelieving Jews is taught by evangelicals and Jews as the law of God. Ted, evangelicals believe this because the Jews are the focus of the Bible from Genesis 12 to the end of Revelation. They were called even though they were the least of the nations, scattered due to disobedience, promised to be re-gathered at a later date, promised a restored land of Israel even though they would come back to it in unbelief (Ez. 37), and then God would do a spiritual work in them. Before that, a remnant was consistently saved including many members of my own family.Pike states, "The greatest threat facing America is NOT the Islamic extremism, but the Zionist idol that dominates not only America but the entire world. There is no doubt we are experiencing an upsurge of arrogant Jewish activism and ambition unrivalled in history." Ted, Jews aren't flying airplanes into buildings, planting car bombs among civilians, or planning on taking the world back to the 7th century. But that is exactly the goal of the Islamofascists.Zionists pushed their way into Palestine through violence, deceit, and brutal dispossession of the Christians and Muslims living in the Promised Land he contends. Wait a minute! So now the "Promised Land" was created for Muslims??Judaism's most authoritative legal and spiritual guide, the Talmud, repeatedly teaches Jews that they are entitled to lie, cheat, and cause the death of Christians and Gentiles Pike concludes. They use the occultic Kaballah as a devious tool to erode Christian civilization. Time out needed: I think I need a "hate- break."Liberal Jewish activists are the real cause of the hate-crimes Ted and others are battling. Pike states that arrogant Jewish activism and ambition is unrivaled in history other than the JEWISH Bolshevik takeover of Russia in 1917.It would be political suicide for President Bush to antagonize the Jews according to Pike, and thus the Jews get what they want according to Pike. Seems to me the president has upset a lot of Jews and Christians with his desire to see a Palestinian state.Pike acknowledges that "all Israel will be saved" at the end of the Tribulation. Thus it is difficult to connect the dots of his theology and eschatology as there are some truth-bits amidst a lot of error and heresy.Pike does what a lot of anti-Semites do, even so-called "Christian anti-Semites." I know, that really is an oxymoron but things have changed in the 21st century. God temporarily took His focus on the Jews away from them and put the focus on the church. What people like Pike believe is that they were permanently disinherited which makes God a covenant breaker, something He is not capable of doing. Romans 11 reminds us that "the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable." Throughout the Bible God states that "for the sake of the fathers" (of Israel), he would keep all His promises to them. He remembers His covenant with them FOREVER (Psalm 105). The most frequent theme in the Bible is the restoration of the land of Israel and His covenant people.Genesis 17:6 says the land is given to the Jews as an "everlasting possession." It says nothing about conditions or about a potential disinheritance. There are many verses that speak of a judgment of them but the constant theme is that He will bring them back to this cherished land and then begin that spiritual work in their hearts. And this is the case today. The saved Jewish remnant is growing rapidly and daily!Pray for Ted Pike. Even though he precedes almost every statement with "evil Jewish leaders" and evil Jewish ( fill in the blank,) I don't believe Ted is evil. He is grossly deceived. The danger is that he has the ear of tens of thousands because of his National Prayer Network and his effort to stop hate- crime legislation. I have had some people ask that I have Ted on air to talk about hate-crime legislation. I sort of complied: I had him on the air to show how a person can actually become a "hate-crime" with such beliefs as his.It would help you understand all of this if you visited the category of Spiritual Deception at my Web site. Here is the link: http://www.olivetreeviews .org/topics/spiritual_deception.shtml Please view some moving five minute film illustrations at the Israel category, ael.shtml for a better understanding of the Ted Pikes of the world.All of this is the fuel that drives "Replacement Theology," the belief that the church is now God's chosen, the Jews are irrelevant, and Israel is just a convenient ally in the Middle East. This theology is believed by many denominations today; in fact, it is the primary teaching on Israel's role today. - - - -
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________________________________________________________________Presidential hopeful's Mormon faith under fireLONDON SUNDAY TELEGRAPH - By Tim Shipman in Washington - May 27, 2007Mitt Romney, the first Mormon with a chance of becoming US president, is facing a campaign to derail his White House bid from a glamorous blonde who says the faith is a fraud.Tricia Erickson, a former Mormon herself, is no stranger to controversy. As a crisis management expert, she worked with Donna Rice, whose dalliances with Democrat presidential candidate Gary Hart sunk his 1988 campaign.Now she is fighting to confirm the suspicion, held by many of Mr Romney's potential Christian supporters, that Mormons are a sinister, mind-bending cult.Miss Erickson has circulated a memo on her experiences in the secretive Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to talk show hosts, newspapers and on the internet.One memo sent to the media by Miss Erickson asks: "Can Mitt Romney serve two masters?" She says that she is a Republican but that she wants to help the public "make an informed judgement about whether Mitt Romney should be the president".She said: "I was born and raised as a Mormon. In fact, I was a Mormon bishop's daughter. It amazes me that most of the world has not awakened to the false religion of Mormonism."I pray every day for the Lord to deliver my son, my brother and my nephew and their wives and children out of the blindness and mind control of this cult." - - - -Read Full Article


Hispanic Population Changing Face of Mormon FaithHabakkuk 1:3-4Why do You make me see iniquity, And cause me to look on wickedness? Yes, destruction and violence are before me; Strife exists and contention arises. Therefore the law is ignored And justice is never upheld. For the wicked surround the righteous; Therefore justice comes out perverted.ASSOCIATED PRESS - May 26, 2007MESA, Ariz. -Luis Cruz grew up in the Catholic tradition that his parents taught him in Chiapas, Mexico. But when he came to Phoenix more than three years ago, he developed a spiritual void that the Catholic Church was unable to fill. "During the course of a whole year, I could not find a single church here," the 33-year-old landscaper said in Spanish. "I didn't know where there were masses. I couldn't find a Spanish church that was nearby." That changed when a woman he knew in Mesa invited him to come and meet with two missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The meeting was the catalyst for his eventual move to Mesa and his conversion from lifelong Catholicism to Mormonism. ``What really impressed me about (the missionaries) was that they didn't speak badly about other churches,'' he said. ``They speak to you about Jesus --- They speak to you about the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. It's the same thing they do in the Catholic Church. The only difference is that in the Catholic religion, there are saints.'' - - - At the beginning of 2002, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints only had five congregations within 10 miles of downtown Mesa that offered services in Spanish, said Elder Wilford Andersen, a church official who oversees LDS affairs in the Southwest. Today, that number has more than doubled to 13 Spanish-speaking congregations throughout Mesa. - - -The growth in Spanish-speaking membership is also reflected globally. According to a church spokeswoman in Utah, the largest growth in membership from 1995 to 2006 occurred in South America. Membership there has soared to more than 3 million, making the continent's membership the second highest in the world after the United States. The number of Spanish-speaking congregations in the U.S. has also seen the biggest increase compared with any other foreign language. Between 2000 and 2006, the number of Spanish- speaking congregations grew from 389 to 639. - - - -Read Full Article


Mormon's Jewish Outreach Aims To Rebuild BridgesFORWARD - By Jennifer Siegel - May 25, 2007By day, Mark Paredes works for the American Jewish Congress, doing outreach to the Latino community of Los Angeles. But by night, Paredes, who happens to be a practicing Mormon, volunteers to build relationships with the Los Angeles Jewish community on behalf of his church.At the seat of one of America's largest communities of both Jews and Mormons, Paredes, 39, is working to build bridges between two communities that have longstanding ties but also a history of distrust. For years, Jewish leaders have called upon Mormon leaders to halt controversial posthumous baptisms of Jews by church members. Despite years of progress, the issue flared up again last December, when leaders of the L.A.-based Simon Wiesenthal Center discovered that the name of Wiesenthal, Holocaust survivor and famed Nazi hunter, appeared on the church's baptism roll a year after his death in 2005.The son of a white mother and black father, Paredes is working to counter negative feelings in the Jewish community through outreach that stresses Mormons' historic support for Israel, and by sharing the information gleaned by their extensive genealogical research.Paredes was a master of ceremonies at a May 8 reception held at the Israeli consulate in Los Angeles by the Mormon Church, known officially as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The purpose of the event, sponsored by the church's Southern California Public Affairs Council, was ostensibly to celebrate the end of the semester at the newly reopened Jerusalem outpost of the Mormon Brigham Young University.Unofficially, the event was an excuse for Paredes and other Mormon leaders to mingle with their Jewish counterparts. - - -According to Mormon theology, the dead can be baptized into the faith after their passing. The Jewish furor over the practice of posthumous baptism began in earnest in the mid-1990s, when it came to light that the names of 380,000 dead Jews - including victims of the Holocaust - appeared in church baptismal records. In 1995, the church agreed to remove the names of all Holocaust victims and survivors from its archives and to halt the baptism of all Jews who are not directly related to church members. But as new Jewish names have continued to surface in church records over the years, the ritual has forced Jewish and Mormon leaders into a series of charged negotiations over how best to stop the practice, and resulted in a public relations problem for the church. - - - -Read Full Article


Pope Considers Return to Latin MassJeremiah 51:9We applied healing to Babylon, but she was not healedASSOCIATED PRESS - By Nicole Winfield - May 29, 2007VATICAN CITY -- It was one of the most radical reforms to emerge from the Second Vatican Council. The Mass, root of Roman Catholic worship, would be celebrated in the local language and not in Latin.Now, little more than a generation later, Pope Benedict XVI is poised to revive the 16th- century Tridentine Mass.In doing so, he will be overriding objections from some cardinals, bishops and Jews _ whose complaints range from the text of the old Mass to the symbolic sweeping aside of the council's work from 1962-65. Many in the church regard Vatican II as a moment of badly needed reform and a new beginning, a view at odds with Benedict, who sees it as a renewal of church tradition.A Vatican official, Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, confirmed earlier this month that Benedict would soon relax the restrictions on celebrating the Tridentine Mass because of a "new and renewed interest" in the celebration _ especially among younger Catholics.In recent decades, priests could only celebrate the Tridentine Mass with permission from their bishop. Church leaders are anxiously awaiting Benedict's decision, to see how far he will go in easing that rule.Castrillon Hoyos denied the move represented a "step backward, a regression to times before the reforms." Rather, it was an attempt to give the faithful greater access to a "treasure" of the church. - - - -Read Full Article

__________________________________________________________________Religious MKs slam Jerusalem gay tourism campaignNew 'pink Jerusalem' campaign aimed at promoting gay tourism in capital and partly sponsored by state, angers religious legislators who threaten no-confidence motion over issueRevelation 11:8 And their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city which mystically is called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified.YEDIOTH AHRONOTH (YnetNews) - By Ronny Sofer - May 29, 2007"This is a delusional campaign for a minority with a normative defect," Deputy Prime Minister Eli Yishai said Tuesday, responding to reports about a new Ministry of Tourism international campaign promoting gay tourism in Jerusalem. The campaign, produced by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel and the Homosexuals and Lesbians organization, together with the Tourism Ministry, features same-sex couples photographed at tourist attractions and places of historic interest in the capital."I unequivocally reject the attempt to focus a state-sponsored campaign on a delusional minority that suffers from a normative defect," Yishai said, "Jerusalem and Amsterdam are the same for these people. Therefore, those who fail to recognize Jerusalem's holiness had better stay away from it." - - - Another former tourism minister, MK Yitzhak Levy (National Union-NRP), also referred to the campaign saying, "I protest the portrayal of Israel as a pink, namely - gay, paradise. Israel used to be famous for values and holiness, and here a red line has been crossed." Shlomo Rosenstein, a member of the Jerusalem city council representing the United Torah Judaism, said that, "The Jerusalem municipality and the haredi coalition are doing their utmost to maintain the peaceful atmosphere in town, which has proved itself in the last three years. Provocations will do no nothing for Jerusalem but undermine the status-quo and coexistence within the fragile fabric of life and relations between the different sectors in Jerusalem. - - - -Read Full Article


Religious Groups Reap Federal Aid for Pet ProjectsThe woman rides the beastRevelation 17:3 And he carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness; and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast, full of blasphemous names, having seven heads and ten horns.NEW YORK TIMES - By Diana B. Henriques and Andrew W. Lehren - May 13, 2007St. Vincent College, a small Benedictine college southeast of Pittsburgh, wanted to realign a two-lane state road serving the campus. But the state transportation department did not have the money. So St. Vincent tried Washington instead. The college hired a professional lobbyist in 2004 and, later that year, two paragraphs were tucked into federal appropriation bills with the help of Representative John P. Murtha, Democrat of Pennsylvania, awarding $4 million solely for that project. College officials said the work would improve the safety and appearance of the road into the campus, which President Bush visited two days ago to give the college's commencement address.Religious organizations have long competed for federal contracts to provide social services, and they have tried to influence Congress on matters of moral and social policy - indeed, most major denominations have a presence in Washington to monitor such legislation. But an analysis of federal records shows that some religious organizations are also hiring professional lobbyists to pursue the narrowly tailored individual appropriations known as earmarks.A New York Times analysis shows that the number of earmarks for religious organizations, while small compared with the overall number, have increased sharply in recent years. - - - Earmarks are individual federal grants that bypass the normal appropriations and competitive-bidding procedures. They have been blamed for feeding the budget deficit and have figured in several Capitol Hill bribery scandals, prompting recent calls for reform from White House and Congressional leaders. - - -Sometimes the earmarks benefited programs aimed at helping others. There have been numerous earmarks totaling $5.4 million for World Vision, the global humanitarian ministry, to conduct job training, youth mentoring and gang prevention programs. Another earmark provided $150,000 to help St. Jerome's Church in the Bronx build a community center, and Fuller Theological Seminary, a leading evangelical seminary in Pasadena, Calif., received $2 million to study gambling and juvenile violence. - - - -Read Full Article

______________________________________________________________Not One Stone Will Be Left Upon AnotherEmphasis Shifts for New Breed of Evangelicals NEW YORK TIMES - By Michael Luo and Laurie Goodstein - May 21, 2007The evangelical Christian movement, which has been pivotal in reshaping the country's political landscape since the 1980s, has shifted in potentially momentous ways in recent years, broadening its agenda and exposing new fissures.The death of the Rev. Jerry Falwell last week highlighted the fact that many of the movement's fiery old guard who helped lead conservative Christians into the embrace of the Republican Party are aging and slowly receding from the scene. In their stead, a new generation of leaders who have mostly avoided the openly partisan and confrontational approach of their forebears have become increasingly influential. Typified by megachurch pastors like the Rev. Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in Orange County, Calif., and the Rev. Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Community Church outside Chicago, the new breed of evangelical leaders - often to the dismay of those who came before them - are more likely to speak out about more liberal causes like AIDS, Darfur, poverty and global warming than controversial social issues like abortion and same-sex marriage. - - - -Read Full ArticleMethodist leader equates U.S. flag to swastika WORLDNETDAILY - May 18, 2007A leader in the United Methodist Church equated the U.S. flag to the Nazi swastika, drawing the criticism of a watchdog organization that calls it an example of the church's "contemptuous" attitude towards the nation and its heritage. The comments came from Rev. Clayton Childers, of the Washington-based United Methodist Board of Church and Society, who said, "The presence of a national flag in worship can imply endorsement of national policies which often run counter to the teachings of Jesus Christ and our Christian faith. --- One need only recall the way the swastika flag was displayed prominently in German churches during the Nazi era." - - - - Read Full ArticlePolygamy thriving in Britain THE TIMES of LONDON - May 29, 2007LONDON: Polygamous marriage is flourishing in Britain as the Government admits for the first time that nearly a thousand men are living legally with multiple wives.Although the families are entitled to claim social security for each wife, no one has counted how many of them are on benefits. The separate practice of unauthorised polygamy is also believed to have become commonplace in some Muslim communities. The Ministry of Justice admits that it has no estimates of numbers for these unions, which are often presided over by an Islamic cleric.A senior Conservative MP and immigration expert called for action yesterday to end the scandal of women being pressured into entering unrecognised marriages with no rights. "The Government has no grip on the situation," said Humphrey Malins, the former opposition home affairs spokesman and founder of the Immigration Advisory Service. "This is quite clearly exploitation of women." - - - -Read Full ArticleDobson: No way I'll vote for Rudy Might not cast ballot at all if faced with 'Hobson's choice' WORLDNETDAILY - May 17, 2007Family advocate James Dobson, widely considered an important GOP rainmaker, says he will not vote for former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani under any circumstance in the upcoming presidential elections because of his positions on abortion, domestic partnerships for homosexual couples and other moral issues. Dobson says today in an exclusive WND column, speaking strictly as a private citizen, "I cannot, and will not, vote for Rudy Giuliani in 2008." "It is an irrevocable decision," says the founder and chairman of Focus on the Family. "If given a Hobson's - Dobson's? - choice between him and Sens. Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, I will either cast my ballot for an also-ran - or if worse comes to worst - not vote for the first time in my adult life." Dobson says, "My conscience and my moral convictions will allow me to do nothing else." - - - -Read Full ArticleChavez demands Pope apologize for Indian comments REUTERS - May 19, 2007CARACAS - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez demanded Pope Benedict apologize to Indians in Latin America for saying this month in Brazil that the Roman Catholic Church purified them.Chavez, who regularly clashes with the Catholic Church in Venezuela but had not directly criticized the Pope before, accused the Pontiff on Friday of ignoring the "holocaust" that followed Christopher Columbus's 1492 landing in the Americas."With all due respect your Holiness, apologize because there was a real genocide here and, if we were to deny it, we would be denying our very selves," Chavez said at an event on freedom of expression. - - - -Read Full Article


False Religion: Professing to be wise, they became foolsRomans 1:22-23 Professing to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man and of birds and four-footed animals and crawling creatures.Thailand set to make Buddhism the state religion INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE - By Seth Mydans - May 24, 2007BANGKOK: In a step that could sharpen divisions in its increasingly violent, largely Muslim southern provinces, Thailand appears ready for the first time to make Buddhism the state religion in a new constitution.Under pressure from masses of orange-robed monks who have rallied in the streets and distracted by other political challenges, the country's military-backed government is going along with a notion that has made little headway in the past.The movement comes at a time of increased divisions and political tension in Thailand as the government seeks to pass a constitution, hold a parliamentary election and return the country to democracy by the end of the year.The junta seized power in a nonviolent coup Sept. 19, ousting then-Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra while he was abroad. - - - -Read Full ArticleWiccans Keep the Faith With a Religion Under Wraps NEW YORK TIMES - By Neela Banerjee - May 18, 2007DUMFRIES, Va. - Above the woman's fireplace hangs her wedding picture, taken in a Lutheran church years ago. Below it, on the mantelpiece, is a small Wiccan altar: two candles, a tiny cauldron, four stones to represent the elements of nature and a small amethyst representing her spirit.The wedding portrait is always there. But whenever someone comes to visit, the woman sweeps the altar away. Raised Southern Baptist in Virginia and now a stay-at-home mother of two in this Washington suburb, she has told almost no one - not her relatives, her friends or the other mothers in her children's playgroups - that she is Wiccan.Among the most popular religions to have flowered since the 1960s, Wicca - a form of paganism - still faces a struggle for acceptance, experts on the religion and Wiccans themselves said. In April, Wiccans won an important victory when the Department of Veterans Affairs settled a lawsuit and agreed to add the Wiccan pentacle to a list of approved religious symbols that it will engrave on veterans' headstones. But Wicca in the civilian world is largely a religion in hiding. Wiccans fear losing their friends and jobs if people find out about their faith. "I would love to be able to say 'Accept us for who we are,' but I can't, mainly because of my kids," said the suburban mother, who agreed to talk only on the condition of anonymity. "Children can be cruel, and their parents can be even more cruel, and I don't want my kids picked on for the choice their mommy made." - - - David Steinmetz, professor of the history of Christianity at Duke Divinity School, said, "Wiccans have so many things stacked against them, from what the Bible says about the practice of magic to the history in this country of witch trials, that the image of them adds up to something so contrary to the consensus about genuine religion that still shapes American society." - - - -Read Full ArticleMalaysian Muslims to hire ghostbusters THE TIMES OF INDIA - May 4, 2007KUALA LUMPUR: Religious authorities in a Malaysian state plan to hire "ghostbusters" to drive out evil spirits believed to have caused Muslims to follow deviant groups, a report said Friday.The move came after some enforcement officers with the Islamic Affairs Department in northeast Kelantan state were sent out to investigate cult groups but ended up becoming their followers instead, The Star newspaper said."Perhaps meals or drinks served to the officers were spiked," the state's Islamic department director Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman was quoted as saying."Otherwise, it does not make sense how a person with strong faith can easily be overcome by deviant teachings. This is where exorcism may be needed to flush out the unhealthy elements through spiritual Islamic techniques," he said.The ghostbusters, also known as "devil doctors" by local residents, are well versed in the Quran and draw inspiration from its verses to exorcise evil spirits, the report said.The department has identified 16 deviant groups of several dozen members each in the state over the past decade, and has cracked down on most of them, charging their leaders in Islamic courts.Abdul Aziz didn't say how many deviant groups are left now in Kelantan.About 60 per cent of Malaysia's 26 million people are Muslims, with significant Buddhist, Christian and Hindu minorities. - - - -Read Full ArticleThe New Worship of the Dead Cemeteries Seek Breathing Clientele NEW YORK TIMES - By Patricia Leigh Brown - May 25, 2007PHILADELPHIA - The dinner was first-class, with butlers serving hors d'oeuvres and the strains of "Blue Danube" tastefully muffling the festive din. This nine-course re-creation of the last supper aboard an ill-fated ocean liner was the culmination of Titanic Day at Laurel Hill Cemetery, one of a growing number of historic cemeteries to rebrand themselves as destination necropolises for weekend tourists.Historic cemeteries, desperate for money to pay for badly needed restorations, are reaching out to the public in ever more unusual ways, with dog parades, bird-watching lectures, Sunday jazz concerts, brunches with star chefs, Halloween parties in the crematory and even a nudie calendar.Laurel Hill, the resting place of six Titanic victims, promotes itself as an "underground museum." The sold-out Titanic dinner, including a tour of mausoleums, joined the "Dead White Republicans" tour ("the city's power brokers, in all their glory and in all their shame"), the "Birding Among the Buried" tour, and "Sinners, Scandals and Suicides," including a visit to the grave of "a South Philly gangster who got whacked when he tried to infiltrate the Schuylkill County numbers racket." - - - -Read Full Article
__________________________________________________________________Newspaper to city: Quit attacking pro-lifersEditorial says protesters have constitutional rights, tooWORLDNETDAILY - By Bob Unruh - May 29, 2007A newspaper in the greater St. Louis area is calling for officials in suburban Granite City, Ill., to cancel their war against pro-life protesters from the Small Victories ministry, whose members have been battling a major abortion behemoth. The city of Granite City recently lost a long- running federal court battle to ban the pro- lifers from appearing with their anti-abortion posters at local parades, an effort Small Victories spokeswoman Angela Michael told WND is valuable because it is one of few opportunities of reaching many of the region's politicians. Now the editorial board from the nearby Belleville, Ill., News-Democrat is calling for a halt to Granite City's attacks. Under a headline "Unwelcomed in Granite City," the newspaper said, "They should put up a new sign at the entrance to Granite City: 'Welcome (unless you're a hooker or her John, homeless, a redneck with a couch on your porch or an anti-abortion protester).'"It continued: "Kind of a diverse group for the local police to be asked to target, but city leaders have done that with the stated intent of making Granite City a better place to visit or watch a parade." The editorial noted the laudable efforts that are going on in Granite City to "improve" the city. "They are spending $1.2 million to renovate the street's appearance around City Hall. Prostitution has been a problem in the city for decades, with the women even exposing themselves to folks pulling out of the bank drive-through. Police make routine sweeps, but nothing seems to be as effective as putting a bunch of their customers in handcuffs and putting those customers' names in the newspaper." - - - "But," said the editorial, "we hope the efforts to stop the Small Victories anti-abortion group from protesting during city parades is at an end. --- While we don't like their tactic of showing grisly [abortion] images during parades as a way to opposing the abortion clinic in Granite City, we certainly defend their constitutional rights to peacefully assemble and make their point." - - - -Read Full Article


'We are Palestinian, we are women, we are gay'AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE - May 16, 2007Battling against a deeply patriarchal society, Arab Israeli and Palestinian lesbians are uniting to break the taboo of homosexuality and politicise the right to be female and gay. "We are Palestinian, we are women and we are gay," is the slogan coined by Aswat, the association campaigning for lesbian Arabs to be accepted in Israeli and Palestinian society, and whose name in English means "voices"."A lot of lesbians and Arab homosexuals have double lives, marry and lead a secret existence. People say it is forbidden by religion," says Rauda Morcos, Aswat coordinator, at its headquarters in Israel's northern city of Haifa.In late 2002, Rauda decided to put her money where her mouth was and take action with fellow lesbian Samira, her former roomate.The two women set up an Internet forum for Arab lesbians in Israel and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. A year later they founded Aswat. Today the association, funded by European and US groups, organises monthly and totally anonymous support meetings, raises gay awareness and disseminates information about homosexuality. - - - -Read Full Article

________________________________________________________________Gay Australian pub wins right to ban straightsREUTERS - May 28, 2007MELBOURNE - An Australian hotel catering for homosexuals has won the right to ban heterosexuals from its bars so as to provide a safe and comfortable venue for gay men.In what is believed to be a first for Australia, the Victorian state civil and administrative tribunal ruled last week that the Peel Hotel in the southern city of Melbourne could exclude patrons based on their sexuality.Australia's equal opportunity laws prevent people being discriminated against based on race, religion or sexuality.But Peel Hotel owner Tom McFeely said the ruling was necessary to provide gay men with a non-threatening atmosphere to freely express their sexuality. - - - -Read Full Article


Rules 'hiding' trillions in debtLiability $516,348 per U.S. householdRevelation 18:17afor in one hour such great wealth has been laid waste!'...USA TODAY - By Dennis Cauchon - May 29, 2007The federal government recorded a $1.3 trillion loss last year - far more than the official $248 billion deficit - when corporate-style accounting standards are used, a USA TODAY analysis shows.The loss reflects a continued deterioration in the finances of Social Security and government retirement programs for civil servants and military personnel. The loss - equal to $11,434 per household - is more than Americans paid in income taxes in 2006."We're on an unsustainable path and doing a great disservice to future generations," says Chris Chocola, a former Republican member of Congress from Indiana and corporate chief executive who is pushing for more accurate federal accounting.Modern accounting requires that corporations, state governments and local governments count expenses immediately when a transaction occurs, even if the payment will be made later.The federal government does not follow the rule, so promises for Social Security and Medicare don't show up when the government reports its financial condition.Bottom line: Taxpayers are now on the hook for a record $59.1 trillion in liabilities, a 2.3% increase from 2006. That amount is equal to $516,348 for every U.S. household. By comparison, U.S. households owe an average of $112,043 for mortgages, car loans, credit cards and all other debt combined.Unfunded promises made for Medicare, Social Security and federal retirement programs account for 85% of taxpayer liabilities. State and local government retirement plans account for much of the rest.This hidden debt is the amount taxpayers would have to pay immediately to cover government's financial obligations. Like a mortgage, it will cost more to repay the debt over time. Every U.S. household would have to pay about $31,000 a year to do so in 75 years.The Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Board, which sets federal accounting standards, is considering requiring the government to adopt accounting rules similar to those for corporations. The change would move Social Security and Medicare onto the government's income statement and balance sheet, instead of keeping them separate.The White House and the Congressional Budget Office oppose the change, arguing that the programs are not true liabilities because government can cancel or cut them.Chad Stone, chief economist at the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, says it can be misleading to focus on the government's unfunded liabilities because Medicare's financial problems overwhelm the analysis."There is a shortfall in Medicare and Medicaid that is potentially explosive, but that is related to overall trends in health care spending," he says.Read Full Article


More Than Ever, It Pays to Be the Top ExecutiveProverbs 11:4 Riches do not profit in the day of wrath, But righteousness delivers from death.NEW YORK TIMES - By Eduardo Porter - May 25, 2007- - - As executive pay has surged in most American companies, attention has focused on the growing gap between the earnings of top executives and the average wage of workers in cubicles or on the shop floor. Little noticed, though, is how much the gap has also widened between the summit and the next few echelons down. - - -In the 1960s and '70s, chief executives running the nation's biggest companies earned 80 percent more, on average, than the third-highest-paid executives, according to a recent study by Carola Frydman of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Raven E. Saks at the Federal Reserve. By the early part of this decade, the gap in the executive suite between No. 1 and No. 3 had swollen to 260 percent. - - -The pay of chief executives, analysts say, is being driven by superstar dynamics similar to those that determine the inordinate rewards for pop stars and athletes - - -As American companies, American hedge funds - and even American lawsuits - have grown in size, it has become ever more valuable to get the "best" chief executive or fund manager or litigator. This has fueled a fierce competition for talent at the top, which has pushed economic rewards farther up the ladder of success, concentrating the richest pay levels even more. - - -The changing rewards for corporate executives are not unlike the acute concentration of wealth among entertainment industry superstars, with television, the globalization of movie audiences and the spread of digital technologies having allowed those at the very top to generate enormous incomes at the expense of those that might be slightly less popular. Alan B. Krueger, a Princeton economist, found that the share of concert ticket revenue taken by the top 1 percent of pop stars - measured by sales per concert - rose to 56 percent in 2003 from 26 percent in 1982.Similarly, the best-paid baseball player 20 years ago, Gary Carter, earned $2.4 million from the New York Mets, 41 percent more than the 25th-ranked, Tim Raines of the Montreal Expos. This season, the $28 million, pro rated, that the Yankees will pay Roger Clemens is more than double the paycheck of David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox, who is 24 rungs down. This even more skewed pattern at and near the top of the income ladder has become a sort of national standard. From 1985 to 2005, the incomes of taxpayers in the top 10th of earnings rose about 54 percent after inflation, to an average of $207,200, according to Thomas Piketty of the Paris School of Economics and Emmanuel Saez of the University of California, Berkeley.But among the top 1 percent of taxpayers it increased 128 percent, to $812,500. And among the top 0.01 percent it nearly quadrupled, to $14 million on average. - - - -Read Full Article

_________________________________________________________________Mammon Worship: News BriefsEconomic Growth Slows to a Near Halt ASSOCIATED PRESS - By Jeannine Aversa - May 31, 2007WASHINGTON -- Economic growth skidded to a near halt in the first quarter, with the worst showing in more than four years raising concerns about how long the country's sluggish spell will last. - - -The main forces behind the downgrade: the bloated trade deficit and businesses cutting investment in supplies of the goods they hold in inventories. - - -What largely prevented the economy from going under: consumers, who showed an even bigger appetite to spend. For nearly a year, the economy has been enduring a stretch of subpar economic growth due mostly to a housing slump. That in turn has made some businesses act more cautiously in their spending and investing. - - - On Wall Street, stocks finished nearly flat after the weak GDP reading muted investors' enthusiasm over a new spate of acquisitions. The Dow Jones industrials, which had set a new closing high on Wednesday, lost 5.44 points to close at 13,627.64. - - -In the first quarter, there was a larger trade deficit than first thought. That ended up shaving a full percentage point from the GDP. Businesses cut back on inventory investment as they tried to make sure unsold stocks of goods didn't get out of whack with customer demand. That lopped off nearly a percentage point to first-quarter GDP. - - - -Read Full ArticleWealthy Enclave Offers Windfall for Candidates NEW YORK TIMES - By Alison Leigh Cowan - May 28, 2007With the mansions along its winding back roads now awash in hedge fund money, Greenwich has joined New York, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley as must stops on the presidential fund-raising tour, with prominent locals now boasting of candidate scuff marks on their basketball courts, Secret Service T- shirts in their closets and framed pictures of their children with the candidates on their mantels. For a town that has wealth and corporate clout to spare, the fund-raisers fill a void: access to a potential White House resident. - - -As Connecticut's richest town, Greenwich has always held some allure for politicians looking to raise money and make influential friends, but with several of the current presidential contenders wanting to raise upwards of $500 million to stay competitive through the general election, the richest of the town's 61,000 residents are being wooed more than ever.An analysis by The New York Times of campaign filings through March 31 tracked $1.038 million in gifts related to the presidential race from donors with Greenwich ZIP codes. That windfall is roughly two-fifths the $2.56 million kicked in by those same ZIP codes during the entire 2004 presidential race. The preliminary 2007 tally does not capture more than $1 million believed to have been raised since then, as the pace of fund-raising here has intensified. - - - -Read Full ArticleLondon's diamond trade may not be forever THE SPECTATOR [LONDON] - By Richard Orange - May 19, 2007- - - Back in 1890, De Beers' founder Cecil Rhodes struck an exclusive sales agreement with a group of Hatton Garden dealers to distribute his African diamonds. London had dominated the trade ever since the East India Company secured an effective monopoly over stones from India, which was the world's only source of diamonds until they were also found in Brazil in 1725. Parliament acknowledged London's supremacy when it abolished customs duties on diamonds in 1732. The bill read: 'This Kingdom is now become the great mart for diamonds and other precious stones and jewels, from whence most foreign countries are supplied.'London is still the global distribution centre for rough diamonds. The great majority of the $6 billion worth of rough diamonds DTC sells each year is channelled through Charterhouse Street; nowhere else has anything like the same share of the rough diamond trade, worth just $13 billion in its entirety but translating into $68 billion for finished diamond jewellery. - - - Since then, Indian diamond cutters have come to dominate their craft. About a million workers in and around Surat, north of Mumbai, cut and polish 11 out of every 12 diamonds worldwide. And competition for Antwerp and New York, the two historic cutting centres, is only going to get fiercer. The Chinese are taking a growing role, and now the Indians are threatening to usurp Antwerp as a trading centre as well. The Bharat Diamond Bourse, a two million sq. ft. diamond trading complex in Mumbai, will be completed this October. Centres such as Hong Kong and Dubai are also pushing for a greater share. - - - -Read Full ArticleBeijing to buy Blackstone stake for $3bn FINANCIALTIMES of LONDON - By Francesco Guerrera in New York - May 20 2007The Chinese government is to use $3bn of its vast foreign exchange reserves to buy a 9.9 per cent stake in Blackstone, the US buy-out fund, in an unprecedented move that underlines Beijing's desire to tap into the private equity boom.The investment will coincide with Blackstone's landmark $40bn stock market listing, expected in the next few months, and will allow the private equity group to nearly double its original target of raising $4bn.Stephen Schwarzman, Blackstone's chief executive, hailed the deal - the first time Beijing has invested its foreign reserve in a commercial transaction - as an "historic event that changes the paradigm in global capital flows". - - - -Read Full ArticleConstruction Boosts Demand for Cranes ASSOCIATED PRESS - May 28, 2007- - - Booming commercial construction, an aging work force and tighter certification requirements are pushing demand for cranes and their operators nationwide."Every marketplace that we're in right now is saturated," said Sam Latona, preconstruction manager with Turner Construction, a Dallas- based company with offices across the country. "All the contractors are basically at 100 percent capacity and exceeding it."Commercial building is hot in Texas, Florida, California, New York and other parts of the West Coast, Midwest and Northeast, industry officials say. Spending on nonresidential construction was up nearly 14 percent during the first three months of 2007 from last year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. - - - - Read Full Article_____________________________________________________________Civil War in the US?United States Total of Murder and non- negligent man - slaughter for the years 2000- 20042002-16,204 Murders 2003- 16,528 Murders2004- 16,137 Murders Total-48,802 Murders Think of these statictics the next time you hear the number of killings in the War on Terror. See More HereFive dead in Memorial weekend shootings in N.O. WWL-TV CBS4 NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA - May 28, 2007Five people were killed in New Orleans in a bloody Memorial Day weekend. - - -Police have yet to publicly identify any of the victims, pending family notification. The string of crimes came on a weekend where victims of crime were remembered at a special mass at St. Louis Cathedral. - - - -Read Full Article2 Shot to Death at Florida's South Beach ASSOCIATED PRESS - By Kelli Kennedy - May 29, 2007MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Gunfire erupted outside a popular South Beach restaurant early Memorial Day, leaving two men dead on one of the city's busiest weekends, police said. The men were shot in the parking lot of David's Cafe II near Miami Beach's Lincoln Road around 5:30 a.m., said restaurant manager Bertha Handevadt. - - -In recent years, Miami Beach has drawn thousands of fans of hip-hop music over the Memorial Day weekend for concerts and other events. At least 600 people had been arrested since Thursday morning, police said. More than 1,000 were arrested during the same weekend last year, mostly for misdemeanors.Read Full ArticleUS: Flags Replaced With Swastikas in Wash ASSOCIATED PRESS - May 29, 2007ORCAS ISLAND, Wash. - Vandals burned dozens of small American flags that decorated veterans' graves for Memorial Day and replaced many of them with hand-drawn swastikas, authorities said Monday. - - - -Read Full ArticleVandals Tarnish Memorial Day With Swastikas WCAU-NBC10 PHILADELPHIA, PA - May 29, 2007- - - Swastikas were sprayed all over the Manoa American Legion building in Delaware County, prevalently displayed and polluting the patriotic look of the veterans' sanctuary.Some volunteers spent the day of honor and remembrance painting over the fresh swastika graffiti that tarnished the post. - - - -Read Full Article_________________________________________________________________US Government Schools: Staged gun attack 'is beyond absurd''The children were in that room in the dark, begging for their lives'WORLDNETDAILY - May 14, 2007A teacher and an assistant principal at a Tennessee school have been suspended for about two weeks because they staged a gunman's attack on their sixth-grade students for a "prank" or a "learning experience," depending upon the explanation. Officials with the school district in Murfreesboro told WND today that the decision was being described only as a "disciplinary action." "Director of Schools Marilyn Mathis has suspended lead teacher, Mr. Quentin Mastin, and assistant Principal, Don Bartch, for unprofessional conduct and neglect of duty due to actions taken with Scales Elementary School students on May 10, 2007 at Fall Creek Falls State Park," said a terse statement given to WND by district spokeswoman Cheryl Harris. - - -The newspaper report said the faculty members staged the phony gun attack - repeatedly telling the children it was not a drill - while the kids cried and took shelter under tables. - - - -Read Full Article______________________________________________________________World-Wide Lawlessness2 Thessalonians 2:7 For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way.Cocaine Wars Make Port Colombia's Deadliest City NEW YORK TIMES - By Simon Romero - May 22, 2007BUENAVENTURA, Colombia, May 15 - - - Although Bogotá, the capital, and other cities have become secure and prosperous enough that it is possible there to forget about this country's four-decade-old civil conflict for a while, Buenaventura is a different story.Killings in this city of about 300,000 climbed 30 percent last year, to 408, giving Buenaventura the nation's highest homicide rate at 144 per 100,000, more than seven times the rate in Bogotá and four times that of Medellín. And this year, the police say, 222 people have been killed here. A vast majority of the killings are the product of a narrow territorial conflict over control of the edge of the city's slums, acres of wooden shacks built on stilts over the sea. From these makeshift wharves, police and naval officials say, fast boats depart with cocaine for points north. Buenaventura's geography, crucial in connecting Colombia to the global flow of trade, also holds strategic cachet for drug traffickers.Despite receiving more than $5 billion in antinarcotics and counterinsurgency aid from the United States this decade, making the country the largest recipient of American aid in the hemisphere, Colombia remains the world's largest cocaine producer and the supplier of 90 percent of the cocaine consumed in the United States.Drug lords, rebels and resurgent paramilitary gangs all draw on Buenaventura's slum dwellers as their foot soldiers. - - - -Read Full ArticleOutbreak of Violent Crime Unnerves Japan ASSOCIATED PRESS - By Hans Greimel - May 19, 2007TOKYO - A mother beheaded by her son. A baby who suffocated after being stuffed by his parents in the baggage compartment of a motorbike while they went gambling. A murderous shooting spree during a hostage standoff. An outbreak of violent crime this week has triggered soul-searching and outrage in Japan, a country that has long prided itself on its safe streets and tight communal bonds. The "appalling destruction" of traditional values-as one lawmaker put it-climaxed Friday, when a former gangster killed a policeman and wounded his son and daughter during a shooting rampage at his home, where he had held his ex-wife hostage for 24 hours. It was the first time an on-duty policeman was shot to death since 2001. - - -"We are witnessing the deterioration of Japanese society," ruling party politician Tsuneo Suzuki told parliament Thursday. "We must stem this appalling destruction of family and community morals." While Japan is still a relatively safe country by international standards, crime is on the rise as the country grapples with a widening gap between rich and poor and other social ills. - - - -Read Full ArticleChina aghast at video of students abusing teacher Ed. Note: For those who don't know, this is a daily occurance in many of America's government schools. AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE - May 29, 2007A video of two students abusing a 70-year-old teacher has created an Internet controversy in China and brought the morals of the nation's youths into question, state press said Tuesday. The video, shot by a student at a Beijing school a week ago, shows a boy sporting an earring approach his teacher and slam the man's hat down over his face before returning to his seat, the Beijing News reported. Later another boy threw a plastic bottle at the teacher as students in the classroom burst out laughing, it said. The five-minute video was later posted on a blog and picked up by numerous websites, drawing angry outbursts from web surfers shocked at the audacity of the Chinese youths. - - -To many Chinese, the incident is likely to act as an uncomfortable reminder of the 1966-76 Cultural Revolution, which saw similar scenes of students humiliating and beating up their teachers.Read Full ArticleMexican bloodbath raises fears in U.S. Arizona towns alarmed by rise in attacks, rumor convoy headed north WORLDNETDAILY - May 18, 2007A bloodbath just south of the Mexican border has alarmed neighboring Arizona towns that have nervously monitored a rise in violence in the Mexican state of Sonora the past two months. Mexican police killed 15 armed assailants in a fierce gun battle Wednesday after tracking a group that killed four policemen, leading to fears this morning that an armed outlaw convoy was headed to the U.S. border. About 40 assailants apparently related to Mexico's powerful drug gangs, drove in a convoy of up to 15 vehicles into the town of Cananea, 20 miles south of the U.S. border, to seize the policemen Wednesday. Mexican state police confronted the gunmen in the mountains 60 miles south of Cananea and reportedly killed 15 of the gunmen.Today, meanwhile, rumors spread to Naco, Ariz., that its sister city of Naco, Sonora, was threatened with a possible imminent attack from outlaw gunmen who were headed their way. The Mexican town reportedly closed schools, businesses and city hall. - - - -Read Full ArticleTeachers want body armour to carry out gun searches EVENING STANDARD of LONDON - May 26, 2007Teachers are demanding to be equipped with stab and bullet-proof vests to protect them from being attacked as they frisk pupils for knives and guns.Laws coming into effect next week allow staff to conduct forcible searches of students suspected of carrying weapons. - - - -Read Full Article_______________________________________________________________UK: Outcry over TV kidney competitionBBC NEWS - May 29, 2007A Dutch TV station says it will go ahead with a programme in which a terminally ill woman selects one of three patients to receive her kidneys. Political parties have called for The Big Donor Show to be scrapped, but broadcaster BNN says it will highlight the country's shortage of organ donors. - - -The 37-year-old donor, identified only as Lisa, will make her choice based on the contestants' history, profile and conversation with their family and friends. - - - -Read Full Article

_________________________________________________________Old media turns combative against new mediaREUTERS - By Kenneth Li - May 8, 2007LAS VEGAS - Leading media executives took a combative tone against Internet companies on Tuesday, suggesting that Big Media increasingly considers new content distributors like Google Inc. to be more foe than friend. - - - "The Googles of the world, they are the Custer of the modern world. We are the Sioux nation," Time Warner Inc. Chief Executive Richard Parsons said, referring to the Civil War American general George Custer who was defeated by Native Americans in a battle dubbed "Custer's Last Stand". - - - -Read Full Article


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