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Animal - Human Hybrds.


Together we can Turn the Tide on Abortion
in our Nation

25th September 2007

Headlines and Points of Action

Please read to end of email to see all relevant action points.

This autumn the church is facing one of the most critical moments in the fight
against abortion in the last 40 years. In October 1967 the Abortion Act received
royal assent and abortion was legalised in this country. Since then 6.7 million
abortions have taken place in this country, and 465 more are taking place every

This October, 40 years after the passing of the Abortion Act, Christians across
the nation are standing up and being counted, refusing to be silent about the
taking of innocent lives and the trauma that has been caused to women and
families who have been affected by abortion. Services of remembrance,
repentance and hope are taking place across the nation.

On the anniversary of the Act there will be a rally outside Parliament
to demonstrate that the current situation is no longer acceptable.
join us outside Parliament, at 2pm on 27th October. This
is a chance for the church to show we are serious about making a
difference, and to make up for the lost time when we have been all
too silent on behalf of the unborn child.

Details of various events can be found below and we would urge you to
attend the events if you can, or consider organising services in your own
area to mark this occasion.

In addition to the anniversary of the Abortion Act, this autumn is likely
to see the introduction of the Human Tissue and Embryos (Draft) Bill to
Parliament. Not only does this Bill further attack the dignity and value
of the human embryo, but it goes to the very core of what it means to
be human (by introducing animal-human hybrid embryos), and our
understanding of what constitutes family. Not only this, but the introduction
of this Bill would reopen the abortion debate in Parliament, and it is
expected that amendments to abortion law will be put forward by both
pro-life and pro-abortion activists. Further information about the Bill
can be found below.

One thing is clear; the coming months present a unique opportunity for
Christians to speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves. We
would ask you to be alert, be prayerful, and be ready to take action. The
tide is beginning to turn in the abortion debate in this country, as more
and more people are dissatisfied with high abortion rates, and increasing
information is available about the humanity of the embryo. We call upon
every church leader and every Christian in our land not to squander this
opportunity, but to take a stand for the unborn child.

40th Anniversary of the Abortion Act

The 27th October 2007 marks 40 years since abortion was legalised in
this country. To mark the occasion, and to say that enough is enough, a
rally will be taking place outside Parliament at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.
In addition to the rally, there will be a number of church services taking
place in London and throughout the rest of the country.

Please come to London if at all possible – we are hoping for and expecting
thousands of people to be present to take a stand against the senseless
taking of so many innocent lives, and to speak out for the women who
are suffering after believing the lie that having an abortion will cause them
no harm. Further information about the rally and all the services taking
place in London and elsewhere can be found at the dedicated website, see
link below.

If you are unable to come to London all the events taking place nationwide
are listed on the ‘events’ page of the website. As more services are arranged
these will be added to the website. If there is no service in your area,
organise a service yourself and let us know so we can advertise it.

Above all, please pray for these events and inform your churches about
them; announce them in your services, put them in church notices, and
organise as many people as you can from your church to attend. If your
church leaders do not already know about the events taking place, please
inform them and ask if they will support the events by promoting them
and attending. Please let us know what you are planning to do.


Human Tissue and Embryos (Draft) Bill

This government Bill is expected to be mentioned in the Queen’s Speech
in November, and will then begin its progress through Parliament. Not
only does the Bill open up the possibility of abortion law reform (for better
or for worse), but it also constitutes one of the biggest attacks on the dignity
of the human embryo and the make-up of family that we have ever faced.

Over the last few months we have produced a number of documents on
the Bill which are available for those who wish to know more about it. A
film has been made which can be viewed online, explaining in simple
terms the contents of the Bill and why we are concerned about it. We
have also produced a written summary of the concerning provisions in
the Bill, and our more detailed submission to the Committee considering
the Bill can also be read online (please see links below).

In addition to this, the prospect of abortion law being reformed is a very
real one. Not only does the upcoming Human Tissue and Embryos (Draft)
Bill open up the abortion debate, but the Science and Technology
Committee are currently undergoing a consultation on the Scientific
Developments relating to the Abortion Act and how these should
inform our approach to abortion in the future. To read our submission
to the Committee, please follow the link below.


Hybrid Animal-Human Embryos

In addition to the above developments, the Human Fertilisation and
Embryology Authority have decided that they have the legal power to
licence hybrid animal-human embryos before Parliament have voted
on the issue. They claim that the public are “at ease” with the idea.
The BBC are currently conducting an online poll concerning this issue.
We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to prove the HFEA
wrong in their claims. Please click on the link below and vote “no” to
hybrid embryos – the poll is on the right hand side of the screen.

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