Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bunkers? Surely not Tom

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are reported to be allegedly building a £5 million bunker under their Colorado home to protect them from alien attacks.

A source close to the Scientologist couple said they are planning the construction of a "self-contained underground system where up to 10 people can survive for years".

Perhaps there are more brothers and sisters planned on the way for Suri then?

The bunker will allegedly have a high-tech air-purification system and will contain all the necessary survival equipment.

Scientologists are said to believe that an evil galactic overlord is planning an attack on earth. If you're desperate to get more detail on this unusual belief you could always grab a copy John Travolta's film Battlefield Earth, but we wouldn't recommend it!

and just in case you missed it before, we said allegedly!

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