Monday, September 24, 2007


Where is the line drawn between freedom of speech and complicity in terror? Iranian president Ahmadinejad is currently in New York, being feted by the media and the UN.

The media is a powerful weapon in the hands of extremists and terrorists. Ahmadinejad has already appeared on CBS's 60 Minutes where he claimed that "Israel is not a nation" and that he is "against terrorism".

Ahmadinejad is appearing via videolink at a National Press Club luncheon and is being given a platform at Columbia University where a dean says Columbia would issue a similar invite to Hitler under the same circumstances.

Giving Ahmadinejad a credible platform gives a degree of legitimacy to the crimes of the Iranian regime - why should he be given the opportunity to defend Iran's criminal support for terror, Holocaust denial, calls for the destruction of Israel and the killing of American troops in Iraq?

As Attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner makes clear: "[The media] are every bit the supporters of the terrorist organizations that Tehran and Damascus are when they facilitate the publication of [terrorists'] messages."

Don't let Ahmadinejad's dangerous publicity drive go unanswered. Please join a wide coalition and demonstrate. Use your freedom of expression to protest giving a platform to terrorism!

Events are taking place at the following:

National Rally To End The Threat Now, Dag Hammarskjold Plaza across from the United Nations, Monday, September 24, 12 noon - Sponsored by the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations.

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