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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007

(Community of Divine Innocence) Vatican rejects woman's Virgin Mary claim

Scientology Tom Cruise commemorates anti-Hitler heroes

Kabbalah Centre Madonna may buy million dollar apartment in Israel, Demi Moore and Ashton Kuctcher reportedly house hunting there too.

Paranormal Critics of Sci-fi "Ghosthunters" called "idiots" for citing popular cable show's lack of meaningful evidence, research and phony "thermal imaging"

UFO Believers Celebrations planned for 40th anniversary of UFO sighting in Canada

Mormons Number one reason listed why Mormons left their church according to recent poll was "I found out about Mormon history".

Ultra-Orthodox Groups A Hasidic sect discovers democracy

(Polyphonic Spree) Band goes from "cult-driven mysticism to something that has more purpose and direction..."

Miscellaneous Singapore's "magic monkey" trees inspire cult,cynics

Polygamy Groups New century, same debate on polygamy

Polygamy Groups The jury in the Warren Jeffs trial is set to resume deliberations today

Scientology Clearwater, Fla.: Scientology Stronghold

Scientology 'Scientology' stabbings: plea for ward move

Mormons Mormons contributed to city history

Mormons Jennifer Lee Had a Tough Choice to Make When She Found Out Her Husband Is Gay

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Miscellaneous Was Pope John Paul II euthanized?

Moonies / Unification Church YouTube now has "60 Minutes" piece on Moon and debate featured between evangelicals and "Moonies"

Scientology Dublin reporter investigates L. Ron Hubbard--"messiah or madman"?

Clergy Abuse Cuban man says Florida priest sexually abused him under threats to have him deported.

Clergy Abuse Pastor arrested for sexual harassment in India

Paranormal The Weird, Paranormal Oregon Coast

UFO Believers Is Romanian UFO Krypton's favourite son?

Mormons Diaries of early Mormon official are LDS history cache

Mormons Brigham Young: Mormon "Moses" had at least 17 regular wives and 58 children

Mormons Mormons use religion in Utah school voucher campaign

Mormons Arizona Mormon excommunicated for asking too many questions about church history and teachings

Polygamy Groups Arizona, feds pursuing cases against Jeffs

Polygamy Groups Warren Jeffs trial offers look inside his church

Neo Nazis Sick UK Nazis target kids on cult Internet sites

African Cults Uganda police raid doomsday cult born from floods

Evangelicals Rex Humbard, pioneer televangelist, dead at 88

Polygamy Groups Polygamist group makes money from Las Vegas

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Scientology Son of German hero calls Scientology a "pagan religion"

Scientology John Travolta still hasn't admitted his Scientology movie "Battlefield Earth" ended-up sucking worse than Look who's talking

Kabbalah Centre Interesting Times: Madonna, meet the Talmud

Mormons Lindsay Lohan about to leave Mormon-run rehab

UFO Believers Did I See A UFO Last Night?

Miscellaneous New movie features actor Mickey Rourke as cult kidnapper

African Cults Three killed in Delta cult clash

Polygamy Groups Jeffs verdict irrelevant to followers, polygamist community

(Community of Jesus -- Grenville Christian College) Community of Jesus leader implicated in 1990s abuse probe

(Grenville Christian College -- Community of Jesus) Canadian police reviewing allegations of abuse against Ontario "cult" school

Polygamy Groups Polygamist "prophet" guilty of coercion or just the blind devotion of followers?

Polygamy Groups Polygamist child bride goes public--no longer anonymous "Jane Doe"

Islamic Fundamentalists Muslims in space given new prayer guidelines..."Hey! Which way is Mecca?"

Friday, September 21, 2007

Moonies / Unification Church Inside the apocalyptic—and profitable—gun empire of Justin Moon, the C.E.O. who may someday lead the Unification Church.

Moonies / Unification Church Fordham Student Sues Rev. Moon's Manhattan Hotel Over Bed Bugs

Scientology Dentist sexually harassed female workers and forced them to recite Scientology formulas in order to get their paychecks,

Scientology How Tom Cruise found his Nazi lookalike in Valkyrie

Kabbalah Centre adonna is still raising funds and a ruckus for the Los Angeles Kabbalah Center

Polygamy Groups The Polygamy Paradox

Mormons Catholic kids study LDS fiction

Mormons Copy of Book of Mormon Is Auctioned for $105,000

UFO Believers UFO still hovers in Anderson man's memory

African Cults Nigeria: Rivers Deputy Governor Denies Being a Cultist

Cult Apologist? Religious scholar Martin Marty weighs in on side of cult apologists says word "cult" should not be used.

Mormons Survivor's Todd Herzog “openly gay Mormon”

Mormons Lecture will address 'What's True in Mormon Folkore?'

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jehovah's Witnesses Lesbian has problems with "homophobic" JW parents

Scientology Tom Cruise vs. Germany--"claus for concern"?

Kabbalah Centre Kabbalah Bracelets Replacing Diamond Bracelets!

UFO Believers Irish UFOs blast into the light after 37 years in twilight zone

UFO Believers "Some people just think differently from scientists and they like to look for the fanciest, most exciting explanation."

Polygamy Groups Single-minded lawman pursues polygamists

Mungiki Mungiki crackdown to persist

Miscellaneous Th near-cult status of snowboarding among young people

Aum Sect After 12 years ex-leader of killer cult he's "sorry" they gassed Japanese subway

Scientology Scientology teaching Samoan government about "disaster management, manmade, natural or personal disasters, communication problems, violence, and drug or alcohol abuse."

Jehovah's Witnesses Court protects minor child from parents that would prohibit needed blood tranfusion

(Dominion Christian Church) Father's kidnap deprogramming trial underway

Mormons So I'm not Mormon...Coffee anyone?

Mormons Award Cut in Mormon Church Abuse Case

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Benny Hinn Benny Hinn out of control

Jehovah's Witnesses Jehovah's Witness elder pleads guilty to sex with 14-year-old

Scientology "I can't consider certain religions inferior because as a secular person all faiths have equal standing to me. Except Scientology."'

Scientology Hollywood undercover: Scary run-in with the Church of Scientology.

Kabbalah Centre Madonna's Fake Judaism

Paranormal Skeptic James Randi Remains Doggedly Opposed to Any Claims of the Paranormal

UFO Believers Dan Aykroyd is an avid UFO-spotter, believes in alien abductions and thinks extraterrestrials are visiting UK.

Mormons "I left the mission feeling beaten," says former missionary

Polygamy Groups Man who married teen bride appears as possible witness

Polygamy Groups Polygamist dairy farm sells at auction for $2M

African Cults As royal father’s son is kidnapped

Cult Apologist? "Generally speaking, the characteristics of a cult include a strong, central, living religious authority whose word is absolute and unchallengeable."

Cult Apologist? "Cult Plus Time Equals Religion"?

Paranormal More about "psychic" Uri Geller and his ridiculous copyright claims against YouTube

Polygamy Groups Handbook guide: Polygamy Dos and Don'ts

Polygamy Groups County claims losses by Contractor with Ties to Warren Jeffs

Polygamy Groups Followers dispute that Jeffs allowed men to force sex

(Christ of the Hills Monastery) Founder of Texas monastery closed amidst sex scandal and fraudulent weeping Virgin Mary dead at 63

Mormons The word “cult” in common usage is almost always a pejorative and, in my experience, usually used by someone with an agenda.

Mormons LDS Church to publish new look at same-sex attraction

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Evangelicals "Evangelists Must Not Betray Jesus," says critic of materialistic ministers

Clergy Abuse Pittsburgh diocese creates $1.25 million fund to settle clergy abuse claims

Paranormal "Ghosts Are Not Just for Halloween -- They're Here All Year Round," says New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society

UFO Believers There's the Red Vote, the Blue Vote . . . and the Little Green Vote

Mormons Web site for former Mormons

Miscellaneous "The end of Paisleyism" in Northern Ireland?

African Cults 28 renounce cultism, surrender weapons

Children of God "The Family" is a cult everyone should know about

Polygamy Groups Polygamist leader's lawyer attacks girl's credibility at trial

The Cult News Network What is the Cult News Network? Top 50 Links

Monday, September 17, 2007

Scientology Scientologists, L. Ron Hubbard and Guam

UFO Believers UFO believers and skeptics clash at scientific conference in Alberta

Kabbalah Centre Madonna prays while Guy guzzles booze on Israeli beach

Clergy Abuse Sex crime priest 'should have got life in jail' says victim

Mormons Utah's capital, although home to the world headquarters of the LDS Church, is becoming an increasingly liberal and non-Mormon city.

Terrorists Trial Nears in Sears Tower Terror Case--homegrown terrorist cell determined to rival the Sept. 11

Mungiki Kenyan policeman beheaded

African Cults Nigeria: Rivers Cult Massacre 'Had Soldiers Arrived in Time, 3 Slain Chiefs Would Have Lived'

Mormons Essay Links Vouchers to Saving Mormon Culture

Mormons What it means to be Mormon

Clergy Abuse Australian priest jailed for raping boys

Jonestown An Emmy For Stanley Nelson's Cult Hokum Teatre

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kabbalah Centre Madonna's involvement with Jewish mysticism raising the ire of many Orthodox Jews who see her adoption of Kabbalah as an "abomination."

Kabbalah Centre Rosie O'Donnell in Israel, studying Kabbalah with friend Madonna

Kabbalah Centre Madonna says she is "an ambassador for Judaism"

Mormons Anyone seeing the big new Mormon student center smack in the middle of Arizona State University must wonder how a church institution wound up in the midst of a state institution.

Mormons A 177-year-old first edition of the Book of Mormon found in a home near Palmyra - the birthplace of the Mormon religion - will be put up for bid next week at an upstate New York estate auction.

Cult Following Behind Che Guevara’s mask, the cold executioner

African Cults Rivers cult massacre ‘Had soldiers arrived in time, 3 slain chiefs would have lived’

(Landmark Education) John Denver almost became a trainer in EST organization, precursor to Landmark Education


Saturday, September 15, 2007

(Charismatic leaders) The felonious monk and his trail of lies

Scientology US faults Germany for discrimination against Scientology

Paranormal Sherlock Holmes may have been the epitome of scientific reason, but Arthur Conan Doyle, his creator, was obsessed by seances and spiritualism.

Chabad Lubavitch "Missionary Mogul"--Israeli billionaire supports controversial Jewish sect

Kabbalah Centre Madonna Criticized By Israeli Gays For Taking Part In Kabbalah Conference

Fa Lun Gong US reports on religious freedom includes Falun Gong claims in China

Polygamy Groups Red tape threatens home for 'Lost Boys'

Polygamy Groups Dress fitting was like 'getting ready for death,' teen bride testifies

Polygamy Groups Religious Beliefs Should Not Protect Polygamist Warren Jeffs

Polygamy Groups Polygamist on trial obeyed like "God" by his followers

(Community of Jesus -- Grenville Christian College) Class-action suit being prepared against Grenville Christian College

(Community of Jesus -- Grenville Christian College) Anglican bishop may convene rare ecclesiastical court to investigate cult practices

(Ayn Rand) In Ayn Rand, CEOs find defense of success

(NXIVM -- Executive Success Programs) It's Official: Hillary Clinton is a New Age Cultist

(NXIVM -- Executive Success Programs) Fly the Nxivm Skies

(NXIVM -- Executive Success Programs) Bruno's Spooky Friends

Mormons A review of "The Mountain Meadows Massacre," Mormons massacred 120 emigrants in 1857

Friday, September 14, 2007

(NXIVM -- Executive Success Programs) Supporters of controversial group called "cult" provide jet rides and cash to New York politicians

Mormons Positive review of "September Dawn" from BoxOfficeMojo''

Cult TV "Doctor Who" fans will flock to his church

Kabbalah Centre Madonna and other Kabbalah celebrities in Israel

Clergy Abuse Woman files suit against Baptist church in sex-abuse cover-up

Clergy Abuse Santa Rosa Catholic diocese will pay ten people $5 million in priest sex abuse settlement

Clergy Abuse Clergy sex-abuse activists say Sothern Baptist's solution insufficient

Clergy Abuse 11 lawsuits regarding clergy abuse in Colorado to proceed

Clergy Abuse Priest Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Parish

Polygamy Groups First witness takes the stand in Warren Jeffs trial

Russian Sects Pro-Kremlin Vigilante Group Holds "Anti-Sect" Demonstration

(Army of Mary) Diehard excommunicated Catholic "cult" proclaims its leader "the purified channel through which God shows us the path."

Scientology Will Lisa Marie Presley get Cyndi Lauper into Scientology?

Miscellaneous Japanese film depicts cult recruitment throught the Internet

Aum Sect Journalist resigns as guardian of cult leader's daughter

Scientology German government officials reportedly change their minds--Tom Cruise will be allowed to film in German defense ministry.

Mormons Mormon apology

Polygamy Groups Girl, 14, 'ordered to have sex with cousin'

(Landmark Education) New site for Large Group Awareness Training videos at Vodpod

Mormons It’s not Mitt’s Mormonism that will do him in. Nor is it his pandering to the radical Christian right.

(Amish) In the spirit of giving, Amish give donation to widow of murderer of 5 Amish children

Terrorists Bin Laden more popular than Musharraf in recent Pakistan pole

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Scientology Voice of Bart Simpson (Nancy Cartwright) also voice for Scientology in Northridge, California

(Army of Mary) Army of Mary cast out--Vatican excommunicates members of a Quebec Catholic movement

Jehovah's Witnesses Jehovah's Witnesses lawyers sued for "deceit" regarding teenager's death

(Elizabeth Smart Abduction) Elizabeth Smart's alleged abductor kicked out of court again

Miscellaneous Atheist Group Protests Emmy Awards Censorship

Neo Nazis Behind Israel's Neo-Nazi Violence

Clergy Abuse Roman Catholic Church official in California refuses to finish deposition

Clergy Abuse Victims of clergy sex abuse want the San Diego Catholic diocese to release thousands of documents containing the details of the scandal.

Kabbalah Centre Rosh HaShanah Israel visit by the Material Girl will bring real material benefits to its 30,000 residents of Safed.

Jonestown Discussion to promote Jonestown as a 'tourist' product

(Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker) Tammy Faye Messner to be remembered in Rancho Mirage

UFO Believers UFO mystery could be down to a toy!

Fundamentalists "Bible Belt just meant pain for me"--former fundamentalist speaks out

Polygamy Groups Jury pool qualified, Warren Jeffs trial set to begin

Polygamy Groups Utah trial elicits scorn, support for polygamy

Miscellaneous Zimbabwe: Sect leader sentenced for hoarding sugar and powdered milk

(Jeffrey Lundgren) Kirtland cult member trying to withdraw plea

Scientology Downtown Clearwater odd patchwork of government and Scientology buildings--1,700 county and court employees, and 1,400 uniformed Scientologists

Jehovah's Witnesses Rights to life-saving medical treatment for childre should come before parents religious rights, argues lawyer before BC Supreme Court,

Polygamy Groups St. George, Utah: In polygamy country, old divisions are fading

(Community of Jesus -- Grenville Christian College) "Cult" school never Anglican says Canadian bishop

Polygamy Groups If US founding fathers could have imagined someone like Warren Jeffs, they may not have been so ready to embrace freedom of worship.

(Landmark Education) New site for Large Group Awareness Training info at WordPress

(Landmark Education) Santa Monica Zen Center teacher student of controversial founder of EST

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