Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Australian Election and Foolish Christian Campaigning

Christian Witness Ministries

At 10:35 p.m. on last Saturday evening (November 24, 2007) John Howard admitted electoral defeat handing government to Prime Minister elect Kevin Rudd leader of the Australian Labor Party. Thus ended a remarkably successful eleven and half years of Liberal-National Coalition [“conservative”] rule and an even more extraordinary election. It was extraordinary on account of the number of Christians and Christian organisations who actively and yet abortively sought to influence the electorate. In so doing those Christians forsook their biblical mandate to an amazing degree. They acted in a overtly partisan manner, which is dangerous unless there are clear issues of right and wrong or of good and evil. Some got carried away with imagined ideas of having heard God's voice and supposedly spoke on behalf of God, which is another very dangerous thing to do. An assessment is called for and a re-evaluation of any future participation in the political process by the prominent quasi Christian-social/political organisations in our great country.

1) Catch the Fire: Based on his false prophecies, as detailed in our last email and his unrepentant honouring of the late Frank Houston who was a proven homosexual paedophile, Danny Nalliah should now be marked as a false prophet, notwithstanding the grandiose claims to his being an "apostle". At the risk of being dubbed an "I told you so" voice we draw your attention to the following which was printed long before the election and will be distributed in hard print form (in CETF) throughout Australia this coming week:

Danny Nalliah publicly claimed that God told him to conduct the “Honouring the Pentecostal Fathers” meeting in Melbourne. The most prominently honoured was the late Frank Houston of whom more than enough has been already published by CWM and by others. More recently Daniel Nalliah has claimed that God told him to meet with Australia’s present {now former} prime minister, John Howard and to “anoint” Peter Costello as his successor. The following are the actual words taken from a document headed Prophetic Word Regarding Federal Election 2007 released 11 August 2007:

The Lord told me to spend some personal time with Prime Minister John Howard and to prophetically prepare Federal Treasurer Peter Costello as the future prime minister of Australia.

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Dear brothers and sisters: I was deeply disturbed to hear that Frank Houston a SELF-CONFESSED SEXUAL ABUSER was honoured. Those who honoured him are also sick. I am a victim of child abuse and even after all these years the scars are still there.

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Of course false prophets are no longer stoned as in Old Testament times, however they should be disregarded and avoided. Mr Nalliah couldn't have been more wrong. The only thing he had right was the election date - sometime in November. Clearly Danny Nalliah has had his own agenda ever since his claim to fame in the Islamic conflict with the Victorian Civil Administration Tribunal. CWM has long since been warning the Christian public to beware of what is going on. Catch the Fire borrowed their name from the false so called Toronto Blessing movement. It is high time sane Christians awoke to what is going on. We need to examine the aggressive so called Spiritual Warfare that Mr Nalliah and others engage in. It sends a wrong signal to the secular world and it is NOT biblical.

2) So Where to from Here?

The fallout for Christians remains to be seen. And despite the rebukes of Christians and ministers for his false prophecies, Danny Nalliah’s claims of divine instruction allow Christians and Christianity to be ridiculed by humanists, secularists and the media alike – should they wish to push the issue. Here is what we wrote in our e-Mailer on November 18, 2007 headed Preacher 'prepares' Costello:

Now to another politician. This one’s an Aussie. Danny Nalliah, the fire catcher prophetically prepares Peter Costello the Treasurer for Prime Minister. We wonder what went on in the meeting and how you prophetically prepare anyone for anything. Surely, it is a matter for our Lord to do such a thing. Certainly someone can prophesy a warning such as that for Paul prior to his departure for Rome but we don’t quite understand how or what ministry was performed in this respect. After all isn’t it the Lord God who “removes kings and raises up kings;” Daniel 2:21


Prophecy is not something one “has a go at”, and the ministry of a prophet is not a job one applies for. Ministry of such kind is serious, and should be taken seriously, or do we think the Old Testament’s mandate on testing a prophet and stoning those who are false was a typo? The West’s “all you need is love” attitude – especially in the church – has reduced Christian discernment and standards to nothing more than a joke in certain parts of society. The politicking of Christians – on both sides of the political divide – shows that Christians, if anything, haven’t and don’t hear the voice of God (at least concerning politics), but rather “God” is used to push a personal bias. It is high time sane Christians awoke to what is going on and stopped playing ‘church’. Thank God some are awake and have made a public stand on this issue:


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3) Rick GodwinHillsong and AoG-UK CWM received notice of a link indicting Rick Godwin for abuse of Church funds. Godwin is a long time associate of Brian Houston. His Eagle's Nest Church in Texas, USA (http://www.encfsa.com/) also has close association with some of the AoG-UK leaders, who are likewise linked to Hillsong.

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