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THE GOLDEN REPORT - By Jerry Golden - November 22, 2007

There was a time when the majority of the Church stood still and remained silent when 6 million Jews among them 1.5 million children where beaten killed and lead away to death camps then systematically murdered by a Devil called Hitler. Today there are 6 million Jews living in Israel and about the same number of Jewish children and once again the Church is standing still and silent while the same evil spirit moves forward to destroy the Jewish people and the nation of Israel in Annapolis.

Heading this charge is the same man that pressured Ariel Sharon to force 9,000 Jews out of their homes in Gaza creating a Hamas Terrorist State that is now a threat to the entire world, and today shelling Israeli civilians with their Kassam rockets. When I first started telling you that this man who plans to destroy Israel is indeed the President of the United States, many jumped on me as if I was the evil one. Today I can't see how it could be any clearer to those who still think he is a good "Christian" man. The Annapolis meeting on the 27th is designed to destroy Israel and we all know it, and it's being forced on us by none other than the same man.

When the second Iraqi war began it was obvious to me and many others that he struck a deal with the Saudi Royal family close friends to the Bush family. Bush put Israel on the table if they would sit still while the US attacked an Arab State he would deliver Israel to them. His Road Map to Hell is no other than the Saudi Peace Plan with a new name.

This sell out of Israel started with Rabin and Oslo, he was assassinated. We have all witnessed what happened to the one Israelis loved and trusted "Ariel Sharon" he was our hero and the champion of the Settlements in Judea and Samaria. We watched while Bush somehow turned this hero into our worst nightmare. Sharon now lies in a bed as a vegetable kept alive on machines with no hope of recovery. Now we see Olmert being worse than either Rabin or Sharon ever were, he is selling out all hopes of the Zionist dream of a Jewish Home Land and doing it once again under the pressure of George W. Bush.

But thank God there are still some in the Israeli Knesset who want to stand up. But the question is have they waited to long to stand up? At a time like this the easiest thing for any of us to do is to point fingers at others that is the blame game. But what we all need to do is get on our faces before a Holy God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob pleading with God to come to the rescue of Israel His Beloved. Beyond prayer we need to start contacting Congressmen/women and Senators letting them know that what Bush is doing is wrong, it's wrong with God and it is wrong for the USA as well.

It would seem to most of us that God has shown His displeasure over recent events of the White House towards Israel, but Bush is blinded and says he worships the same god the Moslems worship. I've said this before and have been attacked because of it, but I will say it again, George W. Bush is the worse enemy Israel has ever had, and he is the worse enemy the USA has ever had and before he is done everyone will know it. I am only trying to wake you up if you have been asleep to long, wake up before it is to late, your freedom and liberties are being taken from you and the New World Order is moving in your lives at every level.

I read in today's Jerusalem Post the headlines on the front page "US to let Syria put Golan Heights on Annapolis agenda". Just think about that, who is the US (or George Bush) to allow a Country they consider part of the axis of evil to come to this meeting and force Israel to talk about the Golan Heights? Not even asking Israel if they would accept such talks. In the mean time many MK's are doing all they can to stop Olmert from having any power to give anything away to these bloodthirsty Islamic murderers. In fact, in the past few weeks a bill has been passed in the Knesset stating that Olmert cannot give away or divide Jerusalem without 2/3 of the MK's approval. Before Olmert leaves for the Annapolis meeting he intends to release 432 "Palestinian" prisoners, with no mentioning of Hamas or Hezbollah releasing our prisoners. He is so blinded in pleasing Bush that he pays no attention to the crisis in our education system where our kids have been out of school way over a month because of a teachers strike. With several thousand Jews still homeless thanks to the Disengagement of Gaza, still with no income or livelihood; This Prime Minister is a shame. - - -

There is one thing I am certain of, Israel will be here for the return of the Messiah and I can't say that about the US or any other country. - - - -

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