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THE GOLDEN REPORT - By Jerry Golden - November 28, 2007

A day or two before the Annapolis meeting, we had three earthquakes here in Israel, two in the Jordan Valley and one in the center of the country that rattled our house in the Judean Hills. We could say it was coincidental but one might also say God was giving His warning not to divide Jerusalem or any part of His land with the enemies of Israel.

While Olmert, Bush and Abbas were doing the photo ops in Maryland there were huge demonstrations here in Israel against this Annapolis meeting, tens of thousands of Jews gathered at the Western Wall praying for Olmert to fail. Arabs all over Judea and Samaria (West Bank) were in protest against this meeting. In short there are only four people I know of that want these meetings to be successful, Bush, Olmert, Abbas and Rice. What is even more interesting is Olmert and Abbas have no support or mandate to even be at these much less any power to make any deals that would destroy Israel. Olmert is the most hated Prime Minister Israel has ever had and by far the most corrupt and unpopular. Abbas has never lifted a finger to stop any terrorism and has no ability to control the so-called Palestinians in the "West Bank" or Gaza but Bush keeps him propped up for his own purposes by supplying him with arms and money that always end up in the hands of terrorists. In short what we have is three men and one woman conspiring to destroy the land of Israel.

With 20 Arab Countries in attendance and not one of them even willing to shake hands with Olmert or any Israeli for the matter it would seem obvious that their only reasons for attendance is to assist and give support in the destruction of Israel.

Hamas and Hezbollah will now show the world that they have no intentions of ever having peace with Israel or the Western World. Syria showed up for the meetings but was disappointed that the Golan Heights was not mentioned in Bush's speech and they felt snubbed and walked away with nothing. Iran who was not invited will now escalate there support and efforts to provide arms and money to Hamas, Hezbollah and any other Terrorist organization willing to fight Israel or continue the worldwide Jihad. As for the Terrorist groups inside Fatah (Abbas's organization) they have already made it known that they have no intentions of stopping their fight against Israel and killing Israelis. In fact while the Annapolis meetings were taking place, Kassam and Mortars were being fired by Hamas and the Islamic Jihad from Gaze at Israeli civilians in Israel.

It's not easy to figure out these insane evil people who are motivated by the Devil to destroy anyone or anything that is not Islamic. Their global agenda can only be stopped by being defeated, and the only way that will happen is for the Western World to come to grips with that reality, that it is not likely to happen any time soon.

I understand that the Western Media is not giving a lot of coverage to this Annapolis meeting with 20 Arab Countries, Bush and Rice all ganged up on Israel. I read where some one called it a gang rape, and that described it very well. Many are wondering what will happen to the US now, as God is true to His Word and says He will destroy those who come against Jerusalem. One thing is certain we will not have long to wait to find out. - - - -

Ed. Note: The remainder of this report describes the purpose of Jerry Golden's ministry in that he believes God is calling him to be prepared to help Jews escape persecution in Europe which all reports show is coming with a fury. What is most important is that these and all Jews who do not know Jesus Christ/Yeshua Ha Mashiac as their Messiah hear the gospel before it's too late.

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