Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Why Politicized Science is Dangerous

Why Politicized Science is Dangerous
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Global Carbon Tax Urged at UN Climate Conference
US SENATE COMMITTEE ON ENVIRONMENT & PUBLIC WORKS > The Inhofe EPW Press Blog - By Marc Morano - December 13, 2007
BALI, Indonesia - A global tax on carbon dioxide emissions was urged to help save the Earth from catastrophic man-made global warming at the United Nations climate conference. A panel of UN participants on Thursday urged the adoption of a tax that would represent "a global burden sharing system, fair, with solidarity, and legally binding to all nations."
"Finally someone will pay for these [climate related] costs," Othmar Schwank, a global tax advocate, told Inhofe EPW Press Blog following the panel discussion titled "A Global CO2 Tax." Schwank is a consultant with the Switzerland based Mauch Consulting firm
Schwank said at least "$10-$40 billion dollars per year" could be generated by the tax, and wealthy nations like the U.S. would bear the biggest burden based on the "polluters pay principle." - - - -
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