Sunday, January 13, 2008

Homeschool family reaches England

WORLDNETDAILY - By Bob Unruh - January 9, 2008

A German family has completed its flight to Great Britain after the mayor of their hometown filed a court action to give custody of the children to the state because the parents have been homeschooling, according to an advocacy group.

Officials with Netzwerk-Bildungsfreiheit said Klaus and Kathrin Landahl and their five children, including four of school age, "are in safety in England. They reached Dover on Saturday midnight."

However, officials said the court has not issued a final ruling in the case brought by the mayor of Altensteig, a city with a sister-city promotional relationship with Butte, Mont.

Chief Executive Paul Babb of Butte told WND he had not been aware of such controversies and he would have to solicit input from members of the community before determining whether "this would impact this relationship."

He said he believes "it's the parents' right to school their children they way they see fit."

Netszerk-Bildungsfreiheit said the situation with the Landahl family is just one of many such attacks on German homeschoolers, which appear to be coming more frequently and with more intensity.

Just this week, a message was sent from a Bavarian man who identified himself as "Mathew."

"This morning we received a call from the German ministry of education. Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning they will send the police to our home and take Josia (6), Lou Ann (10) and Aileen (13) by force, to the public school," the worried father wrote.

"We have been teaching our children through the German Home School Association for 10 years with the approval of the German School authorities. Even though we spend most of the time outside of Germany (in Eastern Europe), the government insists that our children visit the German school," he continued.

"If we do not comply the government will ultimately revoke our rights as parents and take custody of our children. Since the Supreme Court ruled against homeschooling last fall, most of the homeschooling families have left, some even fled, the country. The government is cracking down ruthlessly on families and there is no legal protection," he said. - - - -

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