Sunday, March 16, 2008

March 2 - New Bible reveals God's heart towards poverty and injustice

Article: Social Gospel

The Poverty and Justice Bible, the latest release from Bible Society, has broken new ground as the first ever to literally highlight the more than 2,000 passages that reveal God's sorrow over poverty and injustice, and His command to believers to act to eradicate them.

Far from being irrelevant, the Poverty and Injustice Bible demonstrates that God's Word has "something to say about issues that resonate today", the bishop added. "This Bible connects with the very fabric of today's world, with all its problems and messiness - and has something powerful to say," he said.

Bible Society was inspired to develop the new Bible after Pastor Rick Warren, of Purpose Driven fame, admitted that had missed more than 2,000 verses that speak of God's heart for the poor despite studying theology and being a pastor for decades. He claimed that Christians risked losing their credibility if they failed to speak out against poverty and injustice.

Christian leader and commentator Tony Campolo added, "Here's proof that faith without committment to justice for the poor is a sham, because it ignores the most explicit of all the social concerns of Scripture."

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