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March 7 - Israel on alert after deadly Jerusalem attack

March 7 - Israel on alert after deadly Jerusalem attack
Article: Israel And The Last Days

Comment from Understand The Times:
Last night from our hotel room in Jerusalem, we heard machine gun shots then a few minutes later the sound of many sirens as police and ambulance vehicles rushed to the scene. Our hotel room was just two blocks from the location where this terrible senseless shooting took place.
Our tour group had spent the afternoon touring the Jewish Holocaust museum and witnessed the atrocities that took place during the Second World War as the world stood back and watched and did nothing. One of the events that proceeded the Holocaust was the boycotting of Jewish businesses by so-called Christian churches.
A few days ago we posted an article indicating churches are doing the same thing in our day. Last night's slaughter near our hotel was a grim reminder that we are in perilous times and that history is being repeated.
As the Jews are being slaughtered the church is once again boycotting the Jews. The Bible indicates this is just the beginning of what to expect.
Understand The Times will do all we can to support the Jews as the Bible the teaches.

JERUSALEM (AFP) - Israel went on alert on Friday as crowds mourned eight teens killed by a Palestinian at a Jewish religious school in Jerusalem in an attack that threatened efforts to mend faltering peace talks.

Eight students -- most of them 15 or 16 years old -- were shot dead late Thursday at the Merkaz Harav Yeshiva, a seminary in predominantly Jewish west Jerusalem. Another nine were wounded.

A Palestinian from east Jerusalem had entered the school with an assault rifle and headed for the library, where he opened fire.

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