Monday, May 26, 2008

Extreamly Shocking News Rob C. Evans is now a Catholic

Please can you very urgently pass this on, Rob Evens will be Leading over 100,000 kids into rome, he has a liturgy song Gentle Mary.

I am very very angry and upset about it


'Donut Man' Has a Change of Heart

donutman.gifSome Christians may remember Rob Evans, aka, the Donut Man. He’s the Protestant minister who sang songs to our little ones about God, obedience and love. My kids and I used to love his CDs years ago.
Well, the Donut Man is now Catholic. He even has a liturgical page on his website where he's "Celebrating the Celebration: The Donut Man Sings About the Sacraments". Your and your kids can “Sing-Along With the Liturgical Calendar or listen to his version of Mary, Mother of God: Gentle Mary, Humble Mary.
You can hear the story of his journey into the Catholic Church on EWTN’s (Eternal Word Television Network) The Journey Home page.
Listen to his testimony on EWTN HERE.
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