Sunday, February 22, 2009


The Times: Women rebel over forced abortions.

Daily Telegraph: Pro-life Alliance brings legal action against Government’s secrecy on abortion decisions.

Daily Mail: GPs to get bonuses for giving teenagers contraceptive implants and jabs without informing parents.


BBC News: Embryonic stem cell ‘cure’ give rises to benign tumours, raising questions about the therapy’s safety.

New York Times: Picture emerging on genetic risks of IVF.


Christian Today: Christians pray for God’s glory to come to the United Kingdom.


Daily Telegraph: Cannabis side-effects highlighted in new campaign.


CCFON: Government-appointed review group marginalises parents over sex education.


BBC Panorama (Video): Islam in Britain: Muslim First, British Second.

Reading Evening Post: Scheme to help Muslim pupils by allowing their religious leaders to visit classes.

Daily Mail: Libraries put Bible on top shelf to avoid giving offence to Muslims.

Birmingham Post: Law firms set up Islamic Finance departments.

Gulf News: United Kingdom working to offer Islamic finance in sterling.

BBC News: UK to shift anti-terror strategy to combat radicalisation.

Independent: Islamic finance is creeping into motor policies.

Newspost On-Line: Muslim TV channel founder arrested for beheading his wife.

BBC Radio 4: Interview with Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician who discusses the nature of Islam.

Religious Liberties

The Lawyer: Short Profile of Paul Diamond. Diamond in the rough: Paul Diamond, religious liberties barrister.

Christian Today: New guidelines to prevent religious discrimination at work.

The Voice: Churches urged to learn laws and deal with compromising Christian values.

Daily Telegraph: The state has diminished and marginalised the role of Christianity in British life.

Daily Telegraph: Commentary: Christianity in schools: why we are losing our religion.

Daily Mail: Muslim girl who converted to Christianity was fleeing an arranged marriage.

BBC News: Egyptian Christians’ recognition struggle when they convert from Islam to Christianity.

Daily Telegraph: Christian school receptionist : More bishops speak out in support of Jennie Cain.

Daily Mail: John Sentamu: The intolerance towards Christians in the public sector is an affront.

Sexual Ethics

Daily Telegraph: Teenage fatherhood and underage sex glamorised in Government guidance.

Metro: Girls under 12 admit having sex.

Guardian: Amazon bans controversial video game ‘rapelay’ from on-line marketplace.

BBC News: The case of the 13-year-old who has fathered a baby is a worrying trend of ‘children having children’, David Cameron says.

Daily Mail: Commentary: Alfie, Chantelle and the sheer madness of sex education that teaches nothing about morality.

Sexual Orientation

Total Politics: David Cameron declares support for same-sex 'marriage'

Taiwan News: Rising AIDS threat for Asian homosexual men, World Health Organisation warned.

World Net Daily: Homosexual activists attempt to limit Christian speech (includes a video).

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