Friday, June 12, 2009

Letter to Voddie Baucham's promotion of a Catholic Website.

Upto now I have had no responce.

Dear Voddie

Regards to

I came across your websites and found some very disturbing things, on the website that you recomended on your blog I did goto their website and read a very good rebutal of eternal security, which threw me into deep thought as to why and what these evangelistic catholic apologists are up to here. It would not suprise me but I think the Jesuits are behind this "evangelism" endeavor in order to entice doubting and vulnerable weak protestants back into the mother-fold !

Voddie why are you helping them! or are you ignorant of this scheme? are you ignorant of the many doctrinal errors which provoked the protestants and reformed protestants some of the inflences that were still in them even though they came out of Rome and rejected her, or are you trying to win friends and influence people??, It would apear that you have been duped. Why would you want to endorse the catholics (because they get some theology correct, or are prolife, etc) while looking the other way, ignoring their many other heresies and crimes against the Truth and His true followers over the centuries, is an enigma. Voddie would you allow your self to be infected with ecumenicism ? Hasn 't you read in Scripture "not to have fellowship with the workers of darkness, but rather expose them'' (Eph 5:11)? I wonder what the martyred protestants think of you giving your approving nod to the religion that murdered them and their families over the centuries? are you trying to entice catholics to endorse or visit your own website and ministry, quid pro quo, by first puffing theirs? I am getting a headache trying to give you the benefit of doubts (which are many)!

A friend of myne told me that his streetpreacher friend Mark's own 20-something y.o. daughter has "unconverted" from protestantism back into catholicism (because of the 1,000s of denominational schisms and doctrinal "chaos" , and the hypocrasies within these protestant folds of evangelicalism she was subjected to when growing up (nevermind she was just another goat like the majority in them are). Now she is convinced the Catholics are indeed the true church afterall, and vehemently defends her new "faith", their catholic one " once delivered to the saints". I hope she never finds Pugio Fidei on the web. if she comes across your site and If she does, she'll be more convinced than ever (if that is even possible) that she is going to heaven, thanks to popery.

And to my supprise your article Communicating Biblical Truth apeared on the Billy Graham website my believe is that Billy Graham is a total washout and going to split Hell wide open. Voddie is writing articles for BG? ALso B. G. is in bed with Rome. Now Voddie why are you applauding some of their apologists? And Paul Washer is OK with this? Why even have a tryst with these Catholics?

In Christ

Miguel Hayworth
Director/First Plumbline Apologetics


Anonymous said...

Wow! I just had a

Anonymous said...

Wow! I just had a loong conversation with my dad about this very topic last night. He has no brotherly love for Billy Graham nor Pastor Cole because of their defense of the Roman Catholic church or cult as he calls it. When he was 21 he was almost murdered while on a mission trip in Mexico by a PRIEST because he was preaching THE WORD not the Catholic way. Fortunately he and the other young men were protected. Why evangelicals believe that catholics are saved has always been a mystery to me. The Bible states that we shall NOT have any other Gods before Him, yet they pray to Mary? A priest cannot cleanse them from their sins. Why fellow believers are so blinded by this is unclear to me. I enjoy Voddie's books and feel let down after reading this. It greatly saddens me.

First Plumbline Apologetics said...

Hi I found it very hard and upsetting to write this, but Voddie did not respond and he still presists.

in christ