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Spree Wales

[1]What is Spree Wales?

Spree Wales is organised by Ecumenical/Emergent groups such as Ignite, The Salvation Army, Big Ideas, Scripture Union, The Boys Brigade, Evangelical Alliance, Show Jesus and World Horizon.

Spree Wales is:

·Focused on young people from 8 - 15's they advertise that there are 5 streams of age-specific main sessions.

·Main sessions featuring a high-energy programme of inspirational teaching.

·Audience participation.


·Laughter and the odd messy game thrown in for good measure.

·These sessions are designed to present the Good News of Jesus Christ in a way that is exciting.

·Challenging and relevant to your everyday life.

·An inspirational and action-packed camping weekend! Spree is fast-moving with choices galore.

·Water sports, inflatables, bicycles, archery and much more … or for those who prefer relaxing there's a cafe marquee, workshops and The Zone - a dedicated area where you can talk to
'The Boss'

Who came up with these idea's? What gospel are they promoting and who are the groups running this event?

[2] 1, Ignite - The Ignite Cymru team were setup to reach children, or as they state young people, and are committed to evangelism amongst young people in Wales.

What is the type of Evangelism they are commited to, [3] Ignite state that the gospel is [4] 3 Simple Words, this presents a simple way of bringing someone into God's kingdom through the three words: "Sorry, Thanks, Please". If you say this you have been saved by Spree Wales.

This makes salvation a formula, after a person has been through this mantra (repeat after me) they simply fill in a prayer card [5] this supposed Declaration Card functions as an act of devotion to God. Apparently 4,400 youth from across the nations have one.
4,400 youth saved? By whom or what? The problem with this is that it is pushing an institutionalized religious system that leads people into becoming religious "christians" and not True Christians who have a Christ centered approach of repentance, regeneration and a holiness of life. This has replaced the Gospel of Christ. Many organisations use this same system, the Roman Catholic Church, Greek Orthodox Church, Lutheran, Baptist, Salvation Army etc....

Ignite also state "If you would like to have a 'Holy Moment' with God, drop us a line by post, or e-mail us ." I would seriously put this in to question, what is the emergent church up to?

The term [6] "Holy Moment" is a very common, it is used within the ecumenical movement. Arnold Toynbee, who is an apostle of an amalgam of Christianity and Mahayanian Buddhism (and also involved with the [7] world council of churches), has[8] a penchant for a Buddhist-Christian partnership that is shared by many prominent religious leaders. Consider the following from Newark's Episcopalian Bishop, John S. Spong:

In the fall of 1988, I worshipped God in a Buddhist temple. As the smell of incense filled the air, I knelt before three images of the Buddha, feeling that the smoke could carry my prayers heavenward. It was for me a holy moment for I was certain that I was kneeling on holy ground....

I will not make any further attempt to convert the Buddhist, the Jew, the Hindu or the Moslem. I am content to learn from them and to walk with them side by side toward the God who lives, I believe, beyond the images that bind and blind us.

Diocese of Newark, The Voice (Jan. 1989).

For a "Holy Moment" to occur people have to have a spiritual experience and these so-called experiences are seen to be more important than the teachings of the Bible itself.

As expressed by John S. Spong his experience of worshipping God in a Buddhist temple was a"Holy Moment" this is no different to spree Wales setting up The Zone - a dedicated area where you can talk to 'The Boss'. For spree Wales this is how you can have your "Holy Moment" with God. When we look to the Bible we find no scriptural basis for this, rather a more superficial practice.

Ignite promotes its so-called "simple strategies."
This formula is what we call "easy believism" and is leading many people astray. Most of these young people are Biblically Ignorant so by making Christianity into asystem of fun and games, they are then lulled by the use of a “simple plan” followed by a travesty of a “sinner’s prayer”.

This includes [9] Video Night, Sleepover's, Pizza Party, Games Evening, Live Bands, School Assemblies, CU Mini-Missions, Workshops- art, music, etc, Discussion Groups, Themed Party, Day Trip, Weekend Away, Christmas Party, Easter Celebration, Anything with Food, Youth Service, "Any Questions" Panel

Followed by the Rick Warren Purpose for your life plan, "I believe that God has a special purpose for my generation and me. I ask God to ignite in me a desire to discover this purpose."

This is some of the philosophy's of Ignite.

"the consequences of not knowing your purpose" -- not with Jesus Christ. It warns the group that "without knowing your purpose, life will seem TIRESOME... UNFULFILLING... UNCONTROLLABLE." And it repeats the positive (but not particularly Biblical) promise that "knowing the purpose of your life will -

* "give your life FOCUS."
* "SIMPLIFY your life."
* "increase MOTIVATION in your life."

After reading what is being promoted, it is a little wonder why all who pray the "prayer" suddenly will be affirmed by ignite and celebrated as new members of the family of God. I wonder if they really are? We just don't know.

Having read reports from journals and other news, statistics suggest that most people who call themselves Christians have little, or no understanding, of the gospel at all which would suggest that they may not trully be saved at all.

Ignite summarises a commitment to:

Include Jesus in my moral life, my thoughts, words, actions and relationships.

George Otis thoughts of Moral Government Theology were first expounded in his book, The God They Never Knew (1978). This book is out of print but I quote a few references made to it by Greg Robertson. In these passages Otis concedes that a sinful nature can develop in a person, but, according to him, it is caused by habitual sinning and is therefore not hereditary:

“’A sinful nature is developed in our lives through habitual self-indulgence and subsequently begins to affect everything we do. Paul makes mention of this situation and the impossibility of fighting it in our own strength in the seventh chapter of Romans. Thus we concur that a law or sinful nature is present but we must also see that it originated by choice. A good example of this is a junkie bound by an addiction to heroin. He cannot help put (sic) crave drugs; but its origin was in his choices’ (Otis 1978:76).”

When Otis talks about the impossibility of fighting it in your own strength he is talking about advanced cases of moral depravity (used in the Moral Government sense), where the habits of sin are so developed that only in perceiving the character of God in the crucifixion of Christ, can a person receive the power to reform his moral life and thereby become acceptable to God (Otis 1978:105-131).

George Otis does not believe in the core message of True Christianity, which is the atoning death of Jesus Christ on the cross to pay the wages for our sins, thereby making it possible for us to be saved from the wrath of God over the wicked. In lectures given in 1981 to YWAM in Tacoma, Washington, on Moral Government Theology, he made the following statements in this regard:

This is what they Believe

* “God has put things inside of us. He’s made us in many ways like Himself. His truth is deep within us and it will take our own basic understanding of what God is like and what His principles are like. And then we’ll go into the Word of God and really search the scriptures, we’re going to come up with concepts that are different than what are normally taught today in theological circles. According to this definition of forgiveness, that is the relaxation of a legitimate claim, then it would be impossible for God to have, as one hymn put it, ‘paid the debt and forgave me all my sins’” (1981:lecture 3).

* “Christ has not redeemed us by giving His life as a ransom for our sins in order that He might release us… For God never kept man captive in sin… The truth is Christ paid no man’s debt” (1981:lecture 4).

* “If we accept the premise that Jesus literally purchased, that He literally purchased our salvation with His blood... and He paid the Father... then this approach, first of all portrays God the Father as being vindictive and bloodthirsty and totally incompatible with biblical forgiveness. It also presents another grave difficulty. If Jesus literally paid for our sins with His blood, and a paid debt is no longer a debt, and He died for the sins of the whole world, then we can only come to one conclusion and the theological word for that is Universalism – which means that everybody will be saved” (1981:lecture 4).

With these statements, Otis refutes clear biblical pronouncements on the redemption of sinners through the atoning death of Jesus Christ. The Bible says, “In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace” (Eph. 1:7). “For you were bought at a price” (1 Cor. 6:20). “…knowing that you were not redeemed with corruptible things, like silver or gold, from your aimless conduct received by tradition from your fathers, but with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot” (1 Pet. 1:18-19).

Grow closer to Jesus through studying the Bible, praying and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead me each day.

[11] Again they use the ecumenical alpha course in order to aid the "youth" in having Bible studies, and a promotion of [12] replacement theology. If the Holy Spirit was to lead, this would be based on absolute truth, [13] (John 14:17) Without his ongoing work in us, we cannot comprehend the mysteries of the gospel. Before his departure, Jesus promised to send to his followers the Spirit of Truth (John 16:1-3; see also I John 5:7). He also referred to the Spirit as the Counselor who would convince the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment (John 14:25; 16:8).

This also has a warning, [14] beware of any dichotomy between the Spirit and the mind. Any anti-intellectual position, such as the belief held in many charismatic circles today that exercising the mind will hinder the Holy Spirit, is a real indication of deception. Deceivers like to parrot phrases like: “God will offend the mind to reveal the heart.” This cute little mantra often repeated in certain revival groups sounds very spiritual, but is very false. A careful reading of the Word tells us the truth: God will inform the mind to convince the heart. Jesus often did offend the Pharisee’s - by telling them the truth! The Holy Spirit leads people to Christ by shining the light of God’s Word into their minds and convicting them of its truth.

Network with other Christians in my city, my country and throughout the world.

"Network with other Christians" (new ecumenism) this includes ecumenical groups like [15] Corpus Christi Catholic High School belonging to the Roman Catholic Church, [16] (Ecumenical Organisation) Salvation Army, (Ecumenical Organisation) Evangelical Alliance and (Ecumenical/Interfaith Organisation) Scripture Union etc...

"Network with other Christians throughout the world" this is a oversight, again what Christians? Roman Catholic, Baptist, Methodists, Christadelphians, Unitarian, High Anglican, Eastern Orthodoxy, Old Catholic Churches of Europe, Philippine Independent Church, Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Moravian Church, Presbyterian Church USA, United Methodist Church, Reformed Episcopal Church and the Anglican Province of America

"Involve myself in a local church and respect its leadership". Again regardless of doctrine or practice, they are not interested that God commands Christians to be a separated people according to II Corinthians 6:17-18 and 7:1: on the grounds of doctrine you cannot respect a person's authority if that leadership is not teaching truth, his authority is not from the Bible or God. It is only right to respect that leadership's authority if that churches are of like faith and order. With respect to Spree Wales this cannot be done, simply because we are to have no part in any council of churches that is ecumenical in nature or thrust. Spree Wales does hinder spiritual growth and stability especially with young children and teenagers, the Bible teaches us that we should live a holy life and maintain a testimony consistent with the New Testament.

"Take the message of Jesus" into my school, college or place of work and the world by praying, living and witnessing so that everyone may have an opportunity to know Jesus.

What message of Jesus ????? What exactly is emphasised here is a method called “Love Evangelism” when we see what is done I question is loving men more important than loving the truth? Biblical Christian fundamentalism is now rejected because it is felt, by many, that it is too separatist a stance and, accordingly, “unloving”.

I am not speaking against the need for Love in Evangelism, but we need to know that we must make a clear distinction between God's Love and what is often confused with a Man centred view of Love, which is what many Christian people understand about Love.

What we have is a whole younger generation of “Christians” has been persuaded that it is not the will of God to expose the false teachers of today who speak and teach a presumption of the word of God. They have truth mixed in with error.

Love is seen as a concept where, regardless of whether a person is a Catholic, Moslem, Hindu, whatever, we should love them in a way that makes them feel comfortable with God. That we should not seek to confront sinners with the consequences of their sin. People are being taught not to preach concerning repentance of sin, to even play down the gravity of their situation, or that believers should not be concerned about error.

In other words there is to be no distinction between truth and error, “Let God deal with it, we are to love them”. Thus the understanding of “Love” is very much a pretext for overlooking and/or acceptance of what the person does.

"Explore God's will for myself and my generation and seek to follow it." this is very Rick Warren, A lot of Christians today call for “inclusiveness”. Being “inclusive” means that we can accept, in our fellowship meetings, and meetings of spiritual leaders, people of other belief systems, (including practising Gay,
Lesbian and Transgender people). “Inclusiveness” also has the view that we don't need to take any separatist stance, “we need people to know that we are the new-evangelicals (the neo-evangelicals).”

Proselytizing has now become a goal rather than simply preaching and bearing witness to the truth of the Gospel and allowing the Holy Spirit to convict and lead the lost to Christ. The aim is to fill the empty seats in church buildings rather than have Christ fill the empty souls of the lost, to increase church attendance through entertainment, even to the point
where secular advertisers are employed to promote events.

This philosophy of “Love evangelism” leads people to disobey God willingly. Satan's influence being deeply rooted in order to get Christians away from being 100% obedient to God. This understanding of Love appeals more to the senses, if it was truly God's love it would be unconditional to the point where it would not be emotionally driven. This view of “Love Evangelism” does not concern itself with whether a person is pleasing God but rather is more concerned about pleasing others.

Neo-Evangelicals such as [2] Rick Warren, [3] Perry Stone, [4] Rev Billy Graham, [5] Youth for Christ, [6] J.I Packer, [7] James
Kennerdy, and others, also teach a false view of the Word of God. They even go so far as to having ties with Roman Catholicism. They overlook that the Bible itself attacks error.

Every time Churches do events like this it shows how spiritually bankcrupt they are.

[17] Activities incude Bouncy castle, bungee run, gladiator challenge, DJ Workshop, Canoeing, Football Tournament, Hovercraft, Talent Show and Zorbing.

Compare that to secular organisations such as [18] Hartlepool Borough Council Fun day, this is including a climbing wall, a magician, face painting, balloon modelling, Punch and Judy shows, children's rides, arts and crafts, Zoolab, penalty shoot-outs, table tennis, the Hartlepool Families First health Bus.

What this comparison shows is that their is no difference
between the two, the problem is that churches work so hard in organising events simply because they want to be accepted by the unbelieving world and yes if you fill the events with entertainment free food etc... they will come to you, the truth is the Bible says Rom 3:11, "no one seeks God." this will not convict people of their need for repentance, there is no such thing as a seeker and churches that think such things are blind guides.

God has to draw men to himself, the problem is people are not reconciled to God, they are reconciled back to "christian religion" and driven away from Christ.

More misleading voices in Spree wales is the reading of the book called the shack, [19] this is read from 8-11 year old children, there are many problems with this book, when we look at the interview with the author, he openly Rejects Biblical Substitutionary Atonement, denigh's Christ Death on the Cross as a penalty for sin, that God is feminine in this view then it is ok to pray father, Mother, God. The Shack is based on "pop psychology" you can listen to the MP3 interview here, http://rock-lifecom.files/shakcomp.mp3 Here are quotes from Paul Young's interview with Pastor Kendall Adams on KAYP Radio:

Kendall Adams: "I, I take it that you wouldn't, you wouldn't agree that the cross was a place of punishment for our sin."

Paul Young: "No. I don't, I am not a penal substitution ... reformation ... point of view."

Adams: "But isn't that the heart of the gospel? Is that the heart of the gospel?"

Young: "No! Ha, no!"... I'm not saying that I don't agree with some sense of substitutionary atonement."

Adams: "But you disagree..."

Young: "But it's way broader (muffled) than that."

Adams: "But if you reject a penal substitution that Christ died as a penalty for our sins, it seems like that is the, that is the Christian faith."

Young: "I don't know if you're aware, but that's a huge debate that's going on in theology right now within the evangelical community." LTRP Note: For more information on this "huge debate" regarding the atonement, please see our research: Slaughterhouse Religion: When they reject the blood atonement ... Also see Faith Undone, chapter 11, which addresses this issue.

For the full interview please goto this site, http://morebooksand

[20] Exposing pagan, occult and New Age teachings in THE SHACK

William P. Young's best selling book THE SHACK is considered by many Biblical ministries to contain New Age, pagan and even occult false teaching. Blatant heresy and false teaching of any kind should never be permitted in any Christian Church [or Christian bookstore] regardless of whether or not it is fiction.

As a result of this tragic acceptance in many circles, we have created this web page in order to expose The Shack's false teachings.

Please note carefully that all of the authors and reviews listed below write from the viewpoint of historic, classical, Biblical orthodoxy. In other words, sound biblical teaching which the Church has taught for the past 2000 years and which cannot be compromised, lest spiritual deceit would have free reign through the Church.

It is the responsibility of Pastors, Teachers and Church Elders, to not only nurture and feed God's flock, but to expose heresy, aberrant teachings, false teachers and false prophets - in order to faithfully and lovingly WARN God's flock. Those that fail to do so not only disqualify themselves from serving in a position of biblical Eldership and leadership, but they end up lead others astray!

"Jesus... said to them: 'Take heed that no one deceives you. For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many." Matthew 24:4-5

"This book has the potential to do for our generation what John Bunyan's 'Pilgrim's Progress' did for his. It's that good!"
-----Eugene Peterson, author of The Message (Front cover endorsement)

"God, who is the ground of all being, dwells in, around, and through all things....” [panentheism]
-----The Shack's "Jesus." [1,p.112]

"Those who love me come from every system that exists. They were Buddhists or Mormons, Baptists or Muslims.... I have no desire to make them Christian, but I do want to join them in their transformation into sons and daughters of my Papa, into my brothers and sisters.”
-----The Shack's "Jesus." [1,p.182]

"The esoteric spiritual traditions -- whether Christian mystics, Hebrew Kabbalists, Zen Buddhists, Islamic Sufis, or Hindu yogis -- all have specific practices to help individuals overcome this great 'illusion of separation' and to experience the One True Self, which is in us all." [2,p.149]

-----A Course in Miracles, as "dictated" to channeler Helen Schucman in 1977 by her spirit guide who claimed to be "Jesus."


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“Wrong ideas about God are not only the fountain from which the polluted waters of idolatry flow; they are themselves idolatrous. The idolater simply imagines things about God and acts as if they were true.

Perverted notions about God soon rot the religion in which they appear. The long career of Israel demonstrates this clearly enough, and the history of the Church confirms it. So necessary to the Church is a lofty concept of God that when that concept in any measure declines, the Church with her worship and her moral standards decline along with it. The first step down for any church is taken when it surrenders its high opinion of God..."

- A.W. Tozer, The Knowledge of the Holy (HarperCollins: San Francisco), 1961, p. 4.

To Conclude, Spree Wales is another Hope 08 and, like many other events, it is set to fail as Christ is not the centre, the emphasis is on the social gospel and Government initiatives etc, and is set to deceive many.






















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