Saturday, October 30, 2010

Plastic Christianity About Phony, ignorant Christians

Plastic Christianity

Christianity not-indeed: People who wrap themselves in the cloak of Christianity while their actions are totally hypocritical in context of the faith they espouse. Ussally uppity Liberals that feel guilty about the world in general and feel obligated to make things better while only making total pointless time wasters of themselves and making real Christians look bad.

Plastic Jesus Posse, with Angel, Marys & St.Christopher

The state of Christianity in America (Emphasis mine and the UK) today is lukewarm at best, and shrinking in influence over the culture and in practice.
While mega-churches sprawl the Suburban landscape and tens of thousands hold their hands in the air to the uplifting music – Christianity has effectively become nothing more than a once-a-week or twice-a-year emotional tampon of feel-good rhetoric that a vast majority of people use to soak up guilt for absolution and an emoting experience. Little life changing and correcting fruits are seen these days.
How can I say such a thing? The fruits are rotten. Sure there are stadiums filled with thousands of people singing, crying and praying to evangelists and showmen who fill their emotional gas tanks with cherry-picked scriptures to advance the Health/Wealth gospel, but if there were truly the level of converted and convicted peoples that fill the seats, our culture would not be going down the toilet and Christianity itself would not be shoved into the closet as people of faith find themselves under assault by a secular culture.
Gone is the power Christianity once had to set and demand community standards, ethics, goals and defense of principles and ideas that are the bedrock of their faith and our liberty as a people. We have lost wisdom and common sense. American Christianity (Emphasis mine and Christianity in the UK) no longer evangelizes, it locks itself up into separate clubs, divorces itself from the world and parades around with slogans among the faithful while the culture is going off of a cliff into ruin and debauchery. Somehow Christianity has all but forgotten the command in Matthew 28:19 – to go forth to all nations. Today, many Christians are content to warm a seat once a week, hear and forget The Word, and equate Christianity with “What can Jesus do for me?”
A new kind of religious secularism is emerging in the vacuum of principles Christianity has abandoned. A new faith of tolerance for all things, the equality of all things, the debasement of what we were and what we were built upon is now the new doctrines of Christian Socialism.
This kind of Christianity wears the mask of love and tolerance for everything, but is become nothing but a political tool of the Secular Left, where hatred of Conservative, Bible-based faith is growing, and especially the eschewing and targeting of Israel as the target of scorn and lathing. This has become a major doctrine being adopted and preached in the newfound ‘Christian Progressive’ movement that Sin and Satan are not evil, but the Religious Right and Israel are.
Joseph Farah brings out this level of hypocrisy in his latest essay.

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