Sunday, January 23, 2011

200 dead cows in Wisconsin and 7000 dead buffalo in Vietnam - what is happening? Continue reading on 200 dead cows in Wisconsin and 700

200 dead cows in Wisconsin have been reported over the weekend and a report of 7000 dead buffalo and cows from Vietnam is also making news today. These two reports are adding mystery to the dead bird and dead fish reports since January 1st 2011.

The dead cows in Wisconsin were discovered by a farmer, who believes his cattle may have died from some type of a virus, according to the New York Daily News.

Fox News reports this morning that the dead cows in Wisconsin are being tested for the exact cause of death. Fox News also said authorities are reporting that the cows death poses no harm to humans.

Other livestock dying along with the dead Buffalo events are being reported out of Vietnam over the weekend. Officials in Vietnam are attributing the deaths to the freezing winter the country is experiencing. The dead buffalo and cows have been dying all over Vietnam with 7000 the total number of all the deaths from all the providences. Vietnam is seeing mass deaths of 700 deaths in one day due to the cold. The livestock is being frozen, according to Tuoitre News.

The dead buffalo and cows in Vietnam are dying from the unusually cold temperatures, according to the Tuoitre News. This is a solid and valid reason for these animals to be dying, sad, but there is a reason for the deaths.

The cows in Wisconsin however, are possibly dying from a virus? According to the New York Post, officials are saying there is no risk to people or other animals, although they do not know what killed the cows. No other information is given as to what type of cattle are dead. Are they dairy cows, or cows that are used for their beef?

Unanswered questions are coming out of the cows in Wisconsin dying, the first concerns will most likely be - what does this mean for people? Not knowing what the cattle are used for or if they are in the food chain at all is concerning?

Connecticut has had reports of cattle pleuro pneumonia dating back to 1879. Deaths in cattle from this sickness do occur, according to an Article in the New York Times in 1879. In this New York Times article, it talked about an out break of pneumonia in cows in Connecticut. This did not harm people, the cattle that were sick were quarantined from the other cattle only, so they would not catch it from one another.

This century old article about Connecticut cows, just goes to show that cattle viruses are nothing new. I is just that the reports from Wisconsin are coming on the heels of the many dead birds and dead fish reports in the last few weeks. This is most likely why it is national news today. Anytime cows die it is of concern, made evident by the Connecticut cow pneumonia article, this is because cows are used for their beef and dairy products.

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