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Jews 4 Jesus, Messiah 99 and Rick Joyner


Messiah '99 conference

Stephen Katz
, director of D.C.'s branch of Jews for Jesus who are ecumenical compromisers with the RCC and their involvement with Messhiah 99 in which
Stephen Katz was a guest speaker who is listed in the program for the Messiah '99 conference and shared the platform with Rick Joyner who is now a member and serves the Knights of Malta.

Hegewisch Baptist Church reports:


In July of 1999, the Messianic Jewish Association of America [MJAA] sponsored the Messiah’99 conference in conjunction with the Young Messianic Jewish Alliance [YMJA] and the International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues. The conference speakers included Rick Joyner of MorningStar Ministries, Stephen Strang (has involvement with the promise keepers), editor of Charisma Magazine and Stephen Katz, a recruiter for Jews for Jesus. Rick Joyner’s prophecy revealed the divine plan for a “Revolution in the Church” and the need for Messianic Jews to help reform the Church.

Messiah ‘99: I believe if you become like the Church something is lost. Listen, there’s a whole lot that the Church, believe me, I really believe there must be a revolution. I don’t believe the Church is anything close to what we’re called to be either. I’m speaking as a member of the Church. I believe I have the right to say that. There is a revolution going on in the Church too. Believe me something awesome is taking place. There are rumblings going on. I mean there’s one thing to have a revival and that’s wonderful. But we’re talking about a revolution. We’re talking about the Reformation isn’t over. The Reforming. I believe it’s just beginning in many ways. And you know what? We can look and say it took 500 years for the Reformation to do this much and that isn’t much.

When Rick Joyner initially prophesied a Revolution in the Church, he spoke of dismantling present Church structures. However, [we assume] God had not yet revealed to him the nature of this revolution and the course it would take, or what the Church would become in the aftermath. Now, it has pleased God to make that direction clear to his prophet, Joyner, who has confided his vision of the New Church and how to get there to the assembly of Messianic Jews. Not privy to the heavenly revelations received by the anointed company of the modern prophets, the average Christian is left to speculate as to the nature of the New Church. However, there are important clues scattered along the path of the various movements afoot indicating what we may expect, as well as the drastic measures that will be taken to move the sheep out of their comfortable pasture onto an unfamiliar terrain. This series of reports will examine the seemingly varied and diverse heretical streams on the Christian landscape and locate the final point where, incredibly, all will converge in a religious system that represents the IDEAL of each one.

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