Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Arrested for preaching the gospel in Manchester Saturday, July 9th 2011

Arrested for preaching the gospel in Manchester Saturday, July 9th 2011 from Miguel Hayworth on Vimeo.

The Incident occurred at 2pm and finished after 2:30

I notice that the Officer harped on about British Law--seems a bit xenophobic to speak like that!

Also at 1.58 (second vid) he says, "Today we've had a complaint about what you've been preaching about. hat he has been preaching has been deemed homophobic, not by a Gay and Lesbian, but by a normal member of the public."

This is a homophobic remark, as if Gay and Lesbian people are not normal members of the public!

Then, later on, he comments in 13.12 & 14.00 that the complaints were from shopkeepers--not from the public at all.

At the beginning of vid 1 he tells Miguel to tell the Barrister that "you'll be going to Pendleton Police Station." When asked where they were taking Miguel by John (Vid 2, 18.47) the same officer states that he didn't know where they would be taking him. In fact they simply dropped him off at Piccadilly train station.

(Vid 2, 10.30) the same officer begins to make certain comments about the Biblical narrative which were completely uncalled for and totally inappropriate!

(vid 2, 7.07 & 8.19) he makes what we perceived to be offensive and derogative remarks about the Person of God!

(Vid 2, 3.37) Miguel threatened with arrest, 20.03 the officer states that Miguel is "Breaking the Law"! and at the end he intimates to Amelia that Miguel was, in fact, under arrest!

(Vid 2, 11.14) He indicates our ignorance of the Bible, but he, himself, claims that Lot had anal sex with his own son (11.19) which is not what the Genesis account states at all!

Miguel was eventually manhandled down the street and forced into the back of a police vehicle.

Miguel's mother found the whole incident of Miguel's being forceably removed very distressing, as can be witnessed in the latter stages of the recording. We had been informed by the Police themselves during a meeting with officer Jo Marshall (in the presence of a Barrister), that as long as we kept preaching in line with the Bible text this was not an illegal action, and that we should not be bothered. The Police would have to investigate any complaints, but as long as we continued to preach in accordance with the Bible we should have no problems.

These particular officers ignored what we had told them, they ignored the copies of the legal advice we had been given by the Christian legal Center and showed personal contempt for our right to freedom of speech, our freedom of religion. The accusation of "Homophobic" behavior seems to be simply an excuse by two local shopkeepers who simply wanted us removed from near their businesses as our voices could be heard very clearly inside their stores, and they didn't like it. We had been approached by security staff from the two stores asking us to move because of the volume of our preaching.

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