Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dear Sirs, CEO's and Those who work on behalf of Tesco concerning the sexualisation of Children and Gay Pride,;,,,

Dear Sirs, CEO's and Those who work on behalf of Tesco.

I write with deep concern and the utter most respect please do not ignore my letter to you and have some consideration at least for my Children and other concerned Parents.

For many years my family have shopped at Tesco stores and I am very much concerned at the level of common curtacy towards its customers and the views are not being recognized or taken seriously this would lead to the distress of parents like myself would only ask the question has Tesco gone out of touch with its customers?, It is understandable that we have such equality laws these days would only make it increasingly difficult and expensive to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and it would appear that Tesco focus remains to please a small minority that makes below the average of 0.1 % in relation to those who are actually commonly participating in the recognition that the needs of such minority groups are more important than the needs of the majority of people especially parents who have mixed views on the sexualisation of Children that Tesco has been pushing through advertisements and easily accessible magazines, that contain pictures of immodest women placed in some tesco stores near the Children's magazines and includes past clothing that the government was to supposed to protect Children from sexualisation, as a parent for this reason I rarely allow my children to step in your stores until Tesco becomes a suitable environment where my own children are safe from such, It is my view that Tesco needs to be sensitive on keeping children innocent on issues of sexual relationships regards of weather they are homosexual or otherwise.

I am deeply concerned about the lack of support tesco are giving to those who are dying of Cacer such as helping Charities like Cristie hospital who has helped a close friend who has been a cancer suffer, charities like this need your support in ensuring the development on Cancer research remain strongly supported by yourselves.

I understand that a £30,000 donation was donated quote “in the context of a much wider support of many hundreds of charities and local communities.’” what I do not understand is simply how the word wider becomes the wider spectrum of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) as opposed to Charities per-se.

I also am aware that Tesco’s patronage - such as Chris Geary, gay pornographer, who was prominent in this year’s LondonPride. Allow him to introduce you and your children to LondonPride 2011 with his own homosexual TV recording and the wares that he is promoting on his web site- accessible to you and your children. I find this to be using extremely explicite content that to think that any 5 year Child can gain access to this promote Tesco as a Parent of three children it is concerning how Tesco has not acknowledged this, please correct me if I am mistaken. The website for one Chris Geary you have promoted in London pride 2011 is below.

I have spoken to other parents that share the same concern for their own children why are Sex workers who were seen marching openly in this year’s LondonPride, as shown on Youtube etc but they were demanding equal rights, must I thank Tesco for its support? should you have had nothing to do with this as admitting made a mistake ? - not forgetting the sadomasochists, dressed in leather and chains, often wearing animal masks.

I am not write this to nag or to be viewed by you as another Christian who wants to rant, my Children apart from my own conviction and faith are essential to my own family life.

We in Manchester have high cases of teen pregnancy than anywhere in Europe surely a better approach and a better way of handing this should involve being more concerned about the sensitivities of Children and Parents who do not want to have this sort of thing forced on us.

I know also of a Nick Lansley video on youtube that has since been removed, as you have acknowledge its existence:

“this poem was posted on YouTube by a member of our staff in an entirely private capacity. We knew nothing about this although we do understand that the posting has since been removed.”

I am grateful you have done this, but on the other hand is Nick Lansley a key person in the Tesco hierarchy and is he not a key to organising Tesco’s presence at LondonPride, ?

Why has Tesco shown hostility towards those who hold to a judo Christian ethic and not all who do hold to this are Christians, in the context of a widening hostility and persecution of those who uphold Judeo/ Christian morality and values, Nick Lansely could be accused of inciting others to hatred - not just the odd drag Queen [], or the aforementioned THT [], but Gay Parade punters in general [] and more seriously children [] and those who now claim possession of city streets and districts. []

Again my plead with tesco is simply to look into these matters seriously especially for the interest of my Children, your Children and the Children of the UK.

My hope is that an assurance from tesco would at least acknowledge the welfare of children and act accordingly to meet the necessary concerns of Parents Christian and Non-Christian a like.

I use this photo as an example of whose lives you are effecting.,1269696655,17/stock-photo-diverse-group-of-preschool-year-old-children-playing-in-daycare-with-teacher-49641910.jpg

I appreciate the time you have taken in reading thisy

ours sincerely

Miguel and Amanda Hayworth

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