Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A request to help encourage people to raise their voice against ecumenism

Dear fellow labourers in the Lord's Work.
I write to you whose names are written below concerning the petition that you have signed @ and the accompanying website at as those who represent ministries which are followed and noted by numerous people in Christ's body that believe in the purity of the Gospel. Most notably some of you, i.e Jacob Prasch and Cecil Andrews have written concerning the errors of Roman Catholicism and have been noted for such stance against ecumenism. Those of you who run various ministries who have signed the petition are as follows:
Name: Ruth Nessim (CJF Ministries Missionary in Israel

Name: Miguel Hayworth (Firstplumbline Apologetics)

Name: John Hayworth (Firstplumbline Apologetics)

Name: J. Jacob Prasch (Moriel Ministries’ International Director)

Name: Keith Parker (Prayer for Israel, UK)

Name: Geoffrey Toole (Moriel Ministries, Japan)

Name: Alan MacKenzie (Road to Recovery Christian Fellowship)

Name: Mark Van Niekerk ( )

Name: Roger Winter-Smith (Pastor of Stroud Green Christian Assembly)

Name: Chris De Wet (Moriel Ministries, Bloemfontein, SA)

Name: Jackie Alnor (Host of Apostasy Alert on Rapture Ready Radio Network

Name: Pastor Marco Quintana (Pastor of the Community Church of Devore)

Name: Scott Brisk (Moriel Be Alert)

Name: Cecil Andrews (‘Take Heed’ Ministries)
My hope in this petition is to get enough signatures of biblical evangelicals who are against ecumenism to sign the petition as possible. If I can I am hoping for a few hundred people if not a thousand. Then I want to print a few copies of the petition out and somehow have it personally delivered to David Sedaca and Kai Kjaer-Hanson by willing volunteers who hold to biblical truth and want to raise a voice about ecumenism openly promoted by LCJE's official newsletter, especially by David Sedaca. Those who take the petition must report back (preferrable them going in twos and threes for the sake of witness) and such report publicised on the web. If LCJE will not change their stance and make it clear that they intend to continue on an ecumenical trend, then other ministries may address such people as Arnold Fruchtenbaum, etc concerning their involvement with LCJE as they have done before. But this time they may use the outcome of this petition as part of their substantiation they have already collated.
Now the reason I am writing to you is that I am seeking assistance. Aside from asking that you publicise the petition to your following ministry followers, more importantly I am hoping that you may write endorsements and grant permission for me to post your endorsements on website as well as any articles concerning ecumenism and the Roman Catholic Church that you may have. We must remember that, though Roman Catholics may read the website and we still want to be sensitive to reach them in our evangelism, this website and petition are not for evangelistic purposes but for evangelicals to be challenged to pull out of evangelical compromise. Thus please refer me to the articles you would not mind me using for the stated reasons. I am hoping that your articles and endorsements will be posted one every week or one every two weeks. This will also be advantageous as it will not be the protest of one insignificant voice but a symphony of different voices with different tones and styles all saying the same thing.
Please prayerfully consider helping me in this.

Y'varechecha Adonai

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