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Paul Wilbur is an advocate the Vatican's ecumenical dividic worship building davids tabanacle theology

Paul Wilbur he is an advocate of dividic worship building davids tabanacle theology

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Join Curt Landry, Tim Alsbaugh, Paul Wilbur, and more in House of
David's Tent of Meeting for Passover. It was a beautiful night of
teaching, revelation, and worship where hundreds gathered to celebrate
the annual feast of Passover. The Passover Seder is full of deep truths
and life changing revelation; you won't want to watch it just once! With this special 2 DVD set you can experience the power, the revelation, and the
impartation time and time again. Join us for the first time, or join us
all over again as we relive Passover in the Tent of Meeting.

Paul Wilbur is a dominionist

” Paul Wilbur of Hosanna

              Integrity Music who has made the Seder presentation all over the  world said, “This is the largest ecumenical audience before whom I have presented the Christ in the Passover demonstration.

Jimmie Black will perform the Anointed
Messianic Worship! Because of the efforts of Jimmie, many within the Church have
come to see the significance of Moses’ Tabernacle as it relates to their pursuit
of God into the Tabernacle’s inner sanctum, the Holy of Holies!  That led the
pursuant into the Presence of God within the Holy of Holies, symbolized by the
valued Ark of the Covenant!

“Rebuilding the Tabernacle of David” during these
last days.

“We have seen an increase of anointing, and praise and worship”.
Giving the remnant of men an opportunity to seek God and worship Him in Spirit
and in Truth! The lives of literally thousands changed through praise, worship,
and a working understanding of Moses’ Tabernacle and its furnishings as it
relates to the body of the  Lord Jesus Christ.

Jimmie Black as an anointed worship leader  is a unique opportunity to have him in your meeting or  conference! Jimmie Black was always present at the   Radical Worship'sof   Holy of Holies Ministry! He has worked together with Paul
Wilbur in the recent past. For more information: Visit also the website of   www.Holyofholiesministry.orgon "Conference"!

Black ministries exists in order to lead God's people into His Divine presence
through Davidic praise and worship

A good article on Devidic Worship

The Restoration of Davidic Warfare/Worship
By Orrel Steinkamp
The Plumbline, Volume 7, No. 4, September/October 2002
Used By Permission

On to Paul Wilbur

Every year the Community of Jesus organises also an International and
Interdenominational Praise Worship Conference. Leaders such as Kenneth
and Gloria Copeland, Paul Wilbur, Mike Bickle, Don Moen, Martin Nystrom,
Michael Coleman (Integrity Music) Mike Herron, Tommy Tenney, Tom
Inglis, Dott. Eric Belcher, Pat and Ron Allen, Livie and Anthony
Sanchez, Palemon Camu, Shelley Elizabeth Hundley, Jill Austin were the
main speakers of the latest Conferences.

Intresting points in the website

Worship Ministry

From 1976 to 1987, as a worship leader and Christian musician, Matteo led the National Service of Song of the Italian Charismatic Renewal. In 1987 he founded the National Service of Music and Song (SNMC), a Symphony Orchestra and a Choir made up of about 120 members, directed by himself until 1997. The SNMC served during many National and International conferences organised by the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (RnS and ICCRS) and during the Ecumenical Charismatic Conferences organised by ICCOWE, ECC and CCI. The SNMC was invited first by Pope John Paul II in 1990 (during the International Retreat of Priests organised by “Evangelisation 2000“) then in 1998 (at the Congress of Movements and New Communities, organised by the Pontifical Council for the Laity).

This Ministry is inspired by “the Restoration of the Tabernacle of David” (Acts 15: 16).

During the latest twenty years, Matteo has composed and recorded much liturgical and charismatic music. In the past he was Artistic Director and Producer of Christian music for various publishers. He published International Worship Music and translated into Italian songs of Integrity Hosanna Music, Maranatha Music, Word Music, Thankyou Music, Servant Publication, etc… Matteo gave concerts for the Hosanna International Christian Artists Multifestival in USA, and led seminars and conferences for Worship leaders and Christian musicians. From 1995 to 1999 he was Co-ordinator of the International Consultation of the Artists of Catholic

On the international level Matteo’s ministry of reconciliation is intensive as he co-operates with many ecumenical organizations, being member of the:
  • Society for Pentecostal Studies (SPS) in the USA
  • Conversation between Roman Catholic and Non-denominational Christians, sponsored by Centro Pro-Unione in Rome.
  • Towards Jerusalem Council II (TJCII) for the dialogue betweenMessianic Jews and Christians, in the USA
  • International Charismatic Consultation(ICC) seated in United Kingdom
  • Comunión Renovada de Evangélicos y Católicos en el Espíritu Santo (CRECES) in Argentina.
  • Encontro de Cristãos na Busca de Unidade e Santidade (ENCRISTUS), Brazil
  • United in Christ, USA.

Matteo’s ministry has been widespread through Christian TV, Radios and Musical Productions, such as Trinity Broadcasting Network TBN, Irving-Dallas and 91.7 KVTT, Dallas TX (USA), Word and Spirit on the Promiseland Television Network (KTAQ) from the campus of Hillcrest Church in Dallas, TX (USA), Eternal World Television Network ETW (by Mother Angelica), Birmingham, AL (USA), Practical Christianity, Clearwater FL (USA), Vatican TV Centre (Vatican City), TV Canção Nova (Brazil), Vatican Radio (Vatican City) and Radio Maria (USA, Canada and Italy).
The value of Matteo’s ecumenical ministry has received official recognitions:
  • In 1995 the Pontifical University St. Thomas Aquinas conferred Matteo with a Certificate of Merit for “his commitment and offering his services for the Unity of the Christians”.
  • In 2001 Matteo was the main speaker at the Christian Conference in Princeton (NJ) in the USA. On that occasion a Committee of Christians of different denominations (Presbyterians, Baptists, Catholics, Charismatics, Pentecostals and Non-denominationals) gave him the International Fellowship Award for his commitment to the progress of the unity and reconciliation of Christians.

Matteo is the President of Comunità di Gesù (Community of Jesus) in Bari, Italy, a Charismatic Covenant Community he founded in 1983 that has a special ecumenical sensitiveness and whose charisma irradiates also other countries such as Albania, Argentina, Romania, Belarus, Angola, Brazil, Mexico and USA. Comunità di Gesù is located in different towns in Italy and abroad. In 1992 the Community was canonically recognised as a juridical personality by Ecclesiastical Authority in the Catholic Church and since 1994 it has become member of the Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Covenant Communities and Fellowships (CFCCCF) of Pontifical Right.
The Community of Jesus is the covering association of the worldwide branches.
The Communities of Jesus is
  1. Trans-denominational: Members are accepted from all Christian faith traditions.
  2. International: member communities are located around the world.
  3. Christ Centered: member communities recognize that a personal relationship with Christ is the foundation of the Christian life.
  4. Spirit Filled: member communities encourage the free flow of the gifts of the spirit in worship, prayer and daily living.
  5. Evangelistic: member communities seek to reach out to those who do not know Christ.
  6. Ambassadors of Reconciliation: member communities seek and model reconciliation between Christian denominations, desiring for all Christians to be united in Christ.
Inspired by the Salvivic mission entrusted to the Church by our Lord, the vision of the Community of Jesus is to establish, support and mobilize the Christians worldwide, for the purpose of world Mission and discipleship.
To encourage and support all those related to the Community to come to know and follow Jesus, as Lord and Saviour of all men, and embrace holy living and a life of Witness.
The objectives ofthe Community of Jesus are:
  1. to share, encourage and consolidate the fruit of Christian living, in the power of the Holy Spirit, through the various expressions of communities and fellowships;
  2. to encourage and bring to Universal level the partnerships amongst the many leaders of the world movements within the church to be able to particularly engage the youth and support unprecedented “Ad Gentes” missions opportunities;
  3. to offer sound and dynamic innovative formation programs to emerging leaders to be able to foster and cultivate the Culture of Life;
  4. to raise new leaders, and men – and women of God, for and in the Kingdom;
  5. to organise and facilitate reconciliation events and dialogues between Christians, to build bridges and create an atmosphere for deeper understanding between Christian brothers through fostering of friendships, events and other informal meetings;
  6. to coordinate and enter with strategic partnerships with organizations who are using contemporary tools, such as media, internet, music, for an unprecedented, coordinated effort of world Evangelization and discipleship;
  7. to network with Christian leaders worldwide for the Great Commission to be accomplished.
    Goals by 2015
  8. To have 100 branches of the Community networking together for the objectives to be reached.
  9. To have strategic partnerships being established with the largest and the most influential Christian organizations, institutions, in the world.
  10. To create an unprecedented open climate for reconciliation between all churches through informal events and meetings;
  11. To have no less than 100 full time lay missionaries mobilized through covenant communities and fellowships for world mission, Ad Gentes;
  12. To establish in collaboration with other Spirit filled networks a first international Centre for Reconciliation, Leadership and Mission;
  13. To establish a worldwide network of “Ambassadors of Reconciliation Training centres”.
  14. To have an annual international conference in Bari;
  15. To sponsor International regional conferences to be held every 3 years in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Oceania, Africa and North America;
  16. To organise every year a meeting for dialogue and reconciliation between Christians.
Prof. Matteo CALISI
Stradella Cannaruto, 1/3 – 70124 BARI, Italy (Europe)
Tel. (+39) 080-50-26103 – Fax (+39) 080-50-26-102


Since 1996 he has been collaborating with the Pontifical Council for the Laity in the ‘ad hoc group’ of the Ecclesial Movements and the New Communities. In November 2002 he was a Speaker at the XX Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Council for the Laity giving a report on the theme “The Eucharist: source and apex of the lay faithful life”.
On 11th March 2008 His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI appointed him as a Member of the Pontifical Council for the Laity.
He has personally met the Supreme Pontiffs John Paul II and Benedict XVI on various occasions.

Since 2003 Community of Jesus has started in Bari an International Dialogue Catholics – Messianic Jews. Benjamin Berger (Jerusalem, Israel), Shmuel Suran (Jerusalem, Israel), Paul Wilbur (USA), Peter Hirsh (USA), Geoffrey Choen (South Africa/USA), Vladimir Pikman (Germany), Julia Blum (Jerusalem, Israel), Jorge e Marcella Levi Goldstein (Argentina), Duo Davka (Italy) Fr. Peter D. Hocken (Vienna, Austria) and Fr. Jacques Philippe (Toulouse, France), Fr Moïse Ballard (France) and Shelley Elizabeth Hundley (USA) were the speakers and worship leaders during these yearly meetings organised by Community of Jesus.

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