Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Forgotten Word Ministries - Dicernment Ministries who are not Dicerning.

This walk for Truth can be one that leads to walking alone with Christ

Discernment Ministries who are not discerning it pains me to see when discernment ministries fall by the wayside

Bob Wise - Forgotten word ministries
3 hours ago near Golden, IL, United States
I re-watched The Passion of The Christ today, NOT for it's Biblical accuracy, but because I needed a visual reminder of how Jesus suffered for me and you. So many people just do not realize how much He gave. Knowing He could have stopped it at any time, but did not do so because He loved us is something we all need to get ingrained in our minds. Forget about who made the movie (Mel Gibson), forget about any Biblical inaccuracies, and focus on Jesus only. It may be violent and gory, but any study on how the Romans treated people considered to be criminals and you will understand. God Bless each of you for Loving His Son Jesus.

I opened my facebook account to see this very public statement from Bob Wise and for this reason I cannot in company with this ministry, promote or support it for the reason that I believe truth and error cannot mix, this film is one of many that has led people astray when we get into the need for seeing iconography to gain some sort of spiritual experience we start getting into mysticism ourselves this has the potential to lead us away from the gospel, is all imagery bad such as that we see in children books etc, not all imagery is bad as long as their do not lead us into any form of spiritual experience as what Catholics films are supposed to give us some mystical experience, their is allot wrong with the statement above but rather then argue my point, people need to start using their own discernment if it is not by the word of God and faithful to the text then you may as well be promoting the film about Jesus by the Mormon Church. - not an endorsement btw look at Josephs Smiths mysticism.

but what I am saying is there is no difference between the film about the Mormon Jesus and mel gibsons passion of the Christ it is part of the same delusion that is captivating the film and leading many into apostasy, films can be a powerful medium and tools for Satan to use we need to be aware of what we see that we are not being led astray emotionally as bob is done here and learn from the prophet Jeremiah the heart is deceitful above all and desperately wicked, it is my experience for many years that most people dont want to listen to what is being said and they simply will ignore the advice given.

If anyone is reading this I urge them please be careful as no one is protected from being led astray not even me we must check everything by the bible and stay faithful to this book as it will keep us on the right path, do not be led by any spirit even those that come in the name of Christ.

In Him

Miguel Hayworth

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